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Bright Light [Michelle & Lacie | Social]

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#1Lacie Eventide 

Bright Light [Michelle & Lacie | Social]  Empty Wed Jan 31, 2018 3:43 pm

Lacie Eventide
The whole ordeal at this doctor's place was ridiculous and Lacie wasn't so happy anymore that he had mistaken her for someone else. Or if she had been but a mere victim and she thought about saying something about it again but the idea of going back to the store was a rather bad idea. She was sure Alice wasn't there but she got the feeling her twin could pop up at every damn corner and every shop but that wasn't true, she was very sure her sister was still being her happy self in Baska. The only person she missed was Judina but it didn't seem that she would see her again, it was too big of a risk but they were friends right? The only friend that Lacie had. Everything had gone wrong in the end, she had been too mean and too quick on forming an opinion or being betrayed. She clenched her fist, that Baron or Chelvaric, everyone. They would all betray her in the end and they would all crawl back towards Alice and Kon. Everyone but her, was she the only one who saw who they really were?

She sighed and looked at her cup of tea, strange to sit in a good looking cafe in Oak. She had expected some sort of spooky ghost town with all bad guys hiding for the day light because imagine a Rune Knight was around. But she had too quickly judged again and now she was sitting and drinking tea in a very pretty porcelain cup and overthinking her best approach. She needed to find Lucifer and see what his idea would be about this plan, she had waited long enough! How long ago had she sold her soul to the demon of Fire to get her sister killed?

#2Michelle Hunter 

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Michelle Hunter
Michelle finally paid her rent, but couldn’t believe the shit she had to endure to get that money. She made a mental note to never go to that wretched doctor’s shop again. It took her a really long nap, lots of comfort junk food and an hour of meditation to cope with the trauma she endured. Finally, it was evening and she decided to get back to her original mission. Just when she was about to leave her room, she heard a knock on her window. It was Ben’s raven. She opened the window, pulled the piece of paper from its legs. The raven bit her hand after she took the message, and before she could swat it, it flew out of reach and away. The damn bird had always hated her and annoyed her every chance it got.

After the black bird was out of the vicinity and Michelle took a deep breath to calm herself, she unrolled the small parchment to read her new orders. As usual, the message was encoded, but it wasn’t something she couldn’t decipher in her head quickly.


         I heard that the Light Dragon Slayer is in Oak. Get her to join us. She has orange hair and hazel-chocolate eyes. She has a twin she desires to kill. The twin has hazel-golden eyes. Confirm identity before extending the invitation. Don’t fail me.


Lacie’s face flashed in front of her immediately and Michelle’s eyes widened. Could it be her?! There was only one way to find out. As always, Michelle shred the parchment into innumerable pieces and scattered it to the wind. Receiving a new mission has rejuvenated her faith in herself. She had started to doubt whether Ben sent her away because he was disappointed in her. But now, even if he was, this was her chance to prove she was still valuable. Determined to succeed, she started her search for the girl she had met that morning. As much as she hated it, her first and obvious choice was to go to the doctor to see if he had any information regarding her fellow guinea pig. Unfortunately, he didn’t; so, she had to go around the streets asking shopkeepers and beggars. It took her a long while, but she finally found her; at a café.

Approaching her, Michelle spoke in her usual tactless tone. “Weird morning, eh? How did the rest of the day go for you?” she asked.

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#3Lacie Eventide 

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Lacie Eventide
She was still thinking about how long that was ago and it only bored her, it was in Hargeon and she had left that to go and get medicine in Baska, bump into Kon, destroy his eye, get a warrant on her head and so on and now she was here in Oak. She daydreamed shortly about Phantom Lord. What would it be fun if they would support her against that ridiculous person. "Hello Alice." She stared at the person next to her table.. Alice? ALICE? Why were people calling her here Alice! "I thought you left Phantom lord ages ago, why are you here?" She blinked, she tried to swallow her spit and not get killed by the idea that her sister was literally everywhere! Even Phantom Lord! What did that girl didn't do? The whole plan to go there was broken like the ideas of having this world to herself, she laughed it off and said she was only visiting. But the fun she had to Xandra Queen, playing her beloved Lieutenant, now it wasn't fun.

It blocked her in every way that she wanted to avoid. She didn't say anything, she merely kept her mouth shut and stared at the tea cup again, for crying out loud even in Oak she wasn't save. As long as they thought she was Alice, she would be fine and not arrested and probably hanged in the old fashioned way. She looked up from her thoughts moments later when she noticed miss Hunter at her table. She still didn't know her first name but she would get to that, if she played nicely and friendly that is. "Ah that man is a fraud and a very annoying person, the rest of my morning compared to that was.. deadly boring." She gave a smile and waved towards the chair, "Please take a seat."

#4Michelle Hunter 

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Michelle Hunter
The purple-haired lady was glad that she got a welcoming response from the light dragon slayer. This was not a typical goon job where she could get things done by brute force or sneaky skills. Her task was to recruit someone into her organization, and that meant she had to employ her people skills. It wasn’t her strong suit, but it helped that her target was friendly. She smiled at Lacie and took the seat she offered. “Thanks! Michelle Hunter, by the way,” she said, extending her hand as she sat down. First things first; she needed to confirm if this was the right person. After all, she had been fairly warned that her target has a twin sister. It would be a terrible mishap if she took the wrong one to Benjamin.

Michelle looked into Lacie’s eyes for a few seconds without saying anything, trying to discern if those eyes were chocolate-hazel or golden-hazel. The setting sun did not make things easier and she decided to speak before things got awkward. “Have me met before? I mean… apart from this morning. I feel like I have seen you somewhere else,” Michelle lied. The assassin had never met Lacie or her twin, Alice. But she hoped the response to this would possibly confirm the fact that she was indeed talking to the right person.

Meanwhile, the café’s waitress approached Michelle, ready to take her order. “I’ll have a cup of camomile tea, please,” she said, dismissing the waitress and turning her attention back to Lacie.

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#5Lacie Eventide 

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Lacie Eventide
Connections, all that was necessary. It seemed that Alice had been here before; of course that kid was everyone. But the things the waitress had said if Alice had been in Phantom Lord than she would probably not return. It would be too dangerous to tell her precious little man and blabla. "Lacie Eventide." she said and she took up her tea cup and taking a sip, Michelle thus. Lacie looked at the young lady and her open happy smile immediately dropped, the corners of her lip going down as she got the question if they met before. "I have a saint like twinsister, she is a cop, you might have met her." She said with a very cold tone in her voice, talking about Alice made her very grumpy.

As the waitress showed up she plastered the smile on her face again, "Of course she is every where and a lovely person, I'm sorry we don't talk much so I wouldn't know you." But the thing is that it really pissed her off, mostly because she had try to run away from her, especially after what she had done. She narrowed her eyes, "You are looking for her I assume?"

#6Michelle Hunter 

Bright Light [Michelle & Lacie | Social]  Empty Sun Feb 04, 2018 5:15 pm

Michelle Hunter
Just as she expected, her little trick worked and Lacie confirmed that she was indeed one of the twins. What was more? She might even be talking to the right person. Michelle doubted Benjamin would want to recruit a ‘saintly Rune Knight’. He had a particular aversion to the righteous, do-gooders; he found them to be either too naïve or pretentious. She watched as Lacie’s smile faded and wondered if the twins didn’t get along well. But when Lacie called her twin a nice person, she didn’t know what to think.

In any case, Michelle was happy that she was talking to one of the twins. Now begins the difficult part; she must confirm if she was indeed talking to the light dragon slayer. “Oh no! You said she was a cop. Why would I go looking for a cop?” Michelle said. It was partly true; she did not want to run into a cop with all that she has been doing in Oak. But if that’s what it took to meet the light dragon slayer, then she wouldn’t hesitate to. Lucky for her, the light dragon slayer was not the cop twin.

There was another clue Benjamin gave her: she was looking to kill someone. Of course, this was not something a person would share with someone they barely know. So, there was only one thing to do; to get acquainted with her more. “I was just looking to make some friends. I have been doing quests all alone since I came here. Good company is helpful sometimes… Like today morning. Thank you for keeping me sane. Your words helped,” she said. That last bit was definitely true. “So… I saw you sitting here and thought maybe I can ask you to party up with me for a short while. If you are up for it, that is,” she said, sipping her tea.

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#7Lacie Eventide 

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Lacie Eventide
Her own brown eyes looked Michelle up and down, because she expected another conversation about how Alice was amazing or something about Phantom Lord, killing her own dream and plan from her arrival here and she didn't feel like talking about her disappointment in the world and with that the next betrayal of the illumin. But apparently this person didn't know Alice and that was a bit of a relieve, "No idea, some people are rather close to them if you ask me." she said, trying to fake a giggle which was more difficult than you thought but she managed.

She looked up from her cup of tea when Michelle said she was looking for friends, that's what she had thought for herself. A small smile appeared on her lips, perhaps that ridiculous liquid had done something well. "I never liked doing jobs alone." That's what she told Chelvaric and it had been true but she had to leave Judina her side to walk out of Baska before Alice would find her. "I was glad as well that I wasn't alone. But yeah, rather not do jobs for that geezer at the moment but I wouldn't mind joining your one woman party." She took a sip of her tea, well that was easy taken care off. "Did you come to Oak for a reason?"

#8Michelle Hunter 

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Michelle Hunter
Michelle smiled, glad that Lacie agreed to team up with her. So far, things had gone much more smoothly than she anticipated. Now, only to confirm she is a dragon slayer and then convince her to join. That part might be a little more difficult than she would have liked it to be. Michelle knew of the dangers a dragon slayer faces from others of their kind. So, she knew she would only raise suspicion if she put up that question straight up. She was busy wondering if there was any other way she could glean that information from her when she was posed with a question.

“No big reason. Just running some errands for my master and doing other odd jobs along the way. What about you?” she bounced the question back and went back to thinking. The tea had lost its perfect temperature and Michelle just gulped the last bit down. Just as she placed the cup back onto the saucer, an idea struck her. She didn’t need to know the magic of the one sitting opposite her; she only needed to know what magic her twin sister used. And if that was not light dragon slayer magic, then by default, this one ought to be using it. “Your twin sister… What should I look for to not mistake her for you? You guys have some immediate differences in appearance or personality… or maybe the kind of magic? I’m just asking because I would don’t want to bump into her and act all friendly, with her being a cop and all,” she said, attempting an innocent chuckle at the end.

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#9Lacie Eventide 

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Lacie Eventide
Doing jobs for her master? Lacie raised her left eyebrow shortly but decided to not ask more, she didn't want to start of the wrong foot. Her only master had been the illumin and see what the Divine had done to her, there had probably be never so much hardship to anyone else but her. Lacie liked to believe that she had a very tough life. But she was not bounded to anyone, well that was al lie, she was bound to Lucifer who got her soul.

With the way Michelle talked, Lacie was too dumb to see more about it than: she must be a dark mage. That was okay with Lacie, she wasn't really nice herself anyway. She shook her head, "There are some things, like I'm shorter, she is more muscle and she had no freckles and has golden green eyes while I have brown." she tapped her cheek bone to point out and frowned, "Last I know was that she had some weapon magic, I have no idea how it works though. I only saw it once. She transformed in front of my eyes. Of course very impressive." Especially if she hang a spear above your head but she wouldn't talk about that. So much has happened and she wondered if it was possible that she got a different magic, it would explain why she had not thrown weapons at Lacie in Baska, of course she had to take care off Kon at that point but still, how difficult could it be if that was your magic?

#10Michelle Hunter 

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Michelle Hunter
Michelle was what one would call a grey mage, if at all one had to associate their personality and affiliation to a colour. She did not care about the implications of her actions, and would simply follow orders so long as they come from her master. Her words expressing her need to be careful around righteous cops were true and deliberate. She wanted Lacie to know she did not care about the nature of the job she takes, and it would seem her new friend had got the message. Michelle watched for any change in her demeanour, and was glad to see that it didn’t faze her. She started to believe the two might get along a lot better than she initially expected. While neither of them knew of the other’s hate towards the Illumin yet, when it was finally revealed, it might accelerate the process.

The assassin listened carefully as Lacie listed the differences. Her lips curved involuntarily as she said her eye colour was ‘brown’. Yes! She is the one. Her assumption was further confirmed when she said her twin has some weapon magic, which was definitely far from a dragon slayer magic. “Oh! Nice…” she said, sitting back and sighing softly. Now that she had confirmed her identity, it was finally time to reveal the truth. “So… That means, I’m guessing you are the one with the light dragon slayer magic?” she asked. But before Lacie went and assumed Michelle was hostile, she quickly added, “Don’t worry! Your secret is safe with me. But… It won’t be long before people find out and you have a big target on your back. Don’t you think you’ll be safer with people to back you up?” she would ask in a very low tone so that nobody else can hear their conversation. “I’ll be straight with you. I’m here because my master asked to invite you into our organization. I didn’t say so in the beginning because I wanted to confirm who you are first. I heard you want to kill someone. Come join us. We are good at killing,” she said, smirking at her last sentence.

If Lacie denied the invitation, Michelle would smile and try to convince her to do some jobs with her before making a decision. “There is no need to hurry with your decision. My offer to team up for a few jobs is genuine and still open. Stick around… See how we do things and make your decision then,” she said, hoping that she can eventually change the dragon slayer’s mind. “How about we start tomorrow? I’ll meet you at the town bulletin board,” she said, eagerly waiting for a positive answer.

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#11Lacie Eventide 

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Lacie Eventide
Nice. Yes. Obviously every thing that Alice had was nice, she had played that game herself, saying it was very impressive but boy her sister had everything that she wanted. Oh well she didn't need a baby but well if it was given to her and a loving.. she stopped her track of thoughts. She didn't even want to think about them. She looked up from her tea cup when she heard Michelle call out her own magic and her own brown eyes turned very big, the doctor had said she shouldn't tell anyone but here this person knew. She pushed her chair backward to get away from here but Michelle said a quick don't worry and she narrowed her eyes and looked closely at Michelle.

Michelle actually asked what Lacie had been looking for but she had also mentioned a master and she wasn't doing very good with that. Which she mentioned a few seconds later and she was sure she still didn't like the idea. She was even caught off guard when Michelle smiled at her about killing, "As wonderful as it sounds, I don't do good in organisations. I already took care of this killing thing, all I need to wait for is a sign from Lucifer himself." She accidentally dropped the name but didn't say anything about it nor showed a sign. The devil could be just as well be Lucifer and considering he was a dark mage she would say so.

She wanted to say it was pleasant to meet but that they would have to split ways but Michelle was faster again, "Fine, doing jobs together is again more pleasant than alone." So she nodded, and looked rather grumpy about the time but would meet Michelle at the bulletin board in the morning, "If you don't mind. I have to think things over." she stood up and paid for her tea and left the cafe.


#12Michelle Hunter 

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Michelle Hunter
Michelle was disappointed, but wasn’t surprised when Lacie declined her offer. After all, she couldn’t expect her to just drop everything and join the organization without a clue as to what they represent or what they expect of her in return. She was willing to wait, give her the time and necessary information before she made a decision. However, it did irk her when Lacie said she had already taken care of the ‘killing’. The assassin had hoped that would be a key selling point; but if she didn’t need them for anything, it would be difficult to convince her to join. However, she wasn’t one to give up.

Although she heard her say something about ‘Lucifer’, she didn’t think much of it. She assumed it was some assassin she might have hired to kill her target, and completely missed the reference to the devil, at that moment. In any case, Michelle was happy Lacie didn’t deny her request to team up for jobs. This would give her plenty of opportunities for her to interact and understand what she can offer to make the light dragon slayer join them.

Soon after Michelle revealed her true intentions, Lacie excused herself. The purple-haired mage could understand why she would want to keep her distance, but sincerely hoped she would keep her promise and turn up the next morning. It would truly be a pain to track her down again, especially if she was on the run from her. Michelle simply nodded and smiled as Lacie paid for her drink and walked away. “See you tomorrow,” she said. Once Lacie was out of her vicinity, Michelle too would pay for her drink and head back to her room. Now, she could do nothing but wait and hope for the best.


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