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Era to Crocus (Foot Travel)

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#1Gwendolyn Pendragon 

Era to Crocus (Foot Travel) Empty on Fri Feb 02, 2018 8:54 am

Gwendolyn Pendragon
She made her way through the streets of Era as she needed to go back to Crocus. The Rune Knight were amassing forces for some reason to go to the Holy Capitol and she didn’t complain. She was ready to go back home as she had done hundreds of quests in Era and she hadn’t even been there a whole week. With her bag on her back and her hat on, she walked through the crowd of people. Her hand would rest on the handle of her sword as she wouldn’t wait to attack someone if they dare tried to come to her with some foolish stuff.

Eros flew gently next to her, but the sassy spirit rarely talked since the two usually didn’t converse with each other. Both had an hard personality and could less about the other on the outside, but on the inside they wouldn’t fail to protect the other. Their relationship was one that was quite confsuing and would be seen as odd from anyone they didn’t know. Making their way into the plains of the country. They would already be able to see Crocus in the distant as it was only a few miles away.

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