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Revenge of the Boars [Plot - Lycoris]

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Esperia V. Eisenberg

It was not often that after the announcement that they would soon be called to Crocus that Esperia could be found all by herself without the companionship of her lover. However, on this particular day, she had a very valid reason for seeking solitude. It was only a few days before the expected day of their summoning, and with the deadline for their preparations drawing near Esperia had received a very unusual invitation, one from the demon lord herself.

And so she found herself wandering along the hills surrounding Baska, curious to discover what matter the Demon Lord of Lust had to discuss with her. It didn't take long for her to manifest, the exotic beauty smiling at her as she started asked with the usual softness of her honey-like voice.

"Nervous for the upcoming battle?"

Of course, she was nervous, in the end, it would be a battle where lives would be lost, and amidst this battlefield, she would need to make sure she was powerful enough to help keep those she loved safe from Grimoire Heart.

"Of course, why wouldn't I be nervous about going to war?"

The demon lord chuckled softly yet before anything could be said further the two of them overheard the sound of approaching footsteps from the direction of Baska, causing the obsidian-haired trickster to turn around with a hint of curiosity.

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Lycoris - The Wandering Mercenary

Work, to say that she had been going from one job onto the other would not have been an understatement, and yet Lycoris had a very valid reason for working so much: she needed to get rich enough to obtain the funds she required for some proper equipment, because right now she was woefully lacking in that department.

It was for that reason she had taken up a simple request, to patrol the hills of Baska to deal with a pack of rather violent boars. Even with her modest armor and weapon she was more than a match for a few boars, but she certainly didn't expect to meet a young lady among the hills, and judging from afar she seemed quite distracted!

"Ooooy~ What you be doing here?"

Lycoris exclaimed at the girl as she approached her, waving her hand in a greeting as she quickly ran down the hill to approach her, a sheepish grin on her lips. "Don't ya know that there are some really nasty boars running amock in the hills? If you're not careful they might find you!"

And she doubted a fragile looking lass like the obsidian-haired maiden before her would be able to handle those type of beasts!

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Esperia V. Eisenberg

The stranger's arrival had been unexpected, yet Esperia was quick to greet the stranger with a gentle smile and a light wave of her hand while she answered her in a cheerful tone. "I was merely taking a walk, but I didn't know that the boars were causing troubles again."

She did remember the recent task that she and Fia did for Doctor Gerard about several boars who might have been infected with a virus or some sort of poison, but she didn't know much more aside from that. However, wasn't it worrisome if more and more animals were starting to show violent behavior? One would get worried over less... "But thank you for the warning, I'll make sure to head back to town momentarily---"

However, as if lady luck decided to scold her a sudden growl came from nearby, causing her to turn toward the hill where three large boars were seen charging toward them, clearly quite displeased for some reason! "I think they aren't that happy to see us..." While one might have initially thought about fleeing, Esperia still recalled the last time how persistent those boars were in their chase, and if she returned back to town then innocent people might become endangered! No, she would need to stop their advance here... But how? Would she need to call upon Asmodeus' help once more? Or could she possibly rely on this stranger? She did seem well-armed for an adventurer...

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Lycoris - The Wandering Mercenary

For Lycoris the arrival of the boars caused the young lady to groan in mild annoyance, seemingly aware of the same problem that Esperia had realized: That fleeing toward the town would lead the boars straight along with them also, and that would threaten the citizen of Baska, and even if she didn't want to admit it, her pride wouldn't allow her to flee from something petty like a wild boar! Her hand shifted toward the hilt of her sword, gesturing for Esperia to take a step back as she stepped between the girl and the boars, and soon the lass started to rush toward the beasts.

Mid-charge she was quick to unsheathe her blade, a slender longsword, that as she jumped into the air led to the lass to shift the grip of the blade in her hands, putting in a downwards thrust as she descended onto the first boar's back.

The beast cried out in pain, a pain that ended with a swift death as she spun around and made a second thrust straight into the neck of the beast, granting it a quick and clean death, and further enraging the two remaining boars.

The second boar had already darted toward his fallen comrade, leading to Lycoris to make a sideways jump to escape from the linear path of the feral beast's charge. However, it was when she did this that she also swept her blade horizontally, cleaving it into the flank of the beast while she heard a loud snort behind her. "Shi-"

Seems she had forgotten about the third boar!

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Esperia V. Eisenberg

Fortunately for Lycoris she was not alone in this battle, for while Esperia had initially watched in awe at the swordsmanship of the lass, the moment she saw the boar attempt to ambush her she found herself forced to take action. It was a decision she didn't exactly want to make, but when she considered that she had the power to help protect someone, then obviously she was the type of person to make full use of it. "Luxuria." The single word was all she needed to activate her magic, a cocoon of energy wrapping around her while a flurry of petals swept up into the air.

The petal storm was quick to mold together into the shape of a large rotating disc that zoomed loudly as the demon lord emerged from the cocoon of mana, a sweeping gesture of her hand makin the Blossoming Kienzan soar past Lycoris and slice sideways into the flesh of the beast, more than enough to make the wild animal lose his balance and topple onto the side while Asmodeus made yet another flick of her wrist to launch the kienzan toward the boar a second time, and a third till it had been sliced so badly that it collapsed onto the ground with a heavy thud.

"Boars~ Why did it have to be boars~"

The demon lord hummed in amusement as her gaze settled onto Lycoris. "We might want to leave soon, lest we'd desire to draw the attention of more wild predators now that we got three dead boars laying around..."

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Lycoris - The Wandering Mercenary

To say she was surprised by the sudden transformation of the damsel in distress was an understatement, and so was her display of magic! Watching her deal with the remaining boar in a seemingly effortless manner was kind of terrifying, but at the same time the voice of the transformed lass quickly drew her thoughts back to reality as she started to follow her back toward the direction of the town.

"What was that magic you used just now? And I'm not talking about the nature magic, I'm talking about how a little girl suddenly turned into a buxom lady who is radiating with power." She was quite curious about the transformation, or the identity of this stranger, so perhaps it was only natural that she was inquiring to learn more about her. Fortunately for them there were no more animals along the way, leading Lycoris to calmly flick her sword after cleaning it on the grass to remove the blood stains and then sheath it back away.

"My name is Lycoris by the way, a Rune Knight currently stationed in Baska."

At least she felt it would be proper to give the stranger an introduction after asking her so many questions! But she still was clearly expecting an answer out of her soon.

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Esperia V. Eisenberg

Asmodeus couldn't help but snicker mischievously in return to Lycoris's description of her transformation, causing the Demon Lord to hum softly. "Oh~ Is my bust the first thing you noticed after that little change? Poor Esperia might take offense to that." A little grin lingered upon her lips as she walked at the side of the mercenary, deciding to entertain her by answering her question. "It's a special type of magic, let's say that Esperia has a certain being that dwells within her, a powerful benefactor of sorts. I am that benefactor~ The name is Asmodeus, it's a pleasure to meet you Lycoris."

A playful wink followed by the demon lord when she suddenly paused in her steps. She sensed something, something a little bit disturbing and after raising a hand to her cheek she seemed to think carefully about the presence she felt. It was a bit familiar, and yet it was unpleasant, disgusting even.

"Hmm, something unpleasant lingers in the air, I believe caution would be advised my dear Lycoris."

And little did both of them know just how correct her decision to warn the mercenary lass had been, for a troublesome encounter was looming on the horizon.

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Lycoris - The Wandering Mercenary

"Ooy, that was just figuratively speaking! I could care any less if you got melons or are as flat as a billboard." The mercenary lass complained in a mildly embarrassed tone yet she clearly seemed interested while listening to the stranger, who was seemingly called Asmodeus her story. So this transformation of Esperia was the result of a magical ability associated with a being inside her? Sounded like quite a fancy power if she had to admit! Made her almost feel jealous at having such a fancy magic, but then again magic alone didn't make a great fighter!

However, she couldn't help but muse absent-mindedly at the explanation of Asmodeus's introduction. "Asmodeus hmm? Sounds like the name they'd give to a perverted demon or something." Yet little did she know how close she would be on terms of the statement she had made just now! However, something else soon caught her attention, the fact that Asmodeus had seemingly noticed something that clearly displeased her, something that might had been dangerous if the lady was to be believed.

"What ya mean? More boars incoming?"

Straining her ears Lycoris tried her best to caught a sign of the approaching boars, but for some reason the footsteps she heard were much heavier than those of a boar...

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Esperia V. Eisenberg

She couldn't help but giggle briefly at Lycoris her comment about her name, causing the demon lord to hum softly. "But I am a Demon my dear~ The Demon Lord of Lust to be specific." Yet their little banter would have to wait, for the arrival of the source of the disgusting presence soon revealed itself!

"I wouldn't call them boars, they are more like pigs."

Asmodeus hummed softly as she gestured into the distance where a bunch of rather disturbing-looking creatures was marching into their direction. Those creatures might had stood onto two legs like most humanoid races, but a mere glance at them clearly made them look more like a disturbing cross of a monster and a pig?

"May I introduce to you: Pigmen. They are a low-type of demon that tends to possess pigs and turn them into those disturbing creatures you see before you. I'd suggest you'd ready your blade, for they tend to be quite aggressive." Asmodeus explained with a calm smile as the three Pigmen started to rush toward them, grunting and growling like wild animals!

Hopefully Lycoris was ready for a fight, because those Pigmen intended to give it to her!

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Lycoris - The Wandering Mercenary

"Wait what?! Demon Lord of whatta?!" Lycoris exclaimed in a flabbergasted state, clearly not sure how she should take her first meeting with a demon. From the rumors, she heard demons were violent, aggressive and malevolent creatures, and yet here she was talking casually to a Demon Lord of them, one of the highest ranking demons in their hierarchy? Speaking about an unexpected revelation! However, her barrage of questions would have to wait, for Asmodeus's introduction of the monstrous creatures that were approaching them earned a frown from the mercenary.

"Seriously, demons possessing pigs? Now that's the most creepy Halloween story I ever heard..." Smiling weakly Lycoris was quick to follow the demon lord's suggestion, unsheathing her blade and giving it a few swings to prepare herself for the battle. "Say Asmodeus, surely those Pigmen over there are mortal right? Which means a good stabbing will make them squeal before dropping dead? In that case, that's all I need to know!"

Lunging herself forwards Lycoris charged toward the Pigmen, her lips curving into a grin as she exclaimed out loud. "I'm sure the butcher will pay a premium reward for this amount of bacon! TONIGHT WE EAT PORK!"

As the first pigman swung his axe Lycoris bounced to the side to avoid the attack, a diagonal swing of her sword cleaving into the pig's chest and making it topple onto its back, a swift flourish causing her blade to descend toward the heart of the fiend that was impaled moments afterward! Yet the two remaining Pigmen seemed to try to pincer her, one rushing at her from the front while the other tried to grapple her from behind!"

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Esperia V. Eisenberg

Lycoris was rather fortunate that she had a Demon Lord on her side, for when one of the Pigmen tried to ambush her, the monster turned toward Asmodeus in shock as he watched her conjure two large pink-colored lances and with a flick of her wrist impaled them into his chest, making the beast fall lifelessly upon the ground and granting Lycoris the opportunity to finish the remaining fiend without any problems.

Once the scuffle was finished Asmodeus approached her with her usual pleasant smile upon her lips, her tone soft and cheerful as she addressed the mercenary lass. "Excellent work Lycoris~ If you want to take them to the butcher I might be able to lend a hand... Sebastian?"

Her voice caused a black puff of smoke to come out of nowhere, causing the butler to emerge from within while he bowled politely toward the duo. "You called Master?" Asmodeus gestured toward the slain Pigmen and hummed softly. "It seems our dear Lycoris here desires to sell those Pigmen to the butcher, can you be a dear and carry two of hem for her?"

The butler nodded his head in response, a bow following as he scooped up the two pigmen and addressed the mercenary. "Please lead the way Lady Lycoris."

And with those words the trio prepared to return to town...


Revenge of the Boars [Plot - Lycoris] MHKs2Uu

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