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Shady Business [Quest | Chelflake]

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#1Chelvaric Walderkat 

Shady Business [Quest | Chelflake] Empty on Sun Feb 04, 2018 12:34 am

Chelvaric Walderkat

Chelvaric had arrived together with Snowflake and had dropped his stuff off at her apartment before he headed out to do some meditation in the forest. The walk to the forest had been quite uneventful and it was nice to sit at. The cherry blossoms sadly didn’t wear their flowers but they were readying themselves for spring so they could open up and make the place lit up with their beauty. But now they were bald and not that nice to look at. But it was a quiet place and he could sit calmly here while he would think about his life and other things. When he had enough he would get up and travel to the request board as he had promised his babe to meet up there. The town was not that busy and it was quite calm but that was normal since it was freezing and snowing. He had his green scarf close around his neck while the snowflakes were twirling from the sky riding the wind to their destination on the ground. He waited at the request board and looked around if he could see his babe. He wondered what she had been p too while he was busy with work.  



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The couple had just recently arrived Magnolia and Snowflake had been busy with unpacking her luggage since she had filled it with all her clothes, accessories and cosmetics. It was a requirement for her to look the best and as flawless as she can wherever she went. Meanwhile, Chelvaric had decided to stroll around the town, perhaps to get familiar with the town once again. It has actually been a while since they last visited the town, after all. Mayhap, once she was done unpacking she might return to the markets for grocery shopping as they would need some food for dinner.

The temperature was still cold within the country, though much warmer compared to when she was in the northern regions of Fiore—not that she minded much since her body had grown completely immune to the lowest degrees—having the perks of an ice demon. With her hand shoved into the pockets of her jacket, she trudged through the snow, her boots leaving a trail of footpath behind her. The streets were quieter than the usual, which she preferred since Snowflake was not one who was fond of bizarre and crowded places.

Eventually, she’d find herself wandering over to the request board, a smile spreading onto the line of her cupid bow as she crept up behind him and wrapped her arms around his lean body. ”You searching for a job?”


#3Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric heard  the sudden noise behind him while some arms were being wrapped around him. He immediately knew that it was his favorite girl who was standing behind him.

oh I don’t know could that be a little snowflake falling on my back? Yes I am searching for a job”, he said to her and he went around in her arms till he could wrap his arms back around her. He gave a small kiss on her nose before he took a paper from the board in random selection and started to read for her.

It seems a merchant bought some good quality for a low price and he doesn’t trust the man that he bought from. I guess we have to go get it and see if everything checks out. It’s not too special I guess”, he said and he gave the paper to her so she could read it over too.

It should be an easy job, let’s do it and then I can treat you on a nice dinner tonight miss guild master”, he said to her and kissed her cheek. Her cheek was always tender and nice to kiss. He wanted to cut them off and cook them so he could eat them.



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Snowflake was aware that her lover had always been the affectionate type, and as time passed she was getting used to him giving her kisses every now and then, though she found it rather uncomfortable if it was done in public. Being a guild master, the young woman didn’t want to receive any unnecessary attention from the public and neither did she liked attracting awkward glances from the townsfolk. Taking the quest paper in her hand, her silvery irises quickly skimmed over lines carved into the paper, written with precision as if the writer spent a good ounce of their time to outline but a simple request, which was to check upon the new supplier that their client had purchased from.

”Seems like a pretty easy quest,”

It was more than just easy, and if it was possible, she’d rather not do the quests of this difficulty level but since she had nothing else to do for the rest of the day other than her usual routine of grocery shopping, she might as well use this chance to kill the time.

”Apparently, it’s in some kind of alley.”

Her steps would all but falter as she addressed the message properly once again and confirmed the location of where they were supposed to meet the target stated in the details of the paper request.


#5Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric nodded to her as he had indeed read that they had to meet the man in an alley not that far from the location they were now. “Let’s go then”, he said to her and he started to walk away through the snow. No one was around as it seemed that not a lot of mages were in Magnolia at the time. he wondered if somewhere in the world some big event was going off. Not that he would know about it now so he shrugged his shoulders and went to the alley he was supposed to go. They walked and eventually arrived at the location where they would meet the merchants. He looked around but didn’t seem to see anyone yet. “Maybe they're not here yet”, he said to her and was looking at the end of the alleyway when he suddenly heard the sound of a wagon driving into the alley.

It was a normal cart that was being pulled by two horses you could see some ore laying in the back of the wagon and some more wagons were behind that one. It seemed that this was the caravan they had been waiting for. he walked into their direction and waved them to halt.



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The journey to the outskirts of the town took them longer than she thought—or maybe it was just herself and her legs that seemed to be walking in a tad slower pace. Upon their arrival at the specified location, the two was quite surprised to see that there was nothing for them, when supposedly there was supposed to be a caravan nearby? The couple almost thought that it was never going to show up until the clacking sound of hooves resounded near them, growing louder each second as it approached towards them. The caravan settled near them followed by a loud neigh of the horses as they finally came to a complete stop.

The assassin watched the merchant climb off the wagon and even from first glance, she could see that he looked rather shady—not to be so judgemental about appearances. There was also a younger man by his side, who seemed to be his assistant or of similar sort. Perhaps, a bodyguard should be a better word to describe the younger gentleman. Her eyes quickly glided over the muscles protruding from his arms and could immediately confirm that the man was not one who was unfamiliar with combat. She knew she could handle both of them with ease but that did not mean she shouldn’t be on guard.


#7Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric waited for the two men to come off the transport so they could hand over the goods. One of them was an older weaker man while the other was definitely the guard of the caravan as he seemed to be a hired muscle. One of the types that would do anything for money. They seemed quite shady and he didn’t trust it at all. He hoped that he was just wrong with his feeling as he wasn’t much in the mood to fight. He had become a quite peaceful person since he had started with his meditation.

Do you have the money?”, the man shouted from afar and he didn’t seem to want to come closer than where he was standing at the moment. He looked really greedy and his eyes were growing bigger when Chelvaric pulled out a bag of money to pay the guy but he went slowly forward as he didn’t trust it that much. When he came close to the guy he suddenly pulled a dagger out and came behind Chelvaric. The old man was grinning and looked at him and then said. “Now just give us the money and we will be on our way. Like we would give you the ore this is a standoff”, the man said to him.



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As the two approached closer to the Pegasus mages, Chelvaric took out a bag of jewels and dangled it in front of him. She wasn’t sure if it was meant to bait their targets, but she wouldn’t necessarily say it was an entirely smart move. The plump and shorter man immediately reacted to the sight of jewels as his eyes widened in surprise. Snowflake wanted to release a snort, after noticing that the man didn’t even bother to hide his greed for money. As soon as Chelvaric displayed the jewels, one of the men withdrew a dagger and demanded the money for them instead. Surely, it barely took them a second to show their true colours and she wasn’t surprised by their actions—more like, she was expecting something similar of sort.

”Like we’ll give this to you, you baboon.”

As the muscled one attempted to rob the jewels from Chelvaric’s hands, her arm immediately flinched and reached out, her fist pummelling into the man’s face knocking him right off his feet, passed out instantly. No one would be able to withstand her punches, especially not these scum who were barely worth her time and right after when she finally gained a burst in power these most recent days.


#9Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric was a bit annoyed that he was ganged on but not that he was alone he had Snowflake with him although he could easily take care of them by himself. But before he could do anything his girlfriend had already stepped forward and knocked out the man with a single swing of her hand. Chelvaric was actually quite worried that she had accidentally killed the man with the hit. But after checking his pulse it seemed he was fine. He probably would miss some teeth when he would wake up.

You always hit so hard babe”, he said to her and started to the other man who didn’t know what to do and quickly started to run away. Chelvaric let him run as he didn’t really need him anyway. He didn’t really know what to do now. Since they couldn’t pay for the ores, he felt guilty if they would just take them as they could be stolen. He climbed up the wagon and threw the blanket that was laying over the wagon. He was a bit annoyed when he saw they were empty too. “the wagons are empty, I guess we have to go back empty handed. This is such a pain”, he said to her annoyed.



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The assassin was quite worried that she might have accidentally killed the man since that would be a such a bother to her and would only put the burden on their client’s hands. Thankfully, her lover confirmed that he was indeed, alive before he proceeded towards the wagon to check on the ores. Throwing the blanket open, the Pegasus mages were only greeted by the sight of an empty cart. ”That damned geezer,” she cursed in dismay and kicked the caravan, causing it to sway slightly from the force applied. There was no other way then returning back to Barras: their client, empty handed, albeit, it was still better than having all the jewels stolen by the shady merchant.

Having disappointed at the result, Snowflake made sure make the man who had received her punch suffer for tricking them by tying him up to the caravan. He was bound to wake up with a sore face, broken teeth and a black eye, but that was none of her business. It would have been better if they had caught the other man as well, though they were the ones who decided to let him go—for now. With her work done here, she informed Chelvaric that they should return to Barras to give him a report about what had happened.


#11Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric helped Snow tying up the man she had knocked out and they started to walk back to there job giver. But before they did that they stopped by the guard station and explained the situation to them and also where they could find the carts and the thief. He had to be brought to justice and not just only receive a punch. Although punches from Snow where a big punishment from themselves. He was wondering how they would ever explain this to the man that they didn’t have anything to bring to him.

Although they were hired because he didn’t fully trust the guys who were selling. It seemed he was quite right about that point. Chelvaric stretched out as he didn’t really end up doing much today. He was a bit annoyed by that. Next job he would take the bad guys out before Snow could do anything he promised to himself. The streets were quite empty still and he wondered how they ever got those wagons through the snow that was lying thick in the streets. It was even hard to walk through them, let alone drag a car through them. They finally arrived at the home of the quest giver.



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Along their journey back to Barras, the couple decided to stop to inform the knights about the situation that they had just experienced. Snowflake wasn’t sure whether they’d buy their story or not, but she just hoped that they would be quickly dealt with at the very least. Upon their arrival at Barras’ place, Snowflake took the responsibility of explaining the entire occurrence in detail to the client and surprisingly, he was very understanding of what had happened before he admitted, ”I was expecting that to happen, which is why I hired you two. I’m just thankful that you guys didn’t let them mug you.” Barras ended his sentence with a smile; such a gentleman! No wonder he looked so gentle and kind, even from his outer appearance.

”Whatever happened, I still have to reward you two for your hard work. Feel free to keep the bag of jewels for yourself.”

The young woman raised an eyebrow in surprise—they were receiving far too much money then the job had originally requested, and she couldn’t be unfair, especially being a master of a prominent guild. ”Oh, no no sir. We’re only keeping half of it.” Whatever he decided to say afterwards, the demon neglected the words and took half of the jewels for themselves and left the rest in the bag, thrusting it in the hands of Barras and departed quickly before the smith would begin to chase them to reward them more money.


#13Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
When they arrived at barras shop they quickly went inside the smith. The smoke of the furnace was hanging like a damp around in the workshop and you could hear the banging of metal on metal as the man was trying to smith the molten metal into shape. They waved to him and he stopped what he was doing and came to them. He greeted the both of them and then listened to what happened from Snow and Chelvaric. When they were done telling their story he just sighed and thanked them for their job while he was offering the bag of jewels as a reward for their hard work. But Snow denied it and they only took half of the jewels while they walked out of the shop.

That was kind of you only taking half of the jewels. Well I guess we didn’t do much in the end anyway”, Chelvaric said to her and he did recognize that they hardly tired themselves out on a job like this. He was in the mood for a pancake and some coffee. “Let's go and get a pancake babe, I haven’t eaten yet so I am starving for some food”, he said to her and rubbed his belly.



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”I’d have felt bad if I were to take all the jewels,” the assassin admitted, and linked her arms with her beau as they walked along the streets of Magnolia. Now that Chelvaric mentioned pancakes, her stomach immediately reacted to the word as it released a loud growl. ”Good call, I’m famished.” With that they decided to proceed towards the infamous pancake parlour in town. Warm pancakes and a cup of coffee should definitely be best eaten on a cold day. The journey to their destination took hardly fifteen minutes as Snowflake peeked through the glass windows.

There weren’t barely any customers, which she preferred since she’d rather be at a place with no one than at a crowded location, for she had never been fond with crowds. The design of the shop was simple and minimalistic, and the aroma of coffee and sweet desserts would waft into her nose as she pushed the door open. Her eyes quickly scanned around the place for a vacant seat, though that was not necessarily required since most of the seats were empty anyway, but nevertheless, Snowflake chose a table that was on the far side of the shop right against the window.


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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric couldn’t wait to eat the pancakes as he was starving as hell. He wanted the sweet flavor of the thin pancakes while the white sugar melted on the hotness of the pancake. He was licking his lips while he walked to the shop. The shop was not that far and it was called the pancake parlor which was a nice name to have. When they arrived after walking through the thick snow they were greeted by a mostly empty shop with only a few people sitting and eating pancakes or waffles. The place had a very minimalistic design and didn’t have any fancy kinds of stuff. But it sort of work since it gave of a nice and clean atmosphere. He looked at the menu and was wanting for something warm and gave that nice house feeling that pancakes are supposed to give. He eventually decided on walnuts with maple syrup and honey.

hmm I think I have decided babe what are you going to get?”, he asked her and waited for her to choose. He wondered what she liked in pancakes and what she wanted. Maybe she would order the more thicker pancakes he had no idea and already went to take a table so they could sit when she had ordered.



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Once the couple were seated, they would take their time scanning over the menu and undoubtedly, the snowy haired maiden had trouble selecting what she wanted to pick—after all, there were way too many things that she would have wanted to eat. ”Hmm,” she struggled to decide, her finger rubbing against her chin as her eyes darted across the sheet of paper back and forth. The waitress had approached their table and apparently, she had been waiting for quite a while now, seeing how she kept tapping her foot against the marble floor—which Snowflake was completely oblivious to. ”Uh, I’m not sure, what about you?” She quickly glanced over to her partner seated right across herself, distracted, before returning to the menu.

”Can I get the Chocolate Chip Pancakes?”

Chocolate flavour was one that would never do her wrong—it was also her favourite. ”Oh, also, a chocolate milkshake will do as well.” Perhaps, that should be enough chocolate for the day, she didn’t wish to consume that much sweet as well. The waitress simply nodded with a smile and jotted down some notes onto the paper and switched her attention towards the elf man seated beside and waited for his order.



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