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A day's stroll (Social, Open, Elcia)

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#1Tecka Majora 

A day's stroll (Social, Open, Elcia) Empty Tue Feb 06, 2018 2:55 pm

Tecka Majora
"Strong is the life that matches tune, to those it wishes to see so soon."
Tecka recited out loud.

The black haired young man was perched on the very top of a grassy hill in the very center of oak town, a salt and pepper notebook with the back cover torn in hand. He'd spent most of his day wandering the town until he had come across this abnormality within the towns landscape. It was a place where three streets intersected into each other at seemingly 60 degree angles, similar to an equilateral or isoceles triangle, give or take one of the streets beings larger than the other two. Though a recent arrival, now was his time off from worrying about taking quests and measuring the strength of those at his guild.

Like most people he needed some time off of taking time off from taking time off. And even when he wasn't working he had to be doing something, so on today of all days he decided to rest at this public park.  Parents were out and about with their kids, sharing moments of a lifetime: the first time walking, riding a bike, playing with other kids. Some were out with pets, going for their very own strolls, playing fetch, enjoying picnics. Everything was pleasant, and Tecka kinda..hated it.

No, he really hated it. "Where's the conflict, the war, the revenge?! Someone kill someone!" he had shouted as the civilians paid him no mind, ignoring his cryptic words to further enjoy the tranquility they had in this moment. Peace itself wasn't the problem, for the black haired foreigner he couldn't stand to let his flame fade, he couldn't stand to let his strength weaken. In his heart he desired to fight, to rage, to express these emotions that were caged, and truly meant to be unleashed like the wild beast, the main attraction of a circus. "Perhaps, I am an animal." He thought aloud before returning to writing his poetry...though that too was a sign of strength.

#2Elcia Blackheart 

A day's stroll (Social, Open, Elcia) Empty Tue Feb 06, 2018 4:16 pm

Elcia Blackheart
Elcia Blackheart, a newer member of the Phantom Lord guild found herself on a hill in the middle of Oak Town, a town that was her home since, forever. She had come to this hill in hopes of getting some time to herself. The Guildhall was not all that crowded or loud and even though Elcia preferred to be at a bar drinking than on a hill thinking it would have to suffice. The witch noticed a boy, he looked to be around twenty years old, he was shouting.

Elcia approached the boy "Shouldn't a strong handsome man such as yourself have more control over his emotions?" The witch said she edged closer to the boy, she was now beside him, looking at him from the corner of her blue eyes. Elcia wondered what his story was? What brought him here? Maybe he was in Phantom Lord too, or perhaps another guild? Many questions crossed the witches mind and she figured she had time to ask. "Elcia Blackheart, of Phantom Lord it is a pleasure to meet you." The witch said, now at least he would know her name if not anything else.

Elcia did not expect to make friends in Phantom Lord easily, for someone like her it could prove difficult. The witch figured that this boy could be a candidate even if she knew nothing about him she could not rule him out. Elcia needed someone, anyone. She continued to stand beside him. The witch's mind began to linger, she needed a drink. Elcia loved to drink, she could drink alone, or with people. It did not matter but she desperately needed a drink not that anything drastic was happening, she was just addicted to alcohol but refused to call herself an alcoholic she was stubborn like that.

A day's stroll (Social, Open, Elcia) W1pi5i

A day's stroll (Social, Open, Elcia) Empty Tue Feb 06, 2018 5:04 pm

"MMM,this candy is sooo good!"The young boy exclaimed with glee. Bronson was taking a stroll through a park in Oak town, happily munching on some small round candy. Looking around at the collection of civilians simply enjoying their time in the park, Bronson couldn't help but become really bored. He just wanted something...anything to happen that would brighten up his bad day. Normally he'd just attack someone randomly but just forcing weaklings to fight him was unfair and boring. He wanted to fight someone, someone who would give him a good battle and make his heart go nuts.

As he continued to walk and munch on his candy, Bronson heard shouts from someone over to his left. "Someone kill someone!" As the words reached the ears of the young boy; a cruel grin stretched across his face. "I have no clue who that was, but they just saved my day." If they wanted someone to die, Bronson would really have no choice but to deliver for them, and who better to be killed in order to fulfill their wish than them. Bronson began to walk up a hill in the direction he had heard the shout coming from, grinning from ear to ear.

As Bronson reached the top of the hill he noticed a young man who seemed like the most likely candidate to be the victim of Bronson's attack. Before Bronson could introduce himself to his target (a habit he had picked up during his time attacking random people), he was interupted by a woman who walked over an began to speak to the young man. As soon as he saw the woman, Bronson became temporarily stuck. The sight of her caused the young boy to lose all of his energy, going from full of confidence and ready for battle to meek and unable to even talk.

Bronson watched the two interact for a while and didnt say anything throughout their introduction to each other. Bronson would remain completely silent until he was noticed and addressed by one of the two at which point he would shyly say,"Well I heard-you said you were looking for some conflict so I-I thought I'd come over and challenge you to a fight." Regardless of which person addressed him first Bronson would stutter out his response directed at the man, completely ignoring the woman in an effort to keep up his tough appearance while issuing his challenge.

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#4Tecka Majora 

A day's stroll (Social, Open, Elcia) Empty Wed Feb 07, 2018 8:46 am

Tecka Majora

Tecka had continued to scroll through the poetry he had written, but in his mind rather than aloud. A few words had entered through his left ear "Strong." He knew this bared truth. But he hadn't expected for it to be noticed so soon. "Handsome." Upon hearing this word though, he wasn't sure what to feel. The young man hadn't actually cared for looks, of others let alone his own, but rest assured if anything he wanted to appear strong, and not just the look. He wanted to be strong too.

"I suppose...my art can be a bit complex, that's all." Replied the young man. To be honest, speaking with someone openly for more than a minute was rare. He brought his head up from the notebook and looked towards the woman to try and identify her, his eyes looking like he'd given a in depth overall analysis of her appearance, never truly focusing on one thing until he had seen it. On the right of her exposed cleavage he noticed part of a symbol he'd vaguely recognized. In Tecka's mind he began to form a single thought, perhaps it was more than fate, her reason for approaching the young man.

He turned around to look behind him, and sure enough he had a bad case of plumber's crack. his pants for as baggy as they were revealing all types of indecent in this public place, his guild tattoo mostly but still only partially exposed. At that exact moment, the woman introduced herself as Miss Elcia Blackheart, a member of Phantom Lord. Inside his mind, the black haired young man had a glimpse of what could be described as a smile. This was an experience of camaraderie, one he'd expected to receive from being in a guild, and this guild in particular came with a variety of people. You would truly never know who you'd meet.

"You're also from Phantom Lord?" The young man asked rhetorically in a low voice. He followed by introducing himself. "My name is Tecka Majora, I haven't seen you around the guild hall, though admittedly I haven't been there very long, so that would explain itself. What brings your here?" As a member of the same guild, it was natural that he'd want to know more of those he be working with. Before he could get an answer, the pair was approached by a kid from just in front of them, in fact he'd been there for a while but only now had he begun to make his presence known. The boy spoke in a general sense though the comment had seemed more directed towards Tecka's earlier outbursts. "Well I heard-you said you were looking for some conflict so I-I thought I'd come over and challenge you to a fight."

"Hmm?" The black haired foreigner mumbled to himself, before standing up to speak. "Sorry kid, there is no possible way I could fight y-" Tecka's normally obscure sense of moral values was intact partway through his sentence, until then, when he had seen it. Upon standing up, he had noticed he was only a tiny bit taller than the kid. He wouldn't have blamed Elcia, nor the boy for making fun of his short stature but it wasn't all bad. At least from a distance if people were to see the snow white haired boy and the black haired young man in an altercation, it would probably look like two kids fighting, and it wasn't like Tecka hadn't wanted to fight. If anything he had provoked it, and some divine god of war was granting him divine favor.

"Some things can't be helped. I like your strength kid. What's your name!?" He said calling out to the boy of similar height, the disappointing difference though, if the boy had been as young as he appeared, he would probably still have much growing to do. The mere thought of it caused short person rage. He used it to fuel Tecka's desire for battle, thought that didn't stem from being short. His desire for battle stemmed from his strength.

Tecka ensured that his pants were pulled up before clenching his fist tightly and throwing up his guard. His specialty back in his home country besides selling secrets, was street brawling and unknown to anyone else-in a world full of mages he would win fights with his bare fists. Now that he had magic, it was sure to be a one sided slaughter. "Prepare yourself, Boy!"

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#5Elcia Blackheart 

A day's stroll (Social, Open, Elcia) Empty Wed Feb 07, 2018 3:46 pm

Elcia Blackheart
"Yes I am fairly new to the guild, what brings me there? Fate. I believe that even before we are born, our fate is written for us, it is inevitable." The witch said. The truth was, Elcia had always been, as long as she could remember, a fatalist. Often when someone misfortunate happened she blamed it on fate claiming there was nothing she could do to stop it. The conversation with the man was nice, the witches first impression was that he was arrogant but she could work with arrogance.

As a young boy came along she ignored him at first but when he spoke she paid attention, the witch figured he was in Phantom Lord as well, she smiled at the young boy in a friendly way, she would never be seductive to a child. She kept to herself as he spoke, she thought of drinking and how reckless the two were being as she was listening to them talking about fighting. They are going to fight. A pointless fight? They are in the same guild! Elcia saw the point of training but is it needed that bad as to hurt an ally? The witch thought of the worlds current troubles and understood the situation. She simply stood and watched the conversation take place.

A day's stroll (Social, Open, Elcia) W1pi5i

A day's stroll (Social, Open, Elcia) Empty Wed Feb 07, 2018 5:13 pm

Through listening to the two adults converse; Bronson realized that they were members of the same guild as him. ’Hm, I guess I can’t kill him if we’re part of the same guild, but that won’t stop me from fighting him!’Bronson thought to himself. So, Tecka was the name of the violent man. Bronson would have to make sure to remember the name of his fellow Phantom Lord member even if he did plan to rough him up a bit. ”Sorry kid, there is no possible way I could fight-“ after hearing that, Bronson temporarily stopped paying attention. As the man stopped himself short and decided to size Bronson up before making a decision; Bronson was in his own world. ”There’s no way he can fight me? Does he think he’s better than me because he’s older? He’s underestimating me! I won’t let some stupid grown up get away with disrespecting me!” Bronson said to himself, too quiet for the others to hear without really making an effort to. So, when Tecka changed his mind about the battle and decided to fight Bronson, Bronson wasn’t aware. Bronson has already made up his mind to attack Tecka anyway as a lesson: never underestimate Bronson or make assumptions about him based on his age.

Tecka’s asking of Bronson’s name was ignored, and in the time between that question and Tecka telling him to prepare himself, Bronson started to scream. Outside of screaming Bronson made no move to stop Tecka from telling him to get prepared so as soon as he began to speak after the shout Bronson would launch himself forward, surrounded by a ring of water that had formed while he was shouting. This ring would surround Bronson as he sprinted towards Tecka was his full speed hoping to strike him with the ring of water.

Spell(s) Used:
Name: Ring
Rank: D
Mana Cost: 25
Requirements: Riptide
Type: Offensive
Element: Water
Range: 5 Meters
Cooldown: 1 Posts
Duration: Instant
Effect: Bronson clenches his fists and yells loudly, before a ring of water forms in a 1 meter diameter around him. This ring then begins spinning extremely fast around Bronson’s body. As Bronson moves the ring moves with him allowing him to deal D-Rank cutting damage anything around him.

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#7Tecka Majora 

A day's stroll (Social, Open, Elcia) Empty Thu Feb 08, 2018 1:30 pm

Tecka Majora

His thoughts were racing, searching for conclusions and the best possible outcome, but the boy had already jumped into action screaming and then casting a spell to charge at him with. A ring had already began to form around the boy, and it seemed to stay with him as he moved, so it was only right to assume that was something he hadn't wanted to touch or get hit by. His screams had at first thrown Tecka's thought process astray, but stopping them was his down fall.

"At this distance, i can't quite do much to avoid taking a hit, although I can prepare a counter." Thought the black haired young man. Tecka turned his guard into a more defensive stance within the few seconds he could that it had taken for the white haired boy to reach him. He widened his stance and stretched both arms forward in front of him before quickly clenching his fists and drawing them back at the elbow to take the brunt of the blow from the boy's spell. His lower arms receiving cuts from the water spell. It stung a bit, but tecka grunted, bearing with the pain so that his plan could come to fruition. Once the pain had fully registered on Tecka's arm, he knew now was the time to counter attack. Within his right fist, still clenched so that the boy couldn't see, dirt had begun to gather from the particles in the air, and partially created from his magic power. "The spell had successfully activated, yes!" Tecka thought to himself.

In the same motion he opened his right palm wide, and crouched almost like his legs instantly gave out. With one clockwise spin, his left leg extended to try and sweep both of the white haired boy's legs (if hit would deal 1 d-rank in damage). While his back would be faced towards the boy mid spin, his right arm would be extended so that as it came back round first of all of his body parts-during the spin, the weighted plate from his spell formed from dirt would be ready to use, and he would try to push it against the boy's body not only an attempt at pushing the boy back a few spaces if hit but also the weighted plate would activate upon contact (and apply a d-rank speed buff if hit).


1 d-rank damage taken
Mana: 175/200

Spell used:
Name: Weighted Plates
Rank: D-rank
Mana Cost: 25 per post sustained
Requirements: Stone Plate Magic or Any other earth element magic that allows for earth to be molded in a spell.
Type: Debuff
Element: Earth
Range: Within 5 meters of the caster
Cooldown: 1 Post after spell has officially ended/ is no longer being sustained.
Duration: Sustain
Effect: The user of this spell activates it by widening their stance and stretching both arms forward in front of themselves, the palms of their hands facing upwards followed by the clenching of both fists simultaneously. Once cast, a weighted plate made of earth forms in the user’s hand. If this plate touches a single target, whether thrown by the user to hit the target or attached to the target up close by hitting them with the plate directly from hand, the plate will attach itself upon contact with the target's physical body (not clothing), and add weight in the amount of a D-rank debuff to the target’s speed. Once applied as long as the affected target is within 5 meters of distance of the caster, and the sustain cost has been paid for that turn the debuff is applied to the target as heavy weight that slows their total speed. If the weight doesn’t contact the target (was thrown out of hand and missed) or if the target is hit initially but leaves the 5m reach of the caster the debuff is cancelled out/not applied.

#8Elcia Blackheart 

A day's stroll (Social, Open, Elcia) Empty Thu Feb 08, 2018 2:54 pm

Elcia Blackheart
The witch who now saw what was supposed to be her meeting a few of her guildmates turn into a full-blown spar was not angered but more or less wishing she was drunk. She decided it would be best if she left the boys to do whatever it is they needed to do. She thought for a second, that maybe she should fight too? That thought quickly faded, she did not like the idea of fighting for no reason, especially with another guild member. She looked out seeing Oak Town around her, it really was a beautiful town. Maybe she would go and explore it for today? Or maybe head back to the guild hall.

Elcia Blackheart walked away from the hill, waving goodbye to her guildmates even if they weren't paying attention. She realized she needed a drink once again and headed for a bar. She walked along the streets getting farther and farther away from the hill. She thought of who would win the fight and that was an obvious answer, the strong handsome man. Surely a kid would not have so much magical power? If any? She shrugged it off as she entered a bar, time to drink!

A day's stroll (Social, Open, Elcia) W1pi5i
#9Tecka Majora 

A day's stroll (Social, Open, Elcia) Empty Sat Feb 10, 2018 12:11 am

Tecka Majora
(OOC: Cutting out the actual fighting stuff/fight was about to start but stopping just before anything happened IC)

The Black haired young man and the white haired boy were just about to settle their differences through fierce battle and a clash of wills when suddenly Elcia had walked off. It wasn't made clear if the boy had noticed as he was still in his offensive pose ready to commence the spar, but Tecka had immediately seen her walk off. For a second it made him think on how wrong he may have been in his desire to be strong, he'd even fight a child. Then again, if he hadn't it would be a form of disrespect to the boy's ability.

In this moment, the boy immediately rushed Tecka, delivering a swift blow to the young man stomach, causing him to exhale heavily and stumble to the ground in shock. The boy, displeased by how quickly he'd fallen left as well. Once again, it was just Tecka atop the hill, experiencing a deep pain. This time, a physical pain through his chest and lungs rather than a mental or emotional. It was amazing how strong the boy had proven to be, "I'll have to fight him again sometime, when my guard is up though.." He mumbled aloud. In his state of disarray, Tecka looked around to see if Elcia or anyone else had witnessed his...embarrassing defeat to say the least. Luckily, no one truly cared...no one except Tecka. It weighed heavily on his conscious and normally he would have summed it up to a lack of paying proper attention though it negatively reflected upon his true strength. That and the fact that the fight had ended so quickly left him in a state of disappointment.

Gathering himself together off the ground, he stumbled off the hill and away from the park, there were things he'd needed to get taken care of, the main thing of all, gaining the strength he needed.


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