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Street Sweepin Clean Up Crew (Quest, Bodak)

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#1Tecka Majora 

Street Sweepin Clean Up Crew (Quest, Bodak) Empty on Sun Feb 04, 2018 4:16 pm

Tecka Majora
"A new job, in a new land."

Though he had recently arrived to observe the city's activity, Oak town's streets were normally dusted with a variety of citizens, each performing tasks specific to their lifestyles. The saying goes, 'We learn the way we live to live the way we learn', and he'd noticed that today's life wasn't as present as it usually is. Perhaps something else was a stir within the city, but from what he's heard there always is. The black haired foreigner had already stuck out among the people who resided in this country, now without any people to stick out against, he simply was out. He existed here and now, but not alone. As Tecka strolled down the Oak Town street he could see further ahead up in the distance, it was a man leaning against one of the street lamps in patience.

As he neared closer, the man seemed to have caught eye of Tecka. And Tecka a closer eye of him. "So you're the guy?" the dirty blonde man had asked as the shorter man was still approaching. "Martello Remy, yes?" Tecka questioned the dirty blonde. Remy's stressed face had been eased a bit by the other mans response. It seemed as if the Martello's, or rather Remy himself had really depended on this job getting done, and based on the attire of the young Martello, he seemed like a man who wanted it done in a timely manner. "You're a shorter one than I thought they'd send. Well whatever, as long as you can perform.." Remy replied. He was decked out head to toe in the casual black and white suit, with bow tie, probably clip on, and a nice set of hand shined shoes. The foreign man could tell the nature of the black leather shoe's shine was slightly brighter than most others he had seen. It wasn't the polish applied but the technique of the shine.

Tecka's dress on the other hand was as...unique as usual. He appeared as the type of guy to take dirty jobs, for lack of better words: dressed in his casual tank top and baggy fatigues, with high top leather boots. Though dress and status hadn't defined a person, at least not to the foreign young man. It was their strength, the strength to change, to grow. Strength was everything. Before Remy had begun to describe the details of the job, he started to walk, presumably in the direction of where this job was being done. Tecka remained in the same spot he had been when he originally commenced talking to the dapper young man. "Hold on, we're expecting one more on this job. She's from my guild." He said.

The young Martello stopped with a look of frustration beginning to grow over his young clean visage, before it grew any more irritable, Tecka had finished "Hey look, the more people we have, the quicker this gets done. And don't worry, she's got the strength to impress."

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  • You will meet with Remy who will walk with you to the building.
  • The building is under construction and the workers have been taking a break till their payments were going to get sorted out.
  • Upon entering you'll see that there ten bodies that need to be disposed.
  • Remy takes out an axe and a big bag, he needs you to carry the bodies to him as he focuses on chopping them up for easier disposal.
  • Three out of the seven bodies are Martello members and won't be chopped up by Remy out of respect for their next of kin. Remy needs you to bring these bodies outside to the back so they can get picked up for a proper burial.
  • When you're done, Remy will come outside with the large bag of body parts and pay you. You may then leave as Remy waits for someone to pick him and the bodies up.

Bodak Manji
Shura's Shadow
She had known the city well enough to use some shortcuts. She spent a good majority of her time studying the town of Oak, as well as anything else that she could get her hands on. It wouldn't be much of a surprise to find someone like her always within your shadow. If she knew your destination, she would always beat you there. For if there was a way, there was a shorter path as well. . .

"What, you don't want the Manji helping you out, again?" she spoke, almost as if she was just behind them the whole time. In truth, she had just arrived. She dusted off her arms which both seemed to be covered in specs of dirt here and there. Whatever path she took, it was one off the streets. Perhaps it was right from the guild hall. . . .

The man would look at her with disgust. Surely the name would be enough to strike a memory. Chisu had helped them many times under the guise of Miss Manji, and Bodak was prepared to do the same.

"Thanks for the compliment, friend." She would say, careful to not step on his name. Surely that would be hint enough to keep her name out if it, if her understood at least. But if he failed it wouldn't matter anyways, Bodak wasn't her actual name anyways. It was the body's, not hers.

The three of them would begin to embark on their task in whichever direction the man chose. If Bodak would have decided so, she would have met them there, but that was not her task. These men had their order about themselves and she would respect that at least. But unlike her predecessor, she would be much less... collected. After all, she didn't have a direct line to the god that created them.

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#3Tecka Majora 

Street Sweepin Clean Up Crew (Quest, Bodak) Empty on Mon Feb 05, 2018 7:28 pm

Tecka Majora
"Just like a shadow, eh?"

The third in their party, or truly second as Remy wouldn't be doing any of the heavy lifting, had just arrived and quite timely too. Though the man from the jump wasn't happy with Bodak being here, it would be something he'd just have to deal with, the duo was there for one thing only. To do a job and get paid.

"Alright, we're set. Lead the way." Remarked Tecka to the dirty blonde. The young Martello proceeded to lead them along the main street for a couple of blocks, nothing too spectacular to see other than empty streets and debris. It wasn't until they turned a corner, onto a street with a construction building covered in sheets and reflective tape that things started to pick up. It was an establishment of some sort currently undergoing construction. In size it seemed somewhat medium to the black haired young man, most buildings in his country were smaller anyway, so though smaller it scaled up in comparison.

The workers weren't around, possibly away for some reason or other-union strikes, work leave, work accident. Too many reasons to sit around a contemplate them all. There was a arc, made of metal  poles, woods, and big blue tarps that stretched all around the building, possibly to protect those on the street from falling materials, and workers from weather. They entered underneath the cover of the suspended tarps and platforms as it cut through the side of the building under construction and a beat up one that appeared to have been there for a time now. The windows on the bottom floor were all covered in a type of sheet paper which made a cover of any sinister workings, and made it oblivious to any passersby. One of the glass doors had been propped open, it too being covered from the other side with brown sheet paper.

"Oh, i didn't expect to get this dirty so soon." Tecka remarked as they entered what could almost be described as a genocide pit. Remy walked in stepping over the bodies and avoiding the spatters of blood as to ensure his shoes weren't ruined. He continued until reaching a wooden door with a metal handle, curved like an L, near the back end of the room. Inside the room, he'd brought out a clear plastic bag, slightly waving it so that air could fill its inside, then placing it spread onto the ground. The young martello returned to the room to grab a fire axe hidden among the rest of the tools within the room.

Once the black haired foreigner had seen the bag he had an idea of what was to be done, but it wasn't exactly the thing he had in mind. His idea required more bags for the bodies, but the reality was a plan that proved much more simple, and messy as well. As soon as the axe was brought out the image had solidified in his head. "Alright, you two, bring the bodies this way.." Remy started, as his arms gripped the cutting tool overly stern.

It seemed like he was on edge, trying to overcompensate for being shaky, it happens the first time around though, as Tecka isn't to foreign to the concept of hiding a body. He had begun to pickup the lighter ones first, carrying them one by one like a fireman, the weight of the whole body stretched over his back and shoulder. He then proceeded to lay them down near Remy, to be dismembered and bagged. His partner presumably followed suit, though Tecka hadn't paid attention towards Bodak as he was focused on the job at hand. Someone of her caliber of mage had a similar work ethic as well, focused, and quick. After a majority of the bodies had been dismembered, Remy had pointed out three.

"Not them..they...they deserve better. Bring them around back, we'll ensure they get taken care of." Said the young martello. It was almost as if he had some sort of attachment to the three, presumably three of the same side caught in the crossfire. They all dressed alike too. Tecka carried the three bodies out to the back, one at a time, through a small unfinished corridor of dry wall. By the time he had returned the dirty blonde along with Bodak had finished cutting the bodies up, though from their earlier behavior and remarks, respectively, it seemed hard for Tecka to have believe that they wouldn't have at least attempted to kill each other. Then again,  money was a strong force of which to move and make man move with.

They escorted Remy to the back through the corridor again, the bag of dismembered mobsters was sat down next to the three intact bodies. Each corpse covered with a plastic tarp and laid down, lined up almost perfectly to each other. "So, are we finally done?" Tecka questioned. He more than intended to leave with his pay in hand. The young martello, pulled out two large brown envelopes handing them to the duo. "We're done here." He responded.

"I'll catch you some time back at the guild then." Tecka said as he turned towards Bodak. With Jewel in hand, he actually felt like it was possible. His goal, the strength he desired. So far away and yet, so near.

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Bodak Manji
Shura's Shadow
She never did like the dark dealings of the city, but it was what made the world spin. Without darkness, light could not exist. Their purpose was to do what no other guild was. They served the nobles of their city like anyone else. She started to realize it was less about the people, and more about those at the top. They didn't serve everyone, and no one should. But they seemed to always lend a hand to those with a pretty penny. After all, nothing came free, but to pick based on the price paid felt a bit corrupt the more she lingered on the idea.

She would follow the two into the building. It would be just as expected. Outside, the building seemed to only be partly completed. Workers sat around, smoking and eating, while others watched them inventively. It was not apparent who was on whose side, but as long as she didn't have a blade in her side, she could care less who was going to go after who. The scaffoldings seemed to be rickety and old, as if this building had been put off for some time, or perhaps abandoned. There was no sign of graffiti either, which was odd considering even the nicest buildings had some vandalism.

The doors and windows however looked fresh and new, but the papers had been stuck to the glass panes. They would be to protect the glass from scratches, at least that's what the common folk would believe. To those who knew this city as well as they would work with, it was to hide that dark death that lingered behind these walls. These weren't the only slain souls.

Her companion would follow their employer away for the tools of the job, while Bodak lingered behind. She observed the bodies as well as the parts that made them up. Even if their souls were worthless, their physical make up would serve to be useful, to her at least. She stepped over them, caring less about blood on her clothing and more of destroying something of use to her. She had begun to move some of them together, dragging a few to a closer pile. While she knew not of their allegiance, she knew which few were together, as if ties and suits weren't enough to show status and colors. She would drag two bodies across the floor, her feet covered in blood, her mess covering up the writing he was going to leave behind . . .

"Alright, you two, bring the bodies this way.."

He spoke, just as Bodak dragged two men by their collars. It was almost comical to her. Fate had a funny way of doing things, even in the smallest of methods. She would continue her work, bringing them to the man, waiting for them to be dismembered. Maybe after she would relocate some of the deceased for her own benefit, and perhaps she too, could bring a follower back to life, just as she was. After all, it was a lonely life as a servant bound to a city.

As she would drop the two to the man, her friend would drop a single one. He'd instruct the three in the black suits to be taken around back. It would prove to show her that her assumptions were right. As he would complete it alone, she would return to dragging more bodies over, caring less about the dead's rights, and more wondering which had the best pieces to choose from... It was a dangerous life to traffic organs, but perhaps if the bodies were to be lost anyways . . .

Three. . . Six. . . Eight. . . nine. . . ten.

The bodies lined up, getting chopped one by one as the others were taken around the side to be taken home to an honorable grave. There was no order among thieves, and the ones remaining would sooner stab each other in the back given the chance.

As Bodak would then move the bags, the man would lead. She had been zoned out, thinking only of the reward and her warm bed. Before she knew it, they were outside. The bodies lined up beside the bags of discards. And soon an envelope in her grasp.

The job was done.

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