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What It’s All About

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What It’s All About Empty on Fri Feb 02, 2018 7:06 am

Gwendolyn Pendragon
This was Gwen’s first opportunity to really explore Era Town. After coming into town several weeks ago she had been so preoccupied with study, training, and doing quests she had not taken any time to relax. This was her chance to taken in the sights and really learn the layout of her new home and experience the sights this city must offer. Era is a very Large town however Gwen was only interested in shops with weapons for sale so her walk-through town was progressing fairly quickly. Although she was broke at the moment having cashed out on items and could only really browse the items she was enjoying the time spent in the city and was making notes of the local food stall and restaurants. “Once I get some coin I’m gonna eat at every one of these places. Nothings better than a good meal”, she said looking down at the list she had made of roughly 30 different food locations so far.

  Walking down a side street Gwen heard a couple of locals gossiping, “Did you hear about that weirdo walking around talking trash about our town?” One of the men said. “Yeah, what’s with that guy I mean the nerve of some people? Even if he does work for the magic council. Where does he get off talking to people that way?”, replied the other. That was all Gwen needed to hear to peek her interest, she started out looking for this stranger from the Magic Council while keeping an ear out for any more info she could use to help with her search. Truthfully it was not a very hard trail to follow through town as just about every conversation she overheard from the locals was about this Daragast and how he was extremely displeased with the state of a poorer section of the city. With all of the information Gwen had acquired she was able to spot this creature Daragast from down the street complaining to a small group of travelers as they attempted to avoid him.

  As she got closer to the man, Daragast called out to her, “You There!” he shouted at Gwen
, “Tell me you will hear me out! I’ve been appalled at the state of this section of the city and no one I’ve spoken to seems to care at all!” he continued. “Yeah I’ll listen to what you have to say. Though I’m still quite new to town myself.” Gwen told the man to calm him down. The man’s face softened a bit and was fairly surprised by Gwen’s response “Why thank you! I must say it’s good to finally see someone willing to listen to reason around here! Now come take a walk with me while I explain. I’m Daragast by the way and yourself?” Daragast replied visibly calmer as he turned to walk further down the street. Gwen followed behind him shortly “I’m Gwen, and as I said I’m new to the city myself. I’ve just recently enlisted into the Rune Knights and this is my first time really out in the town”. “Well isn’t that just perfect!” Daragast said with a big grin on his face,” You’re just the woman I’m looking for then! A fresh perspective and connections to boot!” he continued. “Look around this district and tell me what you see” Daragast said as his look became more saddened by the moment.

  This was the first time Gwen had payed attention to her surroundings since she began talking to Daragast. As she looked around she saw many poorly constructed homes and run-down shops. This section of the city reminded Gwen of where she grew up. This section of the city seemed forgotten about and it became clear that this was the poorer section of Era. “This place looks nothing like what I’ve seen from the city so far” Gwen said saddened as she remembers his home and family living in a similar situation. “Yes,,,yes” Daragast began, “This is where the people or Era go when they can go no lower. The place even the middle-class citizens would prefer to avoid and turn a blind eye to what is going on. You see this area contains most of the working-class citizens or Era and although they might not have much extra coins to spend in shops they hold so much potential” Daragast said getting louder and firmer as he spoke, “The power at be had decided when they constructed this section of the city that it should reflect the people that would live here as they saw them. So, they constructed mostly housing complexes made of the cheapest materials they could find and avoided building and government buildings such as schools because they saw it as a waste of money.” Daragast said disgusted. “However, it is my firm belief that if given the chance these people could become a great asset to the city. Even just the construction of a school would give the children a fighting chance of a better future for themselves.” This really hit home for Gwen, although she was able to get out of a place like this through shear hard work she knew plenty of old friends who weren’t so lucky.  “So, what can I do to help? If I can do anything at all just let me know!” Gwen said finally speaking up. “Well its funny you should say that” Daragast said with a smirk “I think it would be beneficial to everyone involved if the Rune Knights could scout the people of this part of the city in order to employ some of them as civil servants in positions that would suit them. So if you wish to help, could you mention that to your superiors on my behalf?” Daragast said calmly. “Of Course! Anything to help!” Gwen announced pleased to be of service.

  At this moment Daragast spots a group of children playing tag, “Hold on for just a moment please kind sir” he says to Gwen as he walks off to a couple of nearby shops. After a few minutes, he returns and walks up to the children, “Hello children. Please feel free to get something at that noodle shop on me I’ve paid for anything you might like as a reward for playing such a great game of tag!” Daragast announces to all of them. All the children stare at him wide eyed and yell “Thank you sir!” as they run off to the noodle shop. “Supporting the local businesses around here is important to as most of the middle class avoids these shops. But just giving the children money for them to waste on candy certainly wouldn’t help anything either” Daragast says as he approaches Gwen again and then begin their walk back to where they first met. “Yes sir, I can certainly understand where you’re coming from. I grew up in an area much like this one so I can relate to how it is viewed by others” Gwen said sincerely. They continued their walk for another couple of minutes talking about Gwen’s past and how he worked his way out of that situation and soon they had exited the poor part of town. “Well I won’t take up any more of your time girl. But, I certainly do appreciate you lending a ear it has eased my worries a bit and calmed me down” Daragast said as they stopped walking. “Anytime sir I certainly enjoyed it as well” Gwen replied grinning. “Here as a reward for your kindness and to help you to reach your own goals of getting your family out of poverty I want you so have this” Daragast said as he gave her a small brown bag “I’m sure you’ll find a good use for it” “Why thank you sir! ” Gwen replied in shock “ I don’t know what to say but that’s very kind of you!” “Think nothing of it Gwen I hope to see you again soon!” Daragast said as he walked back into the poor district. Gwen stood there in shocks for a few minutes and shock of the generosity she had never experienced before in his life. Deep down she now knew that she had made the right choice, joining the Rune Knights and moving to Era was the only way to help her family. She was on the right path and had made a friend along the way already.

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