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White Claudia [Michelle & Lacie | Quest]

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#1Lacie Eventide 

White Claudia [Michelle & Lacie | Quest] Empty on Mon Jan 29, 2018 11:50 am

Lacie Eventide
Lacie yawned while she walked around Oak. It was quite a glumy place if you asked her. Her sister would possible not come here and that was a good thing. She walked around and looked left and right, she didn't like to be alone in places and she wasn't good with that. Most of the time that made her grumpy and close to mean, but that wasn't a good idea in a town with most dark mages. She looked around if there was a quest board somewhere around so she could do a job and get to know people so she would perhaps not be alone anymore. That would have to mean that she would have to be nice to strangers, also something she wasn't good at. Lacie took a deep breath and stopped walking in general, of course there was no quest board. Most quests would be illegal and if there was a quest board it would be in Phantom Lord's guildhall and she couldn't get in there. She thought about joining but she wasn't sure what effect that had on her soul exchange and if they would even take her in.

She took a deep breath and decided to go to a store and see if they had a job for her to do. So she stepped inside the first small and strange looking store that she could find and looked at the crazy looking man, well hopefully she survived this. "You are here for the job? Good, we are waiting for one more person. That's easier." Oh well why not take someone's place?

#2Michelle Hunter 

White Claudia [Michelle & Lacie | Quest] Empty on Mon Jan 29, 2018 1:03 pm

Michelle Hunter
It was again that time of the month for Michelle; she had to pay rent. This stupid mission of hers to get the two warring gangs to actually war had gone on for much longer than she anticipated. And her orders were to stay in this god forsaken place until that happened. As she was quite busy trying to rile up the two gangs, she had had very little time to do any other quests and save up some money for her living expenses. Every time she left and entered the hotel she was staying at, the manager gave her shifty looks, wondering if he can stop her and ask about the due. Even Michelle had begun to feel guilty. Finally, that morning, she walked up to the manager and apologized for the delay. “Listen… I’m sorry about the delay. I’ll pay it by this evening,” she said. The manager had heard of the incident at the streets, where she had beat up a shop keeper into pulp and was dreading any contact with her. He responded very nervously. “No! It’s alright. Take your time. I’m in no hurry,” he said, trying to force a smile. Michelle found it very weird, but let it slide.

She went into autopilot and headed straight to her trusted doctor, who had helped her with easy jobs before. Hoping he had something similar to picking up mushrooms that she could do for some quick cash, she entered his notorious shop. It seemed the doctor had a customer, which was very strange because in all the times she had been to his store, she had never seen a single customer. Her eyes traced the beautiful straight orange hair and then flicked to her brown eyes. Michelle didn’t smile or show any expression as she held the eye contact for a couple of seconds before turning towards the doctor. She noticed that the doctor was extremely tense, which meant there definitely was work for her. “Hey Doc! Got something I can do quickly?” she asked. The doctor hadn’t noticed her until then, and jumped at her voice. “Oh! It’s you, Miss Hunter. Great timing. I got just the thing for you. Both of you, follow me,” he said, as he hurried towards his dingy backroom, holding the door open for the two ladies.

Michelle looked at Lacie and smirked. So, she wasn’t a customer after all. “Don’t worry! He usually doesn’t kill his employees,” she whispered to the orange-haired girl before walking into the room.


#3Lacie Eventide 

White Claudia [Michelle & Lacie | Quest] Empty on Mon Jan 29, 2018 1:14 pm

Lacie Eventide
Fine so she had to wait, he didn't even know her, didn't know her name and if it was her that came for the job but as she remained into the shop and walked around the shelves to look around, she was sure he figured that he had another new employer to do his dirty work for him. She made a hell of a lot of assumptions but she didn't care about it herself, she would get a job, she would get jewels, she might meet people to ask more jobs from and that would mean a way in and avoid Alice Baskerville and her stupid idiocy rule of happiness. She shook her head and heard the door and looked over her shoulder and stared with a neutral expression at the person, she got the same look back before the person talked to the man of the shop. A doctor hmm? Probably without licence and she wasn't sure what to think of a woman called miss Hunter. What kind of name was that?

She heard a both of you and turned around from the shelves and looked at the two of them, they knew each other and she should be nice. She told herself that over and over again: be nice, be nice, be really nice. So she walked towards them and followed them while miss Hunter talked to her about not usually killing his customers and she couldn't help but giggle, "Another death threat won't be something new." she couldn't help but say, such a smart way now she had to find a silly excuse why she got one but that was easy, she would turn around the whole ordeal with Alice again, make her look like the innocent one.

She stopped in the room and looked at the doctor who held up a bottle with white liquid, "I'm going to use this on you." more he didn't say but he stepped aside and she noticed two chairs with belts and ways to strap her to it and she frowned, kinky?


#4Michelle Hunter 

White Claudia [Michelle & Lacie | Quest] Empty on Mon Jan 29, 2018 5:29 pm

Michelle Hunter
Michelle chuckled at Lacie’s response. She was glad the orange-head wasn’t some poor soul, lost in the depths of this crime city. If she had received death threats before and could joke about it, there was a chance she could survive this place. The purple-haired assassin would have loved to hear her story, but that was for another time. Right then, they had the impatient doctor beckoning them to do his bidding.

What Michelle saw inside the doctor’s secret room would forever change her opinion about him. She began to wonder if her statement before held true any longer. The chairs with arm and leg restraints, and the bottle of white liquid sent many disturbing visions through her head. “Umm… What do you want us to do, Doc?” she asked, her voice betrayed her and failed to mask her fear. Apart from failing her master, there was only one other thing the woman feared; and that was confinement. There was no way Michelle was going to sit in that chair and agree to be restrained. But it didn’t look like she had much choice. The door was locked behind her. If she made a run for it, the doctor would definitely contact Benjamin and inform him of her behaviour, which was automatically going to count towards her failing him.

She was trained to be unfazed even at the brink of death, but no training could make her overcome this deep-set fear. She had to make a choice: fail Benjamin or conquer her fear of confinement; and she had to make it fast, because the doctor was growing rather impatient. “Sit down already,” he finally bellowed, irritation obvious in his tone. Michelle gulped and took a step towards the chair valiantly. One step after another, the woman pushed herself until she was next to the chair. Taking a deep breath, she sat down and resorted to the fate. The doctor immediately tightened the belts around her arms and legs, and Michelle’s muscles tensed. She turned towards Lacie and looked at her with her eyes wide and filled with terror. While it may be difficult to understand for someone who had just met her, being restrained would be a lot more traumatic for the chocolate-skinned lady than what that white liquid could do to her.


#5Lacie Eventide 

White Claudia [Michelle & Lacie | Quest] Empty on Tue Jan 30, 2018 7:07 am

Lacie Eventide
As much as she had made a joke about the chairs in her mind, she absolutely didn't like the idea, what kind of ridiculous man was this doctor and she looked at miss Hunter for a second, who didn't seem to be all to happy about it either. However she could use the money and the new contacts so she walked to the second chair and went to sit down albeit on the edge of the seat and watched the other person struggle a bit more.

While the doctor waited, she would just sit there for a few seconds, wondering what could be so horrible that they needed to be strapped down, would it be agonizing pain because she sure as hell could handle that and she had been strapped down before, by Alice. Perhaps that's what made her so grumpy about all of this. First was Michelle than it was her turn. She looked at Michelle and noticed the terror on her face and she actually felt a bit sad for her, "Keep in mind that it's a.. auw." she turned to her right arm and noticed the needle. Blergh, needles, "It's a job, before you it's over and you will be out again." she turned back to say to Michelle but she was trying to keep the other girl in focus but that was a hell of a lot more difficult than she thought and before she know it, she was in some forgotten factory with blood and dripping water and all she could do was pull up her nose in disgust.

She looked more around, something was in the corner and there she was.. Alice.


#6Michelle Hunter 

White Claudia [Michelle & Lacie | Quest] Empty on Wed Jan 31, 2018 4:15 am

Michelle Hunter
It did not help matters that the doctor made Michelle wait and went to inject Lacie first. She had to watch what she would be experiencing in a short while and try not to scream. “What are you injecting?” she asked the doctor in a surprisingly meek voice. The doctor chose not to answer and continue with the injecting process. Lacie’s words were keeping her from going insane, but soon, even those were gone. Once the doctor was done with Lacie, he walked up to Michelle and injected her too. The poor girl did not have the strength or time to say no. She felt a sharp prick on her left bicep and the white fluid entered her blood stream.

When Michelle sat on that chair and let the man restrain her limbs, she thought she had gone through the worst part of the day. The poor woman had no clue what was still in store for her. As the injected fluid coursed through her blood, the world around her shifted and morphed into a dystopian industry. While the blood and the smell disgusted Michelle, it wasn’t these things that instilled true fear in her. It was when she saw an almost ten-foot fleshy monster with a face closely resembling that of Benjamin that the woman screamed. It was the face she never wished to see in her life. A mixture of disappointment, anger, and frustration; all targeted towards her by the face she wanted to please the most. The horrific illusion lasted only for a minute, but she knew the trauma was for life. Her hands and legs stiffened, tired from trying to break free. Finally, her brain gave up and the assassin went limp, slouching and falling to the side while still tied to the chair.

When she finally woke up, she found her cheek stuck to the floor thanks to her dried drool. Disgusted and traumatized, all she wanted to do was get the hell out of there as soon as possible. Realizing the doctor had untied her restraints, she got up to her feet with struggle and made her way out as quickly as possible, not even waiting for her reward. “I hope we meet at better circumstances next time,” she said to Lacie before exiting the shop.

#7Lacie Eventide 

White Claudia [Michelle & Lacie | Quest] Empty on Wed Jan 31, 2018 11:13 am

Lacie Eventide
The red headed twin tried to pull herself out of the chair, pull her arms up to get the strains away and her big brown eyes looking at her twinsister. She wanted to get away from her! Right now! She would kill her and it should be the other way around, not Lacie in straps but Alice and she.. she was gonna die, right here right now in this ridiculous factory, no one would come to look for her and she would be another blood spat on the ground and floor. She heard a laugh and she didn't realize it was her own, "Cleaning it up on your own? Where is Kon?" She said hysterical before completely losing it and screaming. Before everything turned black and she found herself on the ground. She sat up and stared at the fallen chair, Mabuz had already took her off and she rubbed her right wrist as she had tried to pull it off. The Doctor demanded her to get up and that made her very angry.

"You might not have met me yet Doctor, but I do not appreciate this and now your belitteling actions. You will pay for this. Now pay up." as she followed miss Hunter with her eyes, she must have had the same experience and if she didn't hold on to her anger for Mabuz, she would probably fall because of the weak shaking legs she still had. She walked out of the store soon after getting the jewels.


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