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Troublesome Transaction (Gwen-Quest)

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#1Gwendolyn Pendragon 

Troublesome Transaction (Gwen-Quest) Empty on Fri Feb 02, 2018 6:34 am

Gwendolyn Pendragon
The cold wind crept onto the wizard's skin leaving her shivering even were her ability to cast Frost Magic. Night had fallen on the mountainous Era Town leaving the wizard known as Gwen to navigate the streets based on previous experience and magical light posts. Eventually, Gwen found the squat brown building where her client was supposedly waiting for her. She sighed. The job given to her didn't seem in the slightest appealing, but a fellow Rune Knight had made her to take it despite the long walk.

Gwen strolled toward the door that had the name 'Gaud Teller' in big gold letters on the center of the door. She barely knocked on the door when it was opened by (what she guessed) her client. He was a giant man towering over her by at least an entire foot. He had a big bushy, brunette beard that covered most of his square jaw. He had kind brown eyes but also had a calculating glint indicating his mischievous nature. His appearance seemed to be quite in her mind as she felt like she had met him only a few days earlier. Maybe it had only been her imagination.

"You must be Gwen I got your letter accepting my request. Please come in it's cold outside." He ushered her inside to a warm room with rare collectibles decorating the brown walls. Gwen smelled a stew brewing in the other room (she guessed probably beef) and was enticed by the aroma, but didn’t allow her greed to show. As Gaud went to check on the stew, Gwen sat on a very comfortable, dark brown couch in the center of the room. He returned with two big bowls of soup and handed one of them to Gwen.

"I'm sorry, but I'm not hungry." She said trying to put on an air of professionality. However, it was very hard to resist such a tempting offer. “Oh please-" attempted Guad. “I'm sorry but I came to complete a job not to eat food." She said stubbornly. Gaud backed off and placed both bowls on the couch. "I'll be right back." Gwen immediately felt regret bubbling in her stomach. 'Why couldn't you have just taken one of the bowls it's not like it will kill you,' she thought to herself.

Guad returned with a relatively new map and a bright, neon pink jacket. "Please bring these with you, they will serve you well as you complete your quest." Gwen put on the jacket, wondering why he could possibly have a girl's jacket, and stuffed the map into her denim short's back pocket. "You wouldn't happen to know the location of the alley, would you?"

"Aye it's several blocks down, you must hurry if you wish to make it to the meeting on time." He put the bowl of soup into her hands as well as several thousand jewels to complete the transaction.

"But I didn't want the soup-"  

"Oh don't complain and get moving. And remember the item you are transacting for is a gigantic tooth. Don't forget." And she was sent out the door back into the freezing cold.

The alley she was searching for wasn't on the map. Or if it was she definitely wasn't in the right place. The few people that were still out after dark were no help either as they have heard of the alley (it was known as 'Dark Wizard Lane') but not of its location.

The darkness began to creep Gwen out. Every shadow began to look like a scary demon. Every footstep gave her goosebumps almost, but she was a demon slayer. Of course she wasn’t scared. The dark had always freaked her out, especially as a young girl, but she had figured out how to overcome it. Soon and eventually, she came across a woman who knew exactly where the alley was and directed her there. The woman gave Gwen cryptic advice, "Be careful shady wizards deal there."

As she entered the alley the air suddenly got sultry. Gwen had to take off her jacket because of the sudden heat change. "Hello." A voice said behind Gwen. She jumped and fell to the floor repeating multiple times, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry." "I didn't see you there." Gwen stumbled on her words as she gawked at the man. He was clothed from head-to-toe in raven black cloth. He had a large bag slung over his shoulder. He practically radiated magical power giving off a magical "heat".
"I know. I'm seen, I'm unseen. I'm both and neither." Even as smart as Gwen was she was clueless to what that meant. "What do you have in your hands?" the clothed man said referring to her bowl of beef stew.

“Uh, just soup."

"But why?"

 "I was... I mean... I don't know." She said almost shyly. She wasn’t scared of the man at all, but it seemed like any wrong word and he could wipe this girl from existence.

"Do you have the money?" She pulled out the jewels she was given, "Yes.” She would say proudly as her hand was itching to make its way back to her sword.

He pulled off the bag and revealed a giant tooth inside of a (most likely) humongous creature, "I assume you're satisfied." “Yes, very much so thanks and bye!" She replied gratefully taking the bag, putting the money in his hand and walking out of there as fast as she could walk. Soon the anxiety of being in a fight lightened until it dissipated.

She realized when she reached Gaud's house that she left the soup bowl back in the alley. When Gaud opened the door she placed the bag in his hand and gave him all of his stuff back, except for the jacket. "Keep it I have no use for it anymore." He said bitterly about the item. Which was good because she thought the jacket was very comfortable.

"Here is your reward." He handed the jewels to her and she left his home so he could properly examine the tooth.

Gwen walked outside feeling the cold air brush against her skin. After facing the clothed man earlier the cold was welcome to her. She looked at the sky and grinned. "One adventure down Mom, I hope you're proud." She thought for a second that a star winked at her, but dismissed it as her imagination. She looked toward the road ahead and wondered what adventure will fall her way next.

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