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Magnolia to Crocus [FootTravel|Sage]

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#1Sage † 

Magnolia to Crocus [FootTravel|Sage] Empty Wed Jan 31, 2018 10:27 am

Sage †
Sage already packed his bag when he was doing a quest just right before he was here under the moonlight, alone, in the middle of nowhere. Sage was sure that he was following the right route when he was heading north. Sage was actually quite tired, as he used a lot of energy back then when he fought with the fraud merchants. As Sage walked and walked and walked, he just realised that he was so tired he fell asleep under a tree when he said to himself that he was just going to take a few minutes nap. When he woke up, he found out that he slept the entire night under the tree, Sage was shocked, he was supposed to be in Crocus by then, but he was miles away. Sage looked at the sky as the leaves of the trees protected Sage from the view of the sky. Sage could see that the sun was high in the sky, which means that it was midday. Something then growled out of nowhere, and he could feel a pinching pain in his stomach. He realized that he was hungry, very hungry. Sage kept walking and just a few seconds later he could see a city, he looked closer, and he realized it as the city of Era, where he used to come here and do some rune knight stuff. Sage walked straight towards a restaurant and ordered some food. After Sage was done with his meal, Sage paid with the money that Barras gave him for free, which is so sweet of him. Sage continued his journey to Crocus, ignoring everything in Era as he didn't like it, the environment, he prefers places like Crocus where it is filled by nature and smiles and people are like family members to one another. When Sage arrived in crocus, he quickly searched for Hatsuharu and Akira.


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