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Habits [Chelflake]

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#1Venus Rosé 

Habits [Chelflake] Empty on Mon Feb 05, 2018 6:40 pm

Venus Rosé

Everything was swallowed in white—the streets of Magnolia, the rooftops of the houses and the trees—covered in a thick blanket of snow, statutes peeked out under their new white caps, footsteps and paw prints crisscrossed each other around the labyrinth of paths. The harsh gales blew across the undulating lands of Fiore, piling up snow in drifts and despite the chilly weather, she could hear the children duelling with sticks, to the loud encouragement of some and the furious curses of others. And, looking through the window of an inn was a young woman, no older than twenty with snow-white hair, as white as the sight that laid before her eyes.

Everyone seemed to be enjoying the season with any activities they could think of and yet—here she was, being idle in her own room and observing people through the window. There was nothing she could think of doing; she’d normally read novels or go for a stroll around the town, but she wasn’t in the mood to do either of it. Silvery irises glided over the scene and landed upon a group of teenagers throwing snow balls at each other, some making a snowman out of nothing and it only urged the desire within her to try it along with the rest of the adolescents.

”Sweet, do you want to build a snowman?”

#2Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric felt the hot water fell over his muscled body as he was taking a hot shower to wash the cold of the morning away. Well, it was not like he was super cold or anything, since they did, had a heater inside but he just came back from a morning walk and had been shivering from the cold so he was heating himself up with a hot shower. He soaped his long hair In carefully and started to meticulously wash it part by part so that he wouldn’t forget any part of it. Sometimes he hated having long hair as it was quite annoying at times mostly when he was washing it or when he was sweaty. He didn’t like the feeling of wet hair on his body at all.

After a half hour, he was finally done with his hair and was rinsing his body off when he suddenly heard his babe shouting if he wanted to go build a snowman. Well, he hadn’t made one in a long time and he was quite in the mood for it. he wrapped a towel around himself and stepped outside of the shower. “Let’s do that babe, I’ll just get dressed so I can actually go outside”, he said to her and walked to his closet.

#3Venus Rosé 

Habits [Chelflake] Empty on Tue Feb 06, 2018 7:04 pm

Venus Rosé

The snowy beauty was dressed in a thick, gray sweater paired with blue denim and thigh high heeled boots. Her silver hair had been tied up into a ponytail as usual and as she pushed herself off the window pane, she could feel her hair sliding off her shoulders and tumbling further down to her back. ”Alright,” the female chirped, holding her mug of tea in both of her hands before she blew away the fumes of heat that rose up from the drink and sipped onto her warm tea. Snowflake was quite excited for the activity, as she had never tried it before—not even back in her childhood when the rest of the kids would group up to create a large snowman, excluding her.

Albeit, now that she was with a man who was devoted to her as much as she was to him, the fellow assassin wanted to make as many memories as possible with him and she wanted to experience many new things that she had never done in her life before with him—and that was plenty. ”Are you done?” she called out for him as she wrapped a scarf around her neck, readying herself for the little event, her eyes peeking over the window to see what the rest of the children were doing.

#4Chelvaric Walderkat 

Habits [Chelflake] Empty on Tue Feb 06, 2018 7:38 pm

Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric was searching through his closet to find something that he could wear that would fit him good and that would keep him warm in the snow that was laying outside of the house. He chose a green woolen jacket and a black scarf to keep his neck warm he didn’t wanted to strain his neck from going outside in the cold after all. He searched for his mittens and had to turn over the closet drawers as he couldn’t find them when he finally had them he walked up to Snow in a hurry as she was already asking if he was ready to go outside.

Sorry I took a while I couldn’t find my mittens. I guess you don’t really need them with your ice magic”, he said to her and thought about it. if she wanted she could probably make a snowy landscape when it was the middle of the summer. He was hearing the sounds of the children outside when they left the apartment and were walking down the trap hall. They seemed to be having lots of fun and he wanted to join them so he could laugh and fool around with snow. “How big do you want to make the snowman babe?”, he asked of her while they were walking downstairs.

#5Venus Rosé 

Habits [Chelflake] Empty on Thu Feb 08, 2018 6:57 am

Venus Rosé

Snowflake stood by the door, her back leaning against it with her arms crossed over her chest. The young woman simply smiled at Chelvaric’s comment in agreement, grateful for her own magic for granting protection to her. Albeit, it was not only the magic itself, but rather, the demon that resided within her. Ever since her soul was transferred into Ivana’s body, Snowflake gradually noticed the power inside of her and she was highly aware that she would pose a very dangerous threat if the demon had actually showed its true colours—save for the significant growth in strength and power in the prior days.

”I don’t know. The biggest one in town, perhaps.”

The snowy sculptress had always been a competitive one, despite how it may have been just for fun. Once her lover had finally found his mittens, the couple would exit their room and join the rest of the townsfolk in their winterly activities. The cold air blasted into her face as she opened the door and she could see the flakes flying across her sight, along with the rhythm of the harsh gales. Patches of snow crunched beneath her foot as she descended down the stairs into the snow—the steps cracked and broken from centuries of freeze and thaw.

#6Chelvaric Walderkat 

Habits [Chelflake] Empty on Thu Feb 08, 2018 7:58 pm

Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric was following Snowflake to the outside of the hotel when she said that she wanted to build the biggest snowman of the town. “You’re always going big aren’t you”, he said jokingly to her and when they stepped outside she was awed by the scenery. Perfect timing he thought to himself and he started to gather snow from the ground and formed a ball. When it was nice and compact he threw it at her back and hid behind a street lantern that was standing next to the door so he could protect himself if she would throw a snowball back.

He didn’t have this much fun since he was in school. When it was snowing they always could skip class and play into the snow. Some of the students would make small snow demons that they could hunt with snowballs. It was always a small war that they would play out and they would build fortresses because there would be students who could use snow magic and there building skills where out of this world. He really missed that time and he hoped he could recapture it with Snow. now he had dreamed enough and he should think about how she was going to take revenge on him.

#7Venus Rosé 

Habits [Chelflake] Empty on Fri Feb 09, 2018 2:43 am

Venus Rosé

The icy maiden ceased in her steps as she enjoyed the scenery before her. She loved everything about this kind of weather, the satisfaction of being the first to make an impression in a blanket of freshly lain snow, the subtle crunch underfoot as she strode forward and the best bit of all—the sight of low hanging shafts of sunlight illuminating the sparkling whitened scene before her. There was a reason why she was named after the snowflakes: her love for winter. Her train of thoughts was suddenly interrupted by a thud in a back, yet, it didn’t hurt and the patch of snow would fall down behind her feet. The woman turned around, a smirk slowly creeping onto her lips. The action was done by her lover—no doubt, though he seemed to be hiding from her sight.

As if he could hide from her.

There was a glimpse of his emerald jacket caught her attention and she would burst into fits of giggles. How was this man even hiding behind a street lamp? ”You know I can see you right?” Snowflake bent over and gathered a good amount of snow in her hands, packing and tightening it until it turned into a nice round ball of snow before she tossed it right into his face.

#8Chelvaric Walderkat 

Habits [Chelflake] Empty on Sat Feb 10, 2018 3:27 am

Chelvaric Walderkat

Chelvaric was standing as still as he could behind the latern but of course that wasn’t that good enough as Snowflake already shouted that she had seen him. Not much later he got a fresh snowball right into his face. He coughed as he brushed the snow away. He laughed as he walked to her. “You got me good babe, lets make a snow angel!”, he said to her and he felt next to her into the snow and started to move his arms and legs up and down to make a angel into the snow. He always did this before he made a snowman. “common babe, it’s quite fun! Don’t worry about your clothes snow is not dirty. ”, he said to her as he got up from the snow and looked as his freshly made snow angel.

After this he started to roll a ball of snow. “we have to roll them far enough so that they become big enough”, he said to her and he kept rolling the ball while it became bigger and bigger. They needed to have three balls and they had to be really big if they wanted the biggest snowman of the town. He was puffing after a while as his ball started to become really big.

#9Venus Rosé 

Habits [Chelflake] Empty on Sat Feb 10, 2018 8:47 pm

Venus Rosé

Her lips broke into a large grin as a ball of snow landed right against his face. There was some sort of satisfaction in throwing the ball and watching it smack against someone—as if all her stress had been released. Chelvaric invited her to do a snow angel as he reclined onto the ground layered with a thick blanket of snow and began moving his arms and legs. And, here she thought a snow angel was something that descended from the heavens. The snow angel was a silly creation, though she wasn’t going to lie—it was an adorable one. As he guided, Snowflake did the same thing; lay down on the snow, spread her arms and legs wide to her sides and move them up and down. Admittedly, they would look quite silly doing the motion but as she stand up and looked back at her spot, she’d see a strange shape, one that looked more like a ribbon instead of a snow angel, but she was content with it anyway.

The assassin watched her lover roll the ball along the distance, and the longer he rolled, the bigger the ball became. Enthusiastic, she continued to do the same, rolling large balls and running around in circles just so she could get the perfect size she wanted for their snowman. The kids around them would join, making snowman of their own choice as all of them rolled balls and ran around the scene together.

#10Chelvaric Walderkat 

Habits [Chelflake] Empty on Sat Feb 10, 2018 10:18 pm

Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric was smiling quite happily as he saw that children were joining them to do the same. He wondered how their snowmen would turn out against their own snowman. He kept rolling the ball till it was big enough to form the base and then placed it in a safe location where no one would break it. When Snow’s snowball seemed big enough he helped her place it on his and patted the places where her snow touched his snow so that it would stick nicely together and not fall from each other. The snowman was already as tall as his babe.

were doing quite great I would say. Let’s do the head now”, he would say to her and he started to roll a smaller ball that was supposed to be the face of the snowman. He would let Snow help him roll it and when it was done they did the same procedure as they did with the first two snowballs. He was happy he was wearing his mittens or his hands would have been super cold. When they were done with placing the head on the snowman he would turn to his girlfriend and ask her, “Well how do you want it to look? You can decide!

#11Venus Rosé 

Habits [Chelflake] Empty on Mon Feb 12, 2018 1:40 am

Venus Rosé

To Snowflake, they looked like rats scuttling about and rolling white balls, just for the sole purpose to create the biggest snowman in town. It was a lot of work—she wasn’t going to lie, it took a lot of time and energy slowly making the ball into a large one, and it wasn’t just simply large—it was ginormous. They had been rolling snowballs for so long that Snowflake had already lost track of time. Above her was a stretch of sky, and though the pale blue colour was inviting in its own right, leering into it echoed nothing but forlorn thoughts, lost in the transition of cloud to puff to nothingness over the short span of a few moments. Fleeting was the process of dispersing clouds, which Snowflake would easily compare to the fickleness of her mind and bit by bit, she continued to wonder.

It wasn’t then her train of thoughts was suddenly derailed by a smack on her face as the patch of snow slowly dripped down from her face. Young children in a distance chuckled to themselves and immediately, she decided that she’d give them a lesson. Making sure her enormous ball was still, she bent over and packed a snowball together. She’d learned that the longer you pack, the ball becomes hardened and strong. Holding the ball in her hands, she began to chase the children tossing snowballs back at them.

She wasn’t angry at the children—more like she wanted to have fun alongside them, despite her dislike for kids their age. When she had enough of the chasing and running, she decided to return by Chelvaric’s side to help him with the rest of building the snowman. It had already turned out so well, although it was missing a head. ”I think we might need a ladder to put the head, this is getting really big,” she gazed up at the huge snowman that they’d built, and even with little manpower, they had already done so much.

#12Chelvaric Walderkat 

Habits [Chelflake] Empty on Tue Feb 13, 2018 8:46 pm

Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric was working on the snow man and noticed that the ball wouldn’t be that easy to be placed on the snow man to make the head as it was so high. He looked around and saw her playing with the kids around them. It was quite funny to see although he knew she didn’t like young kids that much. But she was having fun now anyway even if she likes them or not. He chuckled to himself and she came running back to him and the snowman when she said they needed a ladder to place the head he walked to the apartment and took a ladder out of the shed.

He came back and placed it carefully against the snowman to not damage it too much. He slowly crawled up the ladder and then asked her to give the snowball that would make the head. She gave it to him and he carefully placed it on top of the snowman. He then took a couple of stones out to make the mouth and the eyes and a carrot for the nose. He slid down the ladder and took it away to put it aside so they could look at the snowman. “Maybe you can freeze it so they can’t destroy it?”, he asked of snow thinking if the children would accidently break it.

#13Venus Rosé 

Habits [Chelflake] Empty on Fri Feb 16, 2018 10:34 pm

Venus Rosé

Just when she said they’d need a ladder, Chelvaric went back to the inn and retrieved one from the storage room. Snowflake would wait until he was at the top of the ladder before lifting up the snowball, only to release a grunt. It was very heavy, but that was to be expected after all the long running that she did, just for the sake to create the biggest snowman. It took her a lot of effort, but thankfully, due to her strength, she successfully lifted it up for Chelvaric and hoped that he wouldn’t drop all the hard work that they had made. Their creation was set and ready, only after they’d decorated its face, which Chelvaric found some pebbles and placed it onto the head as eyes and nose. It would be the perfect snowman if it had a scarf, though that wasn’t exactly necessary.

The woman stood by a few feet away and with hands placed onto her waist, she gazed up at their masterpiece that was at least 2 meters taller than her. It was big, indeed and apparently, families nearby had already taken notice of the ginormous snowman that they had personally came to see it for themselves, even children stared at the biggest snowman in awe. It was then a voice boomed from the speakers above, ”There’s a competition in the Town Square starting in a few minutes! Winners will get rewards!” She had no idea that the town had speakers all over the place, but supposedly, it was useful for announcements like this albeit, that was the least concern at the moment.

Her brows raised after hearing ’rewards’ and she immediately shifted her gaze toward her beau, ”Do you want to participate?” Surely, it would be fantastic to get their hands on some rewards.

#14Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric looked at the snowman’s face and thought it was quite fine so he went down the ladder and walked back to see it from a distance. It looked really big and good and he was happy with the result of the work they had put in. The only thing he would change was adding arms to the snowman as it was a normal thing to do. But before he could ask Snow what she would think of that an announcement was being made through the speakers of the town. It seemed a competition would start soon and there were prizes to be won. He wondered what kind of prizes they would give out and if they should try and win some of them. Snow asked him if he wanted to participate and he thought for a second before giving his answer.

Well, I don’t see why not, let’s do it!”, he told her and they started to walk to the town center. Lots of people seemed to have the same idea and the whole town was moving to the central plaza. He hoped it wouldn’t be overcrowded as it did seem that nearly everyone was going to theirs. There would be a lot of competition then, he thought to himself while he held Snow her hand firmly.

#15Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

Snowflake was curious of what the competition was about—more so, she was interested in the rewards specifically. Once the host had made the announcement, the majority of the people seemed excited for the contest and began walking towards the Town Square, and so did the couple. But, before she leave, she pressed her hand against their masterpiece and icy fumes would be released from her limb. The action freezes the snowman, so that if anyone did attempt to destroy it, they wouldn’t be successful. Besides, she wanted to keep the snowman there for as long as possible—it was their hard work after all.

Shortly after, they reached the Town Square, which was unsurprisingly filled with crowds of people, young and old alike. It seemed that everyone had turned up for the contest, though they still had no idea what it was all about. ”Alright! That’s a lot of audience I see there, amazing! This is the ice-sculpting contest, create the biggest and the most splendid ice sculpture and the reward will be yours!” the host ended a jolly laugh by the end of the sentence, which she found rather annoying but, seeing how her expertise is related to ice, the event shouldn’t be that hard for her. But, what exactly were they going to create?

”The contest starts….now!”

#16Chelvaric Walderkat 

Habits [Chelflake] Empty on Sat Feb 17, 2018 9:28 am

Chelvaric Walderkat

Chelvaric was looking over the crowd as he wondered what the tournament was going to be about. But he didn’t had to wait much longer since they started to explain about it. It seemed they had to make an ice sculpt and it would then be graded on style and precision and many other things. He didn’t really know how to sculpt but its not like he needed to know since he had an ice mage next to him who knew how to instantly cast an ice sculpture in minutes.

But she wasn’t the only one as he saw other mages around them starting to make all the different kinds of animals and other items, like buckets and chairs and tables. He wondered what they should make, maybe a small puppy or some other cute animal or they could make a gigantic landscape or castle to impress with size and detail. “What do you want to make babe? I was thinking of a big castle with like little puppies on the walls as a fantasy scene?”, he asked her and then waited for her response. He didn’t know if it was any good and it sounded silly but it could turn out really cool.

#17Venus Rosé 

Habits [Chelflake] Empty on Sat Feb 17, 2018 9:57 am

Venus Rosé

The frosty maiden crossed her arms and tapped her heel against the hard ground, wondering what might possibly outdo all the rest of the competitors. ”Hm, I want something very detailed. That should impress the judges,” she nodded, while her silvery orbs glided over the scene. Counting over the numbers of the participants, one could see that there was quite a plenty amount of ice mages in Magnolia. But then, Ice Magic wasn’t technically very special to begin with, since it mostly depends on how the user chooses to wield it. The young assassin studied the works of all the contestants, and the majority of them were rather simple ones; human dolls, animals and whatnot. Honestly, she was very impressed with the creativity that some had chosen to come up with.

Yet, she couldn’t think of what she should build.

Snowflake stood at an empty spot and grinned widely at her lover’s suggestion. ”Yes, a castle sounds lovely. The biggest one at that,” she agreed. There should be no time limit in this competition, she thought, since the host didn’t bother to mention it, which meant that she could take her sweet time in creating the next masterpiece. Holding her hands out together, she created a large rectangular block of ice to begin their work. On top of that was another small piece of block and another. By the edge of the blocks was two cylinders protruding to act as the guard post. This was to be the foundation of the castle they planned to build.

Reaching into the bucket that was given to them, she retrieved tools that are to be used for carving and handed a tool to her lover. She could easily create inanimate objects like small birds and sparrows, but large objects with very high detail—it would have to be done by bare hands.

”Shall we begin?”

#18Chelvaric Walderkat 

Habits [Chelflake] Empty on Sat Feb 17, 2018 10:46 am

Chelvaric Walderkat

Chelvaric looked at how snow was starting to form the bases of the castle from ice. She had made a nice start but he was really surprised when she suddenly handed him tools to carve out ice. He thought she would make it completely by herself and be done with it, but something was apparently wrong and they had to rush against time to make it. “I guess you can’t make it with your magic?”, he didn’t wait for an answer since they only had a half hour left to finish it. he started to work on the main top shape of the castle.

Like the small gaps in the walls on the top to shoot through and then he made the gate in the middle of the castle so you could actually enter it. he then started on small windows by chiseling the ice. He had to be careful though as it was never sure that a tick of the hammer on the chisel wouldn’t crack the whole sculpture. You had to be patient and precise while being fast too as it was against time. This made the match so much harder to do. He cursed as the time was nearly up.

#19Venus Rosé 

Habits [Chelflake] Empty on Sun Feb 18, 2018 2:34 am

Venus Rosé

Snowflake was too engrossed into carving the ice sculptures that she had almost forgotten that Chelvaric was there beside her. It wasn’t until she finally registered his voice into her head and she’d blink once, twice before resulting in, ”Huh?” She took a moment recalling what he had said. ”Oh, I could. But, we’d still have to do the touch ups anyhow. Doing it with hand is better,” she’d return back to carving her ice sculpture. It was also due to the fact that she wasn’t quite used to handling her magic that well—an area that has yet to be improved. Holding the tool in her hand, she’d hammer it into the sculpture, not too hard to break the entire piece apart.

Seconds plodded by and it could be seen on everyone’s faces; brows creased into the middle, eyes that gleamed with concentration—everyone desired to win, and so did she. Snowflake wasn’t sure how much time had already passed, but when she was finally done with her work, the rest of the competitors were staring at the Pegasus mages, as if they were irritated that they had to wait for them to finish. Some gazed at their creation with awe and a satisfied smirk would form on her lips, while the audience whispered and gossiped among themselves of each and every one’s masterpiece.

It was finally time for judges to announce the winner.

#20Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Snow seemed a bit distracted as it took her a second to answer him. He wondered if the sculpting had been taken her attention away from him. Not that he blamed her for that or anything it was quite normal so he wondered what she would answer to his question. It seemed they would still have to do the details by themselves so it was better to do it completely by hand that was quite okay then he guessed. He focused further on his work and didn’t think too much about stuffs as he was sculpting away when he suddenly hear a voice that most people were done already and that they were the last ones left. He started to work faster and faster to at least finish his part and sculpted the little dogs into the sculpture. He fell back and sighed loud as he was finally finished with his work. He looked around and they were literally the last people still working, he rubbed behind his head and smiled a bit awkwardly to apologize for the fact they were so slow.

The jury was finishing up grading the pieces and were about to announce the winner. He stepped back and looked at their creation. He loved and he hoped the jury would too. “I think we did a good job babe, even if we don’t win I think we gave it our best shot”, he said to snow and stared back to the castle.

#21Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

”You’re right,” she agreed, nodding before slipping her hand into Chelvaric’s, grateful that he even bothered to join some silly competition with her. The host began to speak once again, declaring the end of the competition and that the judges will be walking around the area to see who has the best ice sculpture. Their masterpiece was quite noticeable, considering how large Snowflake decided to build. It was half as tall as her height and the width was three times as big as her body. Admittedly, it took a lot of work but confidence dominated her eyes—that they would win this competition.

There were four judges in total; most of them were old men apart excluding one female, who began walking around the scene, jotting some notes down onto the paper and quickly moved onto the next work. The procedure repeated for a number of times until the judges finally stood in front of them. She watched them study their sculpture carefully, nodding in approval without saying another word. Curiosity piqued as Snowflake wondered what their thoughts were on the ice castle sculpture. She pondered if judges were meant to not speak at all, although she’d have preferred if they had share their thoughts briefly at the very least.

Once all the work had been reviewed, the judges returned to their seats and began whispering amongst themselves: words that she could barely hear and shuffled the pieces of paper between them. ”Alright! The judges have the name of the winning team on the paper! Drum roll…” the host gestured with his hands before reading out loud, ”…Team Chelflake!”

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#22Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric was happy when Snow held his hand after he said it turned out good. He smiled brightly as he liked it when she suddenly take his hand. It felt so soft and warm, he wanted to hold it for the rest of the day. The judges came which consisted of mostly men and one woman and they were noting things down as they passed the sculptures. There were places they stood longer still and inspected more then others where they didn’t even give a glance to some others. He hoped they at least would take a while at theirs and they did stop for a second but not that long. When they finally were announcing the winner he was so nervous and he was holding his breath which was relieved quite fast as they announced their team, ‘Chelflake’ as the winner.

Babe we won!”, he shouted to her and they walked to the stage where they received a trophy and a free dinner at the most popular dinner in the town as price. He was happy that they won and would Definity use the dinner to have a nice romantic outing with his girlfriend. Ah, this day had become something truly unique indeed.

#23Venus Rosé 

Habits [Chelflake] Empty on Mon Feb 19, 2018 2:09 am

Venus Rosé

The moment the winner was announced, her eyebrows raised slightly, a content smile made its way onto the curved line of her pink lips. She had been expecting their win—she knew they were going to win. A glance around the vicinity, she could see that the rest of the ice sculptures were rather plain and simple, which was why the judges didn’t even bother to take a moment to observe them. Theirs, on the other hand, was intricate and designed carefully with a lot of effort. Thankfully, there was no time limit and thus, they were able to further improve their design despite how they ended up finishing last. If the rest of the competitors were smart enough to seize the opportunity and create a better sculpture, they might have gotten a chance to win.

Snowflake flipped her silver locks over her shoulder nonchalantly and strode over to the direction of the stage, where they would be rewarded. It was a glass sculpture in the form of a trophy and though, the competition meant no importance to her, she would treasure the prize they had won. ”As a reward for winning the competition, the castle sculpture will be showcased and put on display in the Towns Square,” the host declared and applause rippled over the crowd as the audience tooted with cheers. ”Not only that, we’re also granting a free dinner at XX restaurant for the lovely couple here!”

Honestly, that was quite a hefty prize for winning just an ice sculpting competition. Nevertheless, she was proud of their victory and the free dinner at the restaurant will do good for her grumbly stomach.

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