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Medicare [Quest: Lycoris]

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Lycoris - The Wandering Mercenary

Requests were the lifeblood of a mercenary's career, that was something everyone in the field knew. In the end, without work a mercenary couldn't earn their pay, and without pay they had money for neither food and shelter, or for their equipment. Perhaps it was for that reason that Lycoris found herself in a rather peculiar situation, that one being that she was currently finding herself searching for work.

It had been a few weeks since she last met Kon and Alice, possibly due to the situation in Crocus if the rumors about the upcoming invasion were to be believed. Although it might had been an excellent means for a mercenary to find some work, it would also be a very dangerous place for her to dwell without proper equipment, and so she had instead decided to go for a more safer alternative: find more work in Baska.

It wasn't only work that she was searching for, there was still the rumors surrounding her adoptive brother's legacy that she was eagerly searching for. Of course, it was understandable that as a result, she was wandering the streets searching for any sign of a potential request for her to handle, and it so happened that lady luck was about to smile upon her fortune.

She had just walked into the local hospital of Baska in the hope of finding some information about problems that might have been plaguing the town when she overheard a nurse talking to her colleague.

"I really wish the others didn't get sick, we have so much work left to do, at this rate Doctor Gerard's medicine won't be able to be delivered today..."

Short on staff for simple chores? It might have been an easy way for her to make some money again! In the end, she found little reason to decline such an opportunity, and so she approached the nurse to ask for directions to where Doctor Gerard might be found.

Fortunately for her, the office of the good doctor was not far from her location, and with a short knock she waited for the man to answer her, something he did a few moments later.

"Yes, please enter?"

Upon entering the room she raised a hand in a waving gesture to greet him as she spoke with a confident tone. "Doctor Gerard? I overheard some of the nurses mention you needed to get some medicine delivered?"

The doctor nodded his head lightly as he rose from his seat, gesturing at the two paper bags, one containing a bottle of syrup and the other a bottle of medicine pills and replied to her question. "I do, and who might you be miss?"

Lycoris's lips curved slightly into a grin, a hand raised to her breastplate as she tapped it lightly and addressed the man with a sheepish grin on her lips. "The name is Lycoris, of the Gardenias mercenary company, at your service~"

And with that, her first mission for Doctor Gerard was on the brink of starting...

WC: 511

Medicare [Quest: Lycoris] BJeupcF

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Lycoris - The Wandering Mercenary

It was rather fortunate that it was a simple assignment, in the end, she had to admit she wanted to get the money as quickly as possible so that she could obtain the funds for replacing her equipment as quickly as possible. So a simple delivery of medication was a perfect way to make some quick money. Doctor Gerard seemed convinced that it wouldn't be a bad idea to leave the job to her, and after giving her the medicine and the directions to the patients the lass was already out on the streets, following the paper that contained the directions so she could finish this job as quickly as possible.

The first thing she noticed was that the paper bag with the syrup medicine was meant for an elderly man living at a large mansion at the outskirts of the town, while the medicine pills were for a blacksmith who was dealing with a nasty cough. Considering the blacksmith's forge was nearby her current location Lycoris had decided to go there first, and as she expected the smith was busy tending to the forge, even as the cough was clearly making it difficult for him to work properly.

"Sir, I have Doctor Gerard's medicine for you." The girl's voice quickly drew the smith's attention who turned toward her and nodded his head lightly, finishing his current work at the forge before moving over to her and gratefully accepted the paper bag. "Thank you for the delivery lass, if I had to continue enduring this cough for another day I might had been forced to close the forge..."

And that would had been quite problematic, since that meant he would be without work for that period of time! Nonetheless, with the delivery made Lycoris saw no more reason to stay and was well on her way to get to the next location: the outskirts of Baska.

It was there that she found the large mansion, and as she ringed the bell at the front gate a butler came to greet her. "I have brought Doctor Gerard's medicine with me, I believe it is intended for your master?"

The butler was quick to confirm her statement, explaining that the syrup was to help with some sort of throat pain and would help the elderly man breathe easier again, and after thanking her for the delivery Lycoris made her way back to the hospital. Just like she had assumed Doctor Gerard was already back hard at work in the hospital, but seeing her return brought a smile upon his lips. "Thank you for making the delivery Lycoris, you truly are a life-saver. I have your payment prepared over there at the counter, feel free to come by again in the future if you ever need any medical attention."

Thanking the doctor for his patronage Lycoris grabbed the bag of jewels and made her way back outside, hoping that she would soon have enough money to buy a new weapon.

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Medicare [Quest: Lycoris] BJeupcF

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