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Expedition Tenrou Island Completed [CQ]

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#1Houren Vanadis 

Expedition Tenrou Island Completed [CQ] Empty Mon Jan 29, 2018 11:44 pm

Houren Vanadis
"Alright, party on!"

The Fire Dragon Slayer of Fairy Tail wasn't expecting such a hearty reception, but upon open the gates of the guildhall, he saw that a little party was prepared in anticipation of the expedition team's arrival. It wasn't really a special occasion or anything like that, but he supposed those in the guild just really liked to party, and he could respect that, for the most part. Even though the party was for them, it was already in full swing and in the distance, he could even see a few of the younger members of the guild with a keg with a bunch of people dancing around it while chugging. Houren waded through the party goers, young and all and headed to the center of the room where Cecilia, handing her the jewel without a word. She didn't say anything at this point, but her smile was more than enough for Houren, and hopefully the other members of the expedition team, to know that she was thankful for what they had done for her, and for the guild.

As she tucked away the jewel in her dress, she turned around and pointed towards a chest that was located on a table at the back of the guildhall, beckoning for them to go and approach it. The Fire Dragon Slayer didn't need to be asked twice as he headed over and opened the chest, surprised to find a bunch of goodies inside that would certainly be helpful towards them on their quest. He supposed that the whole team were meant to split these rewards among themselves. There was a picture on top of the goodies, and the Fire Dragon Slayer took it closer to him so that he could inspect it better. It was a photo of the Captain with the helpful monkeys from the island.

Out of instinct more than anything else, he turned the photo over and saw a note there that was addressed to all of them; he decided against reading it out loud, instead reading it to himself before turning around and passing it to another member of the expedition team, whoever so happened to be closest to him at the time before he turned back to look at all the good stuff that the Captain had left for them. He turned to the face the others. "I wonder how this got here before we did? Well, in any case, lets just split the loot and enjoy ourselves," he said to them.



#2Tori Lancaster 

Expedition Tenrou Island Completed [CQ] Empty Tue Jan 30, 2018 1:46 pm

Tori Lancaster
As the group made their way back through Magnolia, there were talk among the citizens and pointing towards the Fairy Tail mages. The Tenrou Expedition Team had finally made their return to the home of the Fairy Tail guild. Some townsfolk even yelled "Welcome home" as they passed, showing every bit as much excitement as the mages themselves. When they approached the guild hall, however, is when the real festivities began. The moment they broke the threshold, the building erupted with cheers and shouts of a party drowned out any other noise. A large banner displaying the words "Welcome Home" was strung up across the walls on either side of the crowded guild hall's main foyer as the group made their way through a path towards their dear guild master. Houren led the triumphant parade as he handed the jewel to Cecelia, who stowed in it her dress for safe keeping, returning a smile towards her members. The warmth that coursed Tori's body was unmatched compared to any other she had felt to see the appreciation of their beautiful guild master.

Following her rival after being pointed to the back wall by the master, Houren happened upon a chest, at which Tori saw beneath his arm as he lifted it. Before she could tell what was in it, she was handed a picture Captain Seagulls along with the helpful monkeys whom had aided them against Negen, the leader of the Kerberos expedition team. Turning it over as she had seen the silver haired man do before her, she read the message and smiled before handing it to the next party member after her, whoever that might be. Houren would then express a curiosity as to how the contents of the chest, a hodgepodge of potions from the looks of it, arrived before the group, but suggested an even split of the lot. Tori nodded in agreement, as that was the fairest thing to be done, considering they all pulled their own weight against the trials of the tomb, as well as the treasure hunters that invaded the sacred island.

After the loot had been divvied up, Tori would place them in her bag for later, once she had inspected them to see what they were precisely. And with that, the Fairy Tail's mission had been completed. There was only one thing left to do.




#3Kazumi Kiseki 

Expedition Tenrou Island Completed [CQ] Empty Tue Jan 30, 2018 5:13 pm

Kazumi Kiseki
Kazumi got to the guild hall well after everyone else, since she had gone on her own quick little expedition as soon as the party had reached Magnolia City. In fact, the result of that side mission was still there for some reason, following her around. She was a small while fox thing, or was she a cat? Honestly she kind of looked like both. The creature had black stripes and markings all over her snow like fur and she had big, excited red eyes. She had been following the Crystal mage since the questers had left the island, apparently stowing away on the return boat and stalking their journey home and now that she had revealed herself, she did not seem to want to leave Kazumi’s side. After fighting with her a little, Kazu had decided that if she ignored the animal, she would eventually leave. And so, Kazumi walked through the guild doors with a small creature close on her heels.

As she entered the guild hall, there seemed to be some sort of celebration going on to Welcome the Party’s return. Kazumi could not help but smile at all the food, music and happy vibes going around the place, even if she was not particularly interested in staying for long. Her bed was calling to her and it would be rude not to acknowledge it, after all. Still she went to go see what the others were up to, huddled around a chest. Joining them, she took the note apparently sent by Captain Seagull and her smile grew a little bigger before passing it off to the next person to see. Maybe it was the atmosphere of the building. Now there was the matter of rewards and Boy, there were quite a few to go around. They divided the loot amongst themselves and started the party for real. At least, most of them probably did. Again, Kazumi was only interested in turning in the quest and while she was starting to feel... relatively better, she was still in no mood for revelry. She said her good nights and left it at that, heading home for the night to go to bed and reflect on... well, reflect on just everything that had happened in the recent time period. She slowly walked back to her apartment for the first time in what felt like forEVER, the little white furball still following close behind her.


#4Sael Stiel 

Expedition Tenrou Island Completed [CQ] Empty Wed Jan 31, 2018 10:00 am

Sael Stiel
As soon as Fairy Tail’s doors opened Sael sat up suddenly from his cloud bed to be greeted by the whole guild, all of whom were roaring out their joy. One part of Sael wanted to cover his eyes but the for the most part he was glad. Glad that his guildmates cared enough about him to throw this amazing party. Well, if he were completely honest for himself it was probably more for Houren, Tori, and Kazumi. They, after all, did all the heavy lifting. Literally… But enough pouting for now! They still haven’t completed the mission yet! Sael dispelled his bed and he immediately set both feet to the ground for the first time in hours. All around him his guildmates were celebrating. Some jumping over each other to welcome the returning members but the majority of them were trying to get drunk, piles of uninhibited peoples already beginning to form around the bar.

Ignoring them for now he followed Houren’s example. Walking a few steps behind him as he presented the crystal to the guild mistress. She smiled kindly to the flame mage before directing the entire group to a massive chest towards the back. Sael rushed to the chest, making room for the others to the side. Tori held a strange picture and the cloud mage leaned in to catch a glimpse. It was a picture of Captain Seagull and- Tori passed it to Kazumi before he could get a good glimpse. Sael made a dismissive sound as he turned around to the chest. He didn't know exactly what was in there but he knew it would've been a lot more practical for them if Master Cecilia had given them this before the quest.... Strange people.

Sael turned around to Kazumi, who was offering the picture to him. He hesistated for a second before taking it from her. Not wanting to make the scene any more tense. Not here especially. The cloud mage alternated his attention between the picture and the treasure before him. Now that he had the picture before him he could now tell very clearly that it was a picture of Captain Seagull, surrounded by family of monkeys. The scene made him smile. Those little guys, and not so little guys, were a huge help during the mission. He'd had to remember to give his thanks sometime. But for right now.... They had a party to celebrate!


#5Winderlin King 

Expedition Tenrou Island Completed [CQ] Empty Thu Feb 01, 2018 12:01 am

Winderlin King
Windelrin wasn't expecting a full swing party for their arrival back... To be completely honest he didn't think anyone would miss him from being gone. The guild was as lively as usual with people fighting drunk and yelling. It made Widnerlin laugh a bit and was quite funny to him. He sat at the bar and took a drink that was sitting there given by the barkeeper. He got himself into some mess, and now he was stuck with this guild... May the lord by on his side with this. People were jumping and hugging the rest of the crew and seemed to be happy that they mad it back which made Winderlin laugh completely. A few people came up to him and picked him up and threw him into the party and crowd as well. He was not ready for this or wanted to be part of this, but he was now and was stuck with it. She he just smiled and laughed. As he snuck out the crowd again, there was a little child that had a piece of paper and asked him to sign it. Winderlin smiled at the child and took the pen to sign his name and a small little note. Windelrin was shocked by this action, but hey I guess he did make a name here already.

Soon hours pointed out a note left for them. Houren passed the letter around as we all read it. It formed the captain who was a bit strange since well... they caught here before he did, or what Windelrin thought. Houren talked about just splitting the whole thing the Captain left for them, and WIndelrin agreed with that since there wasn't any other way to do this. After that Winderlin joined the entire party. Tori was screaming a Fairy Tail party, and Winderlin smiled. He found himself a new home and real place to be, and it honestly brought him joy. Even though all they did was fight on that god damn island, it was still amazing for him, to be surrounded by people and new friends. It was amazing to feel like this again, and he was happy to be apart of this crazy ass guild. He threw his hand in the air giving off the Fairy Tail sign... This was his new family and his new home. This was his new world and he was happy to have it.



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