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Echo [Judina & Alice | Social]

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#1Adelaide Sokolov 

Echo [Judina & Alice | Social] Empty Mon Jan 29, 2018 1:26 pm

Adelaide Sokolov
She wasn't sure if the information that they got was accurate, she didn't want to doubt things but there were indeed issues at hand, for one: Alice was seven months pregnant. This meant that fighting wasn't a good idea, that she and the baby had survived Theseus before was a mystery and a wonder at the same time and she wouldn't want to risk that again. But the idea that Kon would go towards Crocus and she would go to their house in Orchidia made her worried, she couldn't stay here with the plague anyway and she was in no way to work that out on her own, considering what all happened before. Of course she had Jupiter and Hecate so she wasn't really alone and she held a berry in front of the blue her little snout and stared at the man opposite her, Jupiter kept on changing into a human to let her not get the feeling she was alone and unprotected. It was a good idea but she had the feeling that he did this against Kon because he wasn't a fan but she didn't want to hear anything about that.

The two of them were sitting at a cafe, they had this glass gazebo in the middle of Baska town that functioned as a part of the tea house that belonged to a cafe on the side, the idea was that you could sort of see everyone around you, shopping and hanging out with everyone around them. It had some more fun and so Jupiter could see everything and decide when they had to leave, "We will have to leave friday." She nodded, she would stay as long as Kon was here as well but than take the train to Orchidia and go to the manor. There she would have enough to do and arrange but it felt a bit sad to go alone.

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#2Judina † 

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Judina †
Each different day and time was something different with Judina these days, But that last moment with Lacie still seemed to throw her off slightly who did some one such as Lacie have the mind and know of being able to act differently, it left to wonder if there was something much more she had to learn and this was one of many twists life would throw at her currently. But this moment where she was right now was along and walking to herself considering her thoughts and such, Judina was second guessing a few of her thoughts and feeling about it. That and her goal of not being able to find such family members she just missed Waylon and it didn't strike her until now this very moment as she walked quietly alone with her thoughts.

For had for once left her robe behind and her hair untied form its normal long pony tail Judina kept with the rest of it being short but with it not being tied up it seemed to fan out, with her robe gone her pale skin was more noticeable only thing being out of place was the scar she had on her right shoulder that was normally covered up from her robe, It was a normal quiet walk for Judina that she would not realize what way she was heading and well how different she would look before Alice while she did walk that way if anything she seemed to be in thought still.

#3Adelaide Sokolov 

Echo [Judina & Alice | Social] Empty Wed Jan 31, 2018 2:16 pm

Adelaide Sokolov
She looked over the list of things that she had to do once arriving in Orchidia as she had planned to do something about the issues that they would have, two more months to the wedding and everything felt like they still need to take care off, she didn't even have a wedding gown and she was stressed out and that was of course also the pregnancy. Jupiter wasn't much easier as he kept complaining all kind of things and she was sighing because of that and she didn't want to say anything about it because a fight was definitely what she could use at the moment. She was looking outside, sighing loudly but she didn't do it on purpose, Jupiter opened his mouth but she dropped the list as she looked at the person that looked familiar and she finally placed it as Judina, "Jupiter be a dear and ask the girl there to join us." Girl was a bit strange to say, young woman of course but with a lot of muttering and grumbling, Jupiter stood up from their table and walked out of the gazebo. While Hecate gave her the list back he walked towards the blue haired woman, watching if Alice would give a thumbs up when he was close enough.

"Hello," he said nonchalant, not caring much about it, hands in the pockets of his trousers, "My boss asks if you want to meet her." He turned to the gazebo and waved at Alice who smiled at Judina and waved back.

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#4Judina † 

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Judina †
It seemed almost like she tuned out completely, but reality would snap her back into place quickly and make realize how that she should pay attention a bit better or just slightly find better places to roam around in break. maybe get more clothing so she was not just looking a bit like a slob but nonetheless that was no longer important for the situation in front of her.

It was weird to Judina when she was had gotten that request she wondered and did not pick up what was going on right away, not that she was clueless but more use to something else when it came to Alice then anything else. "Umm...okay sure?"Judina said a bit more confused about since it was worded more about as question then well a demand or request but Judina would follow simply because she wanted to see who wanted her company, hopefully it wasn't some one too odd or weird.

When she realized it was actually Alice Judina then seem slightly if anything surprised that it was Alice, she forgot she was in the area mostly because she was working in Lacie. "Oh jeez hello Alice."Judina said mostly in a scramble, in thought mostly."I did not know you were here nor you would be having me join you, I would be in my normal attire otherwise."Judina mention as well in reference to her current look. "What brings you to summon me?" Judina said quickly turning her mind back to the normal working loyal knight she was attempting to be.

#5Adelaide Sokolov 

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Adelaide Sokolov
He didn't plan to force this person to come along and especially not in the way that Alice had said it. He didn't even know her name so when she accepted his proposal, he simply walked back to the gazebo's entrance, and would go to their seat and stand there. Because he would first have Judina sit down if she wanted of course.

She didn't stand up because everything felt so heavy and she was happy when she was sitting comfortable, "Hi Judina, I'm so glad to see you, it has been a while." She waved away the issue that Judina put up, "Don't worry about it. I'm not looking like my best either." She was sure she looked very tired and she felt like a whale with her seven months pregnancy bump. She waved to the chair to invite her to sit, "I saw you walk by and I thought, well since we haven't seen each other in a while, let's catch up. If you have time that is, I am going to Orchidia soon, I mean, I need to get to a place to take care of a lot of things. So before I miss out on you again. Did you get here by yourself?" Because she had not seen her for a long time, last time was in Magnolia? Just like Isabella and T.K. and even Eva although she had met Eva shortly again in Hargeon, where she had barely recognized her. It felt so bad that she was losing her proteges so quickly. And yet they offered her new ones, strange things happened. "So how are you doing?" Because she would get to her own point of explaining things, for example why she wasn't standing up, but Judina might have spotted the bump, it was hard to hide.

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#6Judina † 

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Judina †
It did not take long for Judina to get comfortable, So it just as she thought it would be a normal conversation it seemed it was just casual and normal for now."I am pretty normal came here and kept busy."which she had been working, With her sister so far it just seemed only worried about how she lasted time they finished a job that is about it she did not think about anything else really ."But I can see we both have been busy,Just in very different manners."Judina would put it blunt almost like it was normal of her to put it that way but she wasn't rude about it. But she felt her words were true nonetheless.

"Hopefully you can relax in that town a bit easier or well maybe hopefully you do not need to work at all when you are their."
Judina said slightly more hopeful about it."Lucky so far I have managed to balance working and relaxing but missed my brother in the process it seems." She could admit seems slightly unhappy about but over all not upset of angry about it in the end.

"I almost forgot to answer one thing."Judina did not intend."I arrived here with your sister to do a few jobs to start with, She had felt off of her own accord few days a go."She also mentioned to continue on the conversation that she was no longer with Lacie and on her own.

#7Adelaide Sokolov 

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Adelaide Sokolov
Alice couldn't help but laugh a little, even if it was a bit rude, it was still true so she wouldn't actually see it as an attack, "Yeah, that doesn't mean I have sit still, but there is a lot to do. Another reason why I have to go to Orchidia, there is a manor there where I can stay. I have something else to say; I have to officially invite you to my wedding, it's in March and well another reason why I need to get to my home and arrange it. Plus I could use some rest. I don't know if you have heard, there is a plague going through Baska, it is not save." And it took the doctor damn long to finish making the cure.

She nodded when Judina said that she hoped she wouldn't have to work there, "Yes I hope so as well, I could use a bit of rest." the plague stressed her out too much and so did the wedding, but apart from that making appointments, she was sure she could do that. She turned to look up at Judina after petting the baby bump, she leaned a bit forward, "You have found his location? Oh what a shame you ddin't meet." They had shortly talked about it, after she had mentioned Lacie as well, and the issues about it. But she froze in her motion, Lacie? She wanted to get up but Jupiter pushed her down, "Calm down." he said with gritted teeth, "Judina, where did you see her last? She is under arrest for attempt on murder, but she ran away and sneaked out of her hands, she tried to kill my fiance." Now the two of them weren't sure if it had been a taunting thing or if it was really that but that didn't matter, Lacie as an unsafe force to be reconned with.

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#8Judina † 

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Judina †
So there was a case of her being on her way out of the area for a good and most likely varying reasons it seemed to not catch Judina's mind off guard because simply how out there it was to be. The wedding part however was something else different and something she did not fully expect, But would accept with out considering a second thought."I will humbly accept your offer Alice."Judina said with a smile for the moment of the situation

"Waylon and I were in the last town I was in before your sister and I had departed Lacie even seemed to have encountered and spoke to him."
Which given what was about to come up it would worry Judina later on but she was still explaining the situation currently.

Give what risen then Judina seemed a bit worried now."She left on her own accord away from me very very quickly."She mentioned for how she remembered it."Did not mention where but she had acted some what worrying around me last mission."The fact Judina could easily mention that Lacie acted different around her means that either Lacie was screwing up or getting to comfortable it was hard to tell which in the end."Given the situation you have just told me, It would prove right my guts feeling being off."She mention with the worry about in her mind."Hearing this now I am quite worried slightly more now."even if it could be nothing at this point Judina could not help it.

#9Adelaide Sokolov 

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Adelaide Sokolov
It was good to officially invite Judina, there were a few more people on her list and the list was growing but she kept it or well they kept it in a list of a note book that she had bought for the arrangements. She wuold have to leave soon, they would as Jupiter was pushing her and Kon was already gone to Crocus. She gave a bright smile when Judina accepted her invitation, that made her happy.

So her sister had been with Judina before, she frowned a little, not about Judina her part of the play but Lacie, what was she up to? They had made a very tough decision, in which Kon would support her but Lacie was a danger, at the moment it seemed only to them but they had a baby on the way and who knows who more. If her twin wouldn't get what she wanted, she was perhaps capable of a lot more? She stared at Judina, a bit shaken, she had gone, quickly. "I'm sorry she took you within her games. Please, don't be bothered too much about it. I believe she simply liked you, perhaps she was afraid we would bump into each other like we do now. If you ever see her again, let me know." She felt a kick of the baby and closed her eyes shortly before looking back at Judina, "Would you mind to come with me to Orchidia? I could use a friend." She looked at Jupiter shortly, and he nodded, he didn't want her to be alone either, "We could use someone to help her, if you don't mind." he started, turning to Judina, as he still stood next to the table, "We are leaving Friday, Miss Baskerville needs to be safe and well as her fiance isn't here, I'm here to protect her."

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#10Judina † 

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Judina †
How much of it was it really games? and how much of it was Lacie and her being honest friends? it would be left her in mind now simply because it was a confusing game for her now when she did not feel it was a game, Mind games were not her things but it allowed her to think that he needed to be better about it now."It is fine, I will work on sending a message if I do but it will be hard and almost unknown to me when I will see Lacie again it is more random then not." Judina would truthfully admit just seemingly back to her normal self with in such moments, Its this control she tried hard and often to keeping able to do.

"Well such a request isn't one i am going to refuse, I understand the manners of what is going on."
Judina mentioned this way of her saying yes."It doesn't matter when we depart just simply when it is I will be ready."Like that it was time to get back to work just in a different manner and for a different reasons all entirely."I will be of what use I can while I am around during this time, Hopefully nothing too dangerous happen." If it did raise Judina knew a place they could easily hide but for now, She would just keep her mind to the task at hand and keep it there in her mind.

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Adelaide Sokolov
Her golden eyes stared at Judina, she didn't want it to be so obvious but she tried to read any expressions, perhaps the two of them knew different visions of her sister and she wondered how much Judina wanted to help in the arrest of her sister in that case. "I know, don't worry about it. For me she also shows up at the most random moments. To be honest, she was already arrested, the headquarters told me that someone let her out. The thing is, I want to emphasize how dangerous she can be, and it might be wrong but if she sees you and still trusts you, could you try and keep her with you before we can show up?" How else will she find Lacie again but let time tell? Now she had at least more options.

Alice smiled happily again when Judina answered the invitation to come along to Orchidia, "That's great,", "Thank you. I doubt anything will happen, barely anyone knows of the manor. You can of course stay with us in the house." their golden eyes but Alice agreed with Jupiter, she took a sip of her tea. "It feels like a relieve." This means that she would seriously have to pack. "I will send you a message, where are you staying?" She asked and Jupiter would keep it in mind and help her up not much later, paying for the things they had bought, "I look forward to catch up, I just.. need to be careful right now. So I'm sorry, I'm going already."

And with that the three of them left. She would see Judina soon again and they could catch up about the months they had not seen each other.


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#12Judina † 

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Judina †
This proved how much Judina knew."Figured maybe some one would have reported shared that information when it happen, unless something cut it off or remained quiet for whatever reason."Judina would mention it just seemed like a logical for her to point out maybe just a part of the job that she assumed would happen or she was just over thinking it as well."But either way I know now and can plan ahead now." Nothing else would be mentioned about it simply because it just seemed better to relax about it now.

"Local HQ, just a small room I have my normal small amount stuff as i normally do, So I will be not that long to pick up and depart as I normally do."Judina mentioned it was just normal of her actually not hugely hiding or being anywhere far from work which would be good for everyone trying to just get a hold of Judina or where she was."I shall await for that message." she smiled peacefully.

She would take her enjoyable walk back to her it was time for other things to do and move on already which was good, she wanted to move on and continue with work which was normal of her it was time to not worry about anything else for now.


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