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HUNTER-GATHERER (D-ranked Quest)

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#1Farren Claret 

HUNTER-GATHERER (D-ranked Quest) Empty Sun Feb 04, 2018 8:39 pm

Farren Claret
Today Farren managed to find a mission with very little to no effort, on his part. It usually took him a bit of searching to find one that didn't seem entirely too hard in comparison to his current skill level. He'd been going through an intense amount of training lately in order to push himself back to where he was prior to his incarceration, so finding a small quest to accomplish here and there seemed to be the best decision in the long run - as it would both allow him to get his feet wet once again when it came to dealing with clients, and also wouldn't put too much of a strain on him as he continued his training.

When you're out on your own and your only focus is training, you tend to forget how to deal with other people, especially when your every thought prior to escaping from prison had been how many people you'd prey upon once you were released. Farren had to continually tell himself now that not every person was a target. He'd have to re-acclimate himself with freedom and back to the way in which he used to carry himself. There were going to be people that needed to remain alive; as they were able to provide much more benefit alive than being served on a plate as food.

This request was a fairly new posting compared to many others, but no one seemed to be giving it the time of day. The request itself had stated that a man by the name of "Dr. Stephan Mabuz" required help retrieving a certain fungi. Though this fungi was important, he couldn't afford to leave he other work in order to search for it. This was an obvious dilemma, and because of this, he'd decided to hire the assistance of someone who would be willing to take out some of their time and search for said fungi. He wasn't exactly sure what this client would do after being in possession of this mushroom, but it didn't matter in the grand scheme of things. His mission was to retrieve it and to give it to the client, nothing less and nothing more.

This wasn't an exciting mission by any means, however, Farren had no qualms with that. He'd only recently been freed from prison, and being given a chance to get paid for admiring the scenery that could only be found in the woods surrounding Oak Town seemed like the perfect way to spend his day.  Though Farren's attitude in regards to humans would likely cause many to believe he held a severe disregard for life, this couldn't be any further from the truth. Nature was one thing that Farren absolutely adored. Appreciating nature firsthand in all of her splendor was something he loved to do. He held a great respect for the natural world, as well as the circle of life that he recognized that he was a part of - hence his predatory state of mind.

516/800 - Adventurer Quest Reduction Perk

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The weak bow down, and the strong devour them
#2Farren Claret 

HUNTER-GATHERER (D-ranked Quest) Empty Sun Feb 04, 2018 8:39 pm

Farren Claret
With this all in mind, Farren began to make his way to the woods that surrounded Oak Town in order to start his quest. He made his way through the woods at a comfortable pace, making sure that he followed the map he'd been given by his employer. He made sure to focus as much as he could on the direction that had been laid out, in order to not waste any time finding his way back through these wood. Not only would that be embarrassing as hell, but it would also reflect badly on himself and the guild. Though he paid an immense amount of attention on his map, he also made sure to take in as much as he could in terms of the scenery that surrounded him. Though many would have hated the idea of traveling anywhere near Oak Town, as a result of Phantom Lord's residence there, one had to admit that the forest surrounding the town was absolutely beautiful - even in the Winter.

As he got a bit deeper into the woods, he could hear a rustling sound, but simply chalked it up to small animals scurrying about as he got too close to them. As he continued walking through the dense forest, the rustling sounds began to grow louder, as well as closer. It was around this time that Farren realized that this was no mere small animal...something was stalking him. Acting quickly, Farren decided that now was the time to get on the defensive.

He didn't have time to be too cautious, and for the first time decided to make use of the weapon he'd only recently purchased - a gun that featured magic circles that had been engraved into it. This gun was capable of firing off concentrated bullets of mana that had been provided by the user upon pulling of the trigger. Though it paled in comparison to weapons he'd made use of as a member of Blue Pegasus, it was at least something that was usable. Starting all over again was hard, but one always had to start somewhere.

As the Phantom Lord mage unholstered his weapon, he managed to catch a glimpse of his stalker out of the corner of his eye as it began flying towards him. With a quick maneuver, Farren was able to evade and then follow up by firing his gun in the direction of the creature as it continued to fly by him. Dead before it could hit the ground, a large purple snake landed with a thud before coiling up.

Deciding not to waste anymore time in these woods, Farren ran off into the distance, making his way to the waterfall that had been listed on the map. Underneath the fall was a cave in which the fungi was said to exist. Remembering that it had been described as having glowing green dots, Farren had no trouble spotting the mushroom in the darkness of the cave. He picked the mushroom and made his way back to the Doctor's magic shop. After dropping off the mushroom off to him, it seemed to Farren than something was stressing the Doctor out a bit more than usual. It was then that the Doctor began to propose yet another quest that he wanted Farren's help with.

1072/800 - Quest Completed


The weak bow down, and the strong devour them

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