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Surgery [Quest: Lycoris]

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Lycoris - The Wandering Mercenary

She still couldn't really believe it, but here she was... Thanks to Alice and Kon's influence she had been properly accepted as a member of the Rune Knights. Certainly, she was considered a low ranked one, but Alice had reassured her that with a bit of time and some nudging from her and Kon she would be quick to be permitted the trials to prove herself for a promotion, and so there she was, walking the streets of Baska in search for people who needed help. While she had yet to take on the proper job of a knight, she was still trying to help people in her own specific way, even if that method involved earning money alongside the help.

However, on this particular day she would find herself in a rather peculiar situation as she traveled back to the hospital to find out if Doctor Gerard might had any new deliveries waiting for him, but to her surprise it was not exactly a delivery that he needed. The moment he spotted her he lightly tugged along her wrist, motioning for her to follow.

"I got no time to explain Lycoris, I need your help again."

The urgency in the man's voice made it quite evident that the situation was serious, so obviously she couldn't be her usual easygoing self with this matter, so her expression hardened into a serious look, one the doctor noticed as he started explaining. "Unfortunately, none of the nurses are available and I need to carry out an important surgery. Although you will simply assist me by handing over utilities and such, it's a treatment we can't delay so I will need to call for your help for this."

A short nod of afirmation was made by Lycoris as she was led inside the changing room and after getting the proper equipment donned for the task she followed the doctor into the surgery room where the patient was already deep into slumber.

"Let us get started, shall we?"

The doctor inquired, making the mercenary nod her head lightly as the doctor started to instruct her. It was simple orders, like replacing a tool or cleaning it, basically just supporting the doctor as he had told her earlier, but it was near the end when he told her to hand him a certain tool that she heard a soft groan, and looking at the man she saw a rather problematic thing: the tool he had been using had cut into his gloved hand and bits of blood were dripping from it! "This seems bad..."

And bad it was, for the doctor soon told her she would need to take over the surgery, causing her to pray to whatever deity was listening that today's job would incline hazard pay!

Nonetheless, preparing herself for the inevitable task the young lady stepped toward the operation table, nodding her head lightly at the doctor while she waited to begin the treatment as instructed.

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Surgery [Quest: Lycoris] BJeupcF

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Lycoris - The Wandering Mercenary

It felt like an eternity, the tension of knowing that a single mistake could end the patient's life... In a way it reminded her quite firmly of the sensations she felt upon the battlefield, the awareness that a single mistake was all it took to end her life, but in this case one could say that the pressure resting upon her shoulders was even more immense, since it wasn't her life that was being risked currently. Minutes slowly passed by as Doctor Gerard's instructions were followed to the detail, reminding one of a puppeteer controlling a puppet, and finally after several hours Lycoris found herself seated in the changing room, a cold towel resting against her forehead as she attempted to calm down the chaotic beating of her heart. Doctor Gerard had reassured her that the surgery had been a success, that the patient would soon be recovering and be healthy again in no time, but the experience she had gained from this was not exactly pleasant... No, it simply felt wrong for her to shoulder such a responsibility, to know a patient's life was left in her hands, and it was a choice the patient had not even made themselves! It was an entirely different experience compared to the battlefield, and if she was being honest... it terrified her a little. To fight with her own life at risk was a experience she could handle, but this was something she didn't wish to endure again.

Fortunately for her Doctor Gerard had prepared a generous payment, the bag with jewels waiting for her on the nearby table. With this job she would soon have enough money to buy a new suit of armor, or maybe a new weapon! Or she could invest a bit more and get some higher quality goods. There were a lot of choices at her disposal.

With her mind finally calming down Lycoris changed back into her usual attire and made her way outside the hospital. It appeared she had successfully accomplished her job, and with the heart transplantation done she had no more reason to dwell at the hospital. Perhaps it would be a good opportunity for her to go and inspect the wares of some merchants? If she was lucky she might have found something valueable among the things they were selling, or maybe she could even put in a commission!

The thought of getting a new weapon or armor was clearly starting to do wonders for her, for the previous frown upon her features was quickly turning into a smile as she started to hum a melody as she made her way to the market of Baska. Soon, soon she would obtain some proper equipment and become able to train properly once more. In the end, skill and experience were only a part of the things one needed to obtain victory, good equipment was just as important! With Kon she could surely get both skill and experience, and now it was just a matter of getting the equipment....

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Surgery [Quest: Lycoris] BJeupcF

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