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Baska to Crocus [Foot Travel]

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Baska to Crocus [Foot Travel] Empty Mon Jan 29, 2018 3:47 am

She exited the restaurant where she met hopefully a new friend and looked to the road and then down at her companion, Nami. "Let's hit the road again, Nami." she said trying to sound excited, she got tired of traveling all the time but she knew that was part of the business. She wanted to help people wherever she went and knew that if she felt the need to travel for whatever reason she was going to travel at even the slightest opportunity to help someone in need.

All while traveling she couldn't help but think how far she's come, when she first arrived to this country she was a timid and shy girl, who didn't know much. But then...then she met her sister who reunited with her. From the times where she helped so many people in need even with a fear that she would still be judge for her over loving attitude of birds. She looked towards the sun in the sky and thought about the change that just appeared to happen overnight, though still confused about the whole change and still getting used to the change she thought of all the possibilities that could be the reason why.

She looked towards the sun while traveling and just for a moment felt the warm sunlight against her face. The feeling was refreshed and different than what she had felt before, she used to want to hide from the sunlight but now she embraces it it seemed. "Beautiful day out isn't it, Nami?" she asked towards her blue, finned companion who was trotting along by her side. The two seemed to be perfect for each other.

She didn't quite know what she was going to do exactly once she arrived at this unfamiliar town, she just felt a strange calling towards it. Maybe she'll meet up with someone again, after all she did meet two new people in Baska and one seemed to be in a hurry to get out though no idea where he was headed. 'That visit with that guy, Baron was his name, was so short... I'm honestly surprised I remember his name.' she thought quietly to herself as she whistled a tune to help pass time.

The clouds started to pass over the sun to make it a over-cast like weather. Suddenly that familiar voice was heard again, "Traveling again, eh..? I knew you elves liked to travel." the voice said. This made the blue haired girl scared, she knew the voice and it sounded like her though she wasn't sure -- maybe someone was following her. She still wasn't sure on how people perceived elves, as she hasn't really met all that many people, so she quickly made sure that the point of her ears were still covered by her brilliantly blue hair that was braided as well. Just in time she reached the sign that read, 'Crocus the Holy Capital'. "Well, that wasn't that long of a trip..." she said entering the town.

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