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Another day, Another dollar [Shin]

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Another day, Another dollar [Shin] Empty Tue Jan 30, 2018 11:23 am

With the job completed, and the peeping tom handed over to the authorities, Kazuki returned to the guild hall with a fresh bruise beginning to form on his cheek. It was a dumb move on his part, but the guy had pissed him off enough for Kazuki to simply tank his blows while swinging as fast, and hard, as he could.

He won, of course, but he gently touched the area as he entered the Guild Hall. The usual roar that erupted whenever anyone entered reached his ears, and he waved them off. Someone shouted something about Kazuki's cheek and he merely grinned and yelled out something about seeing the other guy as he made his way to the bar.

Sitting upon a stool, the Earth Dragon Slayer motioned for the waitress to come over. Once she did he asked for a bag of ice and she gave a small smile before moving behind the bar to get what he asked. Producing the ice in a small bag, she gently patted his head as if he were a child and this caused Kazuki to nearly blush. He fought back by swatting at her hand playfully, which caused a giggle from the waitress as he missed and she slid away to help other customers.

Leaning his arm on the bar as he held the ice to his cheek, blue-green eyes surveyed the area.

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#2Shin Sekai 

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Shin Sekai
Shin sat at the bar chilling with some of his bartender buddies when he saw some guy with blond hair take a set just a few sets away from him Who is this guy and why does he give off the same vibe as me? he thought, gesturing to Tammy if she knew who he was, she mouthed that he looked familiar but couldn't put a name to the face. "Watch this guys," he whispered making his way over to the guy. As he walked over to the man and placed his hand on the table after making a circular motion and closed it.

"Hey buddy haven't seen you around here before The names Shin." with that he moved his hand that was on the table to give him fist bump but unknow to him a magical prank was about to take place and he would be the star of the whole thing, Man this is gonna good he thought as all his friends behind the bar couldn't help but chuckle at everything that was going to happen should the new guy follow through on his part of the prank. "You gonna leave me hanging here or you gonna fist bump me bro?" the joke would be funny and a good way to start a conversation.

Magic 545/570:
Name: Rose Boomer
Rank: D
Mana Cost: 25
Requirements: Via Surgens Queen Magic
Type: Offensive
Element: Nature
Range: 5 Meters
Cooldown: 1 Posts
Duration: Instant
Effect: The user makes a circular motion with one hand and proceeds to open their hand allowing 5 petals to be blown at the opponent. The petals act like remote explosives as when they get near their target all of the petals do 1/5 of D-rank damage that inflicts small cuts on the person as they explodes within a 1-meter diameter.


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Kazuki didn't smell the man approach him, his nose assaulted by the various scents of the people in the guild hall as well as the food and alcohol. Everything was amplified and while it didn't bother him, it made it particularly hard to discern who smelled like what. After all, he had to tie people to things to remember them--bet it faces to magic, faces to scents, or even just faces to places. It was the only way, he found, he could remember really anything.

As the man approached, Kazuki raised a brow to him and looked to his fist before back to him. This was a new gesture to him, having been from a small village in the far flung reaches of Fiore. Culture queues weren't exactly the same and while handshakes were universal, whatever this was was completely new to him. Still, the man continued speaking and Kazuki understood immediately. A wide, boyish grin came to his face--a comedic site as he still held the bag of ice to his cheek. He did as asked, though. Moving his left hand to hold the 'ice pack', Kazuki balled his right fist and proceeded to bump it against Shin's, completely oblivious to any sort of prank. As he did the previous gesture, he spoke.

"Ah, sorry! Not from around here, name's Kazuki Kobyashi. Kaz, or Koba, works fine by me!"

Another day, Another dollar [Shin] J9_CTh1517179778
#4Shin Sekai 

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Shin Sekai
Shin looked Opened his hand just a few seconds after the bumped fist letting the petals explode in the man face "Nice to meet ya Koba" as the explosion was just enough to cover his face with smoke Everyone at the bar busted into laughter at what had just transpired, the prank was simple in nature which is what made it funny to the red-haired mage and the bartenders. He sat next to his new friend and pulled a rose from his hair spinning it around "I don't know how much you know but I'm like second in command around here." a truth that he strongly believed in even though he didn't do anything that would benefit the others in the guild but who knows maybe that will change. If Kazuki didn't try and get payback on him he would order two beers for them and suggest a cheer of sorts to mark the event of a well-executed prank between two guildmates.

I will mold this guy into something new assuming he doesn't screw something up along the way, he thought throwing the rose that he was playing with before into the air and scattering its petals all over the guild hall.

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