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Preparing for War [Training][Private:Esperia]

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#1Fiammetta Barone 

Preparing for War [Training][Private:Esperia] Empty Sun Jan 28, 2018 7:15 pm

Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

Whether they liked it or not, war was coming. Fiammetta Barone and Esperia von Eisenberg were among the many mages called to Crocus to face off against the oncoming forces of Grimoire Heart, and like many mages, had been stewing in their own nervousness as that dangerous encounter approached. It was a threat unlike either of them had ever faced, but also a duty that both of them intended on upholding.

In the face of this approaching threat, preparations were obviously necessary. Not just sharpening one's weapons and polishing their armor, but honing one's skills too. After all, a war was not won with weapons, it was won with the soldiers who wielded them.

In keeping with this concept, Fiammetta Barone had decided to take Esperia on a very special kind of date - a training date. After all, not only would it give them extra opportunity to hone their skills, but also to learn more about each other's abilities. Although Fia was not quite yet willing to disclose how she'd learned of her newfound magic, she still needed to display it if they were going to work together.

So, after picking up Esperia from her apartment, the pair would walk down to a clearing around the Baskan hills. A nice, open area with only a few trees around. As they entered the area, Fia would strip her jacket off, throwing it over a nearby tree branch and leaving her in naught but her loose pants and breast binding bandages.

"Decent place fer trainin', this." Fia would speak up as she began some preparatory stretches, allowing Esperia a brief display of the girl's musculature.

"Plenty o' space, nothin' ta' burn... And private too, if ya wanted to do some unorthodox exercisin' when we're done." Fia uttered again with a salacious look, deciding it would be a great way to relieve some of the building stress once they'd finished.

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Esperia V. Eisenberg

A soft yawn escaped Esperia's lips as they arrived at the clearing upon the hills near Baska. Although it was still fairly early in the morning, Esperia still found herself quickly stirring from her sleepy state into a more giddy excitement at the prospect of a date with Fia, even if said date was of a different variation from the usual, in the end today they would be training in preparations for the upcoming attack on Crocus.

It was only natural for them to train, in the end, she wanted to fight alongside Fia as much as possible and that meant learning to recognize the way she fought, the way she moved down to the very tiniest details so that she could act in perfect unison with her.

Sebastian had decided to remain nearby, simply scouting the surrounding area to ensure that none of them would be disrupted from their training, and perhaps it was a good thing that he was absent, or Fia's remark about the unorthodox exercising brought a mischievous grin upon her lips and for her cheeks to turn scarlet red in hue. "If I didn't know better, you'd be tempting me to skip straight to the unorthodox training~"

A playful little wink followed as she clapped her hands together, enjoying the sight of the stretching Fia before she took a deep breath. "I guess now is a good opportunity for us to practice together~ Although I learned a bit of martial arts from a senior at the Blue Pegasus guild, my prefered method of combat is through ranged spell-casting, what means that at a certain point during the battle I will have to call upon Asmodeus~ Maybe now is a nice opportunity for you to meet her for an extended period of time~"

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#3Fiammetta Barone 

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Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

Fia's grin only widened as Esperia returned the sensual little tease, savoring the blush she'd prompted. All Fia offered in response was a small wink and a confident look, as if to affirm that, yes, she was trying to tempt Esperia.

Fia continued stretching, pulling one arm across her chest with the other, as Esperia spoke on about her particular fighting style, and the necessity of dealing with a certain demon lord of lust. The young delinquent continued to stretch as she listened and offered her reply.

"Ugh... Guess yer right, I oughta least know how to fight with 'er, huh?" Fia groaned, not terribly pleased by the idea of having to work alongside the demon who was inhabiting her girlfriend, but also understanding how necessary it was too.

"Just keep 'er on a leash, aight? Don' let 'er try anythin', ya hear? Damn demon might be more perverted 'an you..." She lamented again, becoming more and more uncomfortable with this extended meeting with the demon lord. But, it was a necessity, and she trusted Esperia to make sure the demon was on their side.

"Guess Asmodeus oughta see my style too. Not that there's much to it, just yer typical close-and-personal balls-to-the-walls Barone-Style Brawlin'!" Fia proclaimed proudly as she began shadowboxing for emphasis.

"O'course, there's also my magic too, but it's different from most, as ya know. Less fer launchin' spells, more fer hittin' things even harder."

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Esperia V. Eisenberg

"Mhmm~ It's important to know the nature of her spells~" Esperia explained further, but a moment later the remark about Asmodeus being possibly more perverted than her caused the girl to puff up her cheeks in a gesture of mock annoyance as she marched over to her lover. "Are you implying that I'm almost as perverted as the Demon Lord of Perverts?! Fine, I'll show you perverted!" Esperia exclaimed as she reached Fia, reaching up on the tip of her toes as she leaned in to claim Fia's lips in a passionate kiss while her hands sneaked up to those pillows she adored so much to give them a teasing squeeze over the bandages when finally after a moment she leaned back, a mischievous smirk upon her lips while she whispered softly. "Luxuria~"

The magic engulfed her almost instantly, the black energy that coiled around her like a cocoon, the remarkable change in the presure of her presence when the moment the cocoon hatched the obsidian-haired trickster was replaced by the buxom obsidian-haired demon lord, whose lips curved up into a mischievous smirk as she raised her arms in an attempt to playfully wrap them around Fia's neck.

"Oh mai~ Leave it to Espy to be as honest with her desires as one could possibly be. Then again~ you mentioned something about a perverted demon lord?"

Her eyes softened a little as she ran a fingertip along Fia's chin, leaning in to her ear to whisper temptingly.  "Perhaps later I can show you just how perverted I can be~"

A soft whisper that accompanied her warm breath against Fia's skin, when finally she took a step backward and hummed softly. "But first training~ We're rather fortunate that you boost a high compatibility rating with my way of fighting~"

She smiled softly at Fia as she lifted a hand sideways, a gesture that conjured a small stream of flower petals that blend together into a sharp lance. "As you likely noticed already my magic relies primarily on offensive and defensive maneuvers from a ranged distance, consider me an artillery type of mage while you my dear are more of a frontline combatant. Although this is an ideal composition, I believe that unlike with Sebastian we lack the experience of unison fighting- the act of adjusting our attacks and movements to work together."

She paused for a moment, thinking about something before humming softly. "For example let's say you got a powerful enemy to deal with, if you were to knock them back and pursue them, you might be able to land another blow, but what if you instead grant me the opportunity to launch a heavy attack upon them from afar? They'd be helplessly caught in the blast right after being punched away by you. But it can also work in reverse~ Espy has been training hard to master my defensive spells, but they would be useless if you accidentally punched through one of my petal barriers."

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#5Fiammetta Barone 

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Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

A satisfied smile set itself upon Fia's face at Esperia's adorable little pouty response to the claims of perversion. A smile that would soon be smothered by a sudden passionate kiss from Esperia, once immediately returned by Fia as hands made their way down her lover's back. Their kiss felt as much a reassurance as it did a sating of Esperia's lust, though, perhaps it really was just the latter, judging by Esperia's sudden grope that had Fia jumping a little as her cheeks reddened from the squeeze.

Before Fia could scold Esperia for getting her all hot and bothered, the dark-haired trickster suddenly went through her familiar transformation, leaving only Asmodeus remaining. The young delinquent let out an almost disappointed sigh, even as the demon lord attempted to embrace her.

She let out a groan at Asmodeus' offer, leaning away and blushing slightly. "I'll pass, unless yer givin' control to Espy." It was always strange, encountering the demon lord. Though this new form wasn't quite Fia's type, the fact that it was still Esperia's own altered body made her feelings on the matter rather... Confusing...

Fortunately, such things were not to the focus of the moment, as Asmodeus then launched into a detailed explanation of her own magic, and how they might work together. Fia listened closely, leaning against a nearby tree and nodding along as the demon spoke.

"Yeah, I get what yer sayin'..." Fia spoke up seriously once Asmodeus was done. "Bein' at different ranges is pretty useful, but we oughta be careful we don' end up trippin' over each other. I need ta' not break yer barriers, and you gotta make sure I ain't on the recievin' end o' one o' yer 'artillery' spells."

Fia stepped over a bit, until she was facing the tree, and held her fist up. "Guess I should mention my own magic, huh? Well it's damn simple. I get bigger, tougher, and hit 'arder." As a demonstration, Fia reared back her fist, vapor rising off of it as the muscles expanded and grew out, doubling the size of her limb!

She slammed it into the tree, causing leaves to shake violently before she turned back to Asmodeus. "It ain't just my limbs, I can do my whole body too. So basically, if yer like some kind o' artillery, then I'm a motherfuckin' tank. Ain't nowhere fer me but the front lines!"

With that proud declaration, Fia would punch the tree again, before rearing her fist back and clenching the muscles tightly. There was only one way for her magic to advance: She needed to get bigger. Now, she just to figure out exactly how to do that...

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Esperia V. Eisenberg

"Oh~ Already desiring your adorable little Espy in your arms again?"

Asmodeus hummed softly in response to Fia's remark yet after a moment of consideration she decided to reveal a little detail that might draw the feisty lass her interest. "While she might still be lacking in the power to properly control this form, I believe she is drawing very close to being able to remain while in this form. Can you imagine it already? Your sweet Esperia, overflowing with the power and lust of the Demon Lord of Lust? I bet it will be enough to turn even you into a trembling mess of excitement~"

A mischievous giggle followed when finally she decided to turn the focus back toward the ongoing subject of their training, Fia's display making her ponder out loud. "I wonder if that means you can adjust your breast size also---" Realizing the sudden statement she had made her cheeks flushed up lightly as she declared with a sheepish grin. "Don't mind me~ I guess Esperia's influence is starting to rub off on me~"

Yet seeing Fia's magic also raised another point that she wanted to investigate further, leading her to inquire with a hint of curiosity. "So, does your speed suffer while you alter your body?" It would be quite possible that it did, so in that case she needed to figure out a means to help ensure that Fia could hit her target. In the end, while a tank was durable and tough, they weren't exactly the most nimble vehicles in the field!

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Preparing for War [Training][Private:Esperia] MHKs2Uu
#7Fiammetta Barone 

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Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

"O-Oh, that so, huh? G-Guess that sounds pretty aight..."

Fia stammered out in surprise after Asmodeus' reveal that the two may in fact be able to properly 'share' this form someday, trying to downplay exactly how exciting that prospect was. To think, Esperia with such power and lust... Why, it may just be enough for Fia to be underneath her for once! Of course, she didn't mention that, deciding to retain some level of pride in spite of her overflowing desires.

As Fia explained and demonstrated her own magic, it seemed Asmodeus could hardly help making a comment about its possible application, earning her unamused look from the steam punk, though at the same time, that was about the level of breast-obsession she'd come to expect from Esperia. "Seriously? They ain't big enough for ya already, Espy?" Fia would tease, hoping her words would be getting through to the black-haired trickster hosting the demon lord.

As Fia continued to ponder on how to enhance her magic, striking the tree repeatedly as she did, Asmodeus posed a very important question regarding her speed in the enlarged state her magic provided.

"I ain't any slower when I get big. My muscles get strong 'nuff to move quick as ever, but it can still be a problem." Fia explained as she continued to channel mana into her muscles, attempting to see what she could draw from her magic. "Bein' big means I'm a massive target, and also means it's easer ta' see me comin'. Which ain't too big a problem, 'cause my reach is a helluva lot bigger too." Fia explained as she threw another punch into the tree.

"'Course, that don't mean ensurin' I hit my target ain't still important. When my whole body gets big, all that power and weight could really fuck someone up if I got a heavy hit in..." She mused, realizing just how devastating a combination they could be. If Esperia could somehow keep an opponent locked down, then a full power titanic fist could do some serious damage.

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Esperia V. Eisenberg

Noticing the interest in Fia's voice the Demon Lord turned toward her, a spark of mischief in her eyes as she hummed teasingly in response. "They are perfect as they are, my dear pillow fortress~ Yet I Caught your interest with my remark, didn't I? And believe me, with my powers at her disposal Esperia could become quite creative when 'training' with you."

Yet further talks about such type of unorthodox exercising would have to wait as they would need to focus on the conversation of their combative abilities, Fia's reassurance that she didn't get any slower was a reassuring revelation, and one she took comfort in. A momentary pause followed as she thought about how to best answer the problem that Fia had mentioned, the fact that if an opponent was locked down, then a full power blow from Fia could be quite damaging to deal with!

"Such a feat might become possible once she can properly tap into my power, but right now I am restricted to only offensive and defensive magic. Supplementary skills like binding an enemy is simply too much for me to handle at my current compatibility rate."

Although that didn't mean that it was a hopeless situation either! She did have a thought of how to restrict an opponent's maneuverability. "While I can not lock down their movements entirely, I do know a means to severely restrict them."

A slight raise of her hand upwards above her head caused a blanket of pink blossoms to fall from the air, said petals molding together as a loud buzzing noise started to resound through the air, a loud hum that became clear as the petals had turned into a razor-sharp rotating blade that as she moved her hand lightly moved flawlessly into the same direction, similar to a dirigent leading an orchestra.

"If I were to harrass them with spells like this I could restrict their movements and manipulate the direction they got to escape in to lead to your advantage~ For example by launching a blade like this, alongside another projectile from the other side I could make it so that an enemy could no longer simply side-step around you~ In fact, I could even launch a barrier behind an enemy and lock them into place entirely, for the only way forward would be head-first into your fist~ And I believe they will have a much less pleasant experience with your 'fisting' than Esperia did~"

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Preparing for War [Training][Private:Esperia] MHKs2Uu
#9Fiammetta Barone 

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Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

Though Fia did her best ignore Asmodeus toying with her quite obviously noticed desires, her flushed cheeks betrayed how she truly felt on the matter, as thoughts rushed through her head on just how 'creative' they could be. Pushing past that topic, they began talking less about bedroom strategy and more about battlefield strategy, in particular, how to do some serious damage with Fia's Titan form.

Fia continued to nod along as Asmodeus explained that straight-up binding wasn't yet possible. The young Rune Knight continued training against the tree, trying to draw out more strength and expand her muscles even further as she listened. It seemed that although physically restraining a foe wasn't something Asmodeus could do yet, instead a kind of pincer attack might work as a stand-in, as Asmodeus explained. By limiting where the open could go, they could force them into taking the massive fist, which would be very hard to dodge without much room to move. Fia gave a satisfied look throughout Asmodeus' explanation, seemingly agreeing with everything she was saying. Well, up until the end at least.

"O-O-Oi!" Fia would suddenly stammer out, her body turning red as vapor suddenly erupted, especially from her arm. "D-Don't go bringin' that up, ya damn voyeur!" She scolded embarrassed, trying to calm herself down in the face of this sudden comment. She'd always wondered if Asmodeus had been conscious of their 'activities', but to hear that was actually the case... And that she'd even seen some of their more extreme activities... One that Fia had initated... Gods, Fia was starting to truly realize how much of perverted handful this demon was!

Fia shook her head violently, trying to expel the wonderful thoughts of when they'd engaged in such an activity from her mind. Turning her focus back the tree she spoke up again suddenly. "A-Anyways! I-I can keep people still to, if ya wanted some precision artillery..." Fia stated, assuming a stance as she prepared herself to go the next level of her magic. "Bein' big makes it hard fer people to get around me, and if I can get my arms or legs in the right place, can give 'em nowhere ta' run."

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Esperia V. Eisenberg

It was those type of reactions that the Demon Lord of Lust enjoyed the most, the incredibly flustered reaction of Fia at the mentioning of the rather 'intense' nightly activities between herself and Esperia led to the demon lord to find herself unable to resist teasing her a bit further. "Just wait until you're on the receiving end next time my dear~ When you're squirming and crying out in bliss it's difficult not to get noticed~"

A little giggle followed as she enclosed the distance between herself and Fia, a hand trying to wrap itself around the feisty lass's back, slowly trailing down as she continued. "Unfortunately most of my spells would cause collateral damage in a situation like that, unless I can refine my control over the motions of my projectiles."

It was a simple but logical explanation, but considering that most of the things were said that needed to be said the demon lord decided to be in a giving mood today. "For the rest it will be just a matter of learning to read each other's intentions without the need for words." She smiled briefly as she slowly leaned in to whisper into Fia's ear. "But I leave the rest of the training to be between you and her~"

And with those words, Fia would soon find herself being leaned against, not by the demon lord of lust, but the obsidian-haired trickster who had buried her face into Fia's back right around the time she had turned back to the tree, seemingly hoping to hide her flustered reaction to the earlier subject.

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Preparing for War [Training][Private:Esperia] MHKs2Uu
#11Fiammetta Barone 

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Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

It was going to be quite the ongoing and embarassing ordeal, dealing with the demon lord's teasing. Especially knew that it was evident that Asmodeus knew everything the pair got up to, even their more adventurous bedroom experiences. Not only that, but she could use them to further tease future adventures, implying to Fia that she may be on the receiving end some time. The young delinquent offered no response, though her mouth opened she was far too flustered to manage anything, her heart and mind racing at the thought.

Unfortunately, ignoring the demon would not be an option for much longer, as the lustful lord was suddenly embracing Fia and scouring her with hands, prompting another flustered and angry response. "Oi, oi, watch it handsy!" She stammered out, though made no attempt to stop the demon lord. Trying to ignore her and focus on drawing out her strength, Fia listened as the demon lord admitted collateral damage may just be caused if Fia's plan was used.

"Well, if it comes to it, I ain't got a problem with bein' caught in the crossfire. I'm a helluva lot tougher when I'm big, and takes a lot more to get through me." Fia groaned as she endured the embrace, acknowledging just how much of at tank she was in her full Titan form. Her size did a lot to help, meaning must blades or spears that pierced her were rarely capable of reaching any vital points in her massive body.

Fortunately for Fia, she'd have to endure the demon lord's perversion no longer, and would be left instead with her much more lovable perverted girlfriend. Fia smiled softly as she felt Esperia's face buried into her back, realizing just how embarassing it must have been for her too. As hard as this possession was for Fia to handle, Esperia was surely in an even worse position.

"Welcome back, Princess." Fia uttered quietly as she turned around and softly held her lover in her arms, pulling her close in a reassuring embrace as she kissed her forehead. "Asmo is a bit of a handful, huh?" Fia would chuckle before she released Esperia from the hug, turning back toward the tree and cracking her knuckles.

"Alright... Think it's about time I showed off. Gotta make sure I got this down pat, after all..." Fia muttered as she set herself into a solid stance, feet wide apart as she clenched her fists tightly at her hips, vapor beginning to rise off of her whole body.

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Esperia V. Eisenberg

The reassuring embrace certainly did wonders for making her feel comfortable, even if it did cause her heart to beat even more excitedly than before, the gentle kiss on her forehead causing the girl to nod her head sheepishly in response. "A 'bit' is quite an understatement~ At least it's a good thing that she is on our side... I think?" The girl mused softly, yet as Fia commented about wanting to show off a skill Esperia nodded her head lightly, taking a step back to give the feisty lass some space to showcase her ability while she carefully observed her lover.

The vapor that started to rise off her body was a telltale of the magic that she had started to display recently, causing her to wonder if it was related to the steam magic she had seen her use before, or if it was a different type of skill she developed. Of course she remained silent, wanting to not disturb Fia's focus, but also because she could spot the demon lord's ephemeral image at her side, the obsidian-haired lady's lips curved into a grin of mischief as she seemed to be quite aware of something that Esperia had been trying to keep under wraps so far, something that wouldn't last much longer. But first, she would let Fia show her new skill.

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Preparing for War [Training][Private:Esperia] MHKs2Uu
#13Fiammetta Barone 

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Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

"She better hope she stays on our side..." Fia groaned back to Esperia, hoping the demon lord within her heard that loud and clear. Fia had long since sworn, ever since the day she'd learned of this troublesome demon's possession, that if this Asmodeus were to ever cross them or do anything with Esperia against her will, then she'd suffer Fia's wrath, for doing such harm to the young woman she loved. That was her oath, what she'd sworn for a long time, and something she promised to put into practice. And with her opportunity for a demonstration ready, it was as good a time as any to show Asmodeus what she was in for if she ever crossed them.

As Fia set herself in that firm stance, her feet buckled slightly as she tensed muscles all over her body, steam rising up high from all over her. "Alright, here goes!" Fia exclaimed as she clenched her fists down even harder, feeling mana flow into her limbs as strength surged through her, as she drew out her power and rage. She envisioned his face, and what he'd said, and draw on what it brought it out of her. Pure rage.

Vapor erupted from Fia, as her entire body suddenly started to grow! Muscles expanded as she grew and grew, her form enlarging rapidly while her features also shifted slightly, becoming a bit more primitive in nature. Her clothing stayed on, but was strained and a bit torn by her increased size. When she was finally finished growing, the Titan girl stood at almost 8 feet tall, towering over the area! Vapor stopped being released, and she splayed her arms out in an aggressive gesture.


A guttural, animalistic shout rang out, and without another word, the Titan swung her leg at the try she'd been punching before, which under the new weight and force, was sent flying from its roots! The rage-fueled beast watched as it was sent hurtling, giving a celebratory roar as it landed. Standing up straight again, Fia's form would begin to shrink, slowly but surely reverting to its normal size. When she turned around to Esperia, panting with excitement and exhaustion, a massive smile was on her face.

"Pretty fuckin' cool, huh?"

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Esperia V. Eisenberg

How in the world did steam cause that type of effect?! Looking upwards in bewilderment at the enlarged titan, who quite literally obliterated the tree Esperia couldn't help but feel a slight shudder run down across her spine. Now hopefully Fia would be able to ensure they wouldn't need to worry about any collateral damage! Blinking in confusion as she watched Fia shrink back to her regular size the girl was quick to approach her, the massive smile upon Fia's lips being met with a focused and thoughtful look upon Esperia's own who raised her hands and----

Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze.

Repeatedly she pressed her fingers into the pillows of her lover as she pondered aloud. "How in the world does that work? Are you storing steam in here and then expanding it to the rest of your body? I never heard of breasts causing you to turn into a titan... Although it's pretty cool!"

Esperia admitted with a sheepish grin while her cheeks flushed up into a hue of embarrassment as she whispered softly. "Although I prefer your regular size the most..." And as if on cue the squeezing and kneading still continued, partly out of curiosity, and partly... for another reason?

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Preparing for War [Training][Private:Esperia] MHKs2Uu
#15Fiammetta Barone 

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Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

It would seem Esperia was just as proud of Fia and her newly demonstrated strength, who's own thoughtful expression prompted an even bigger grin from the young delinquent, her eyes even closed as she basked in the elation of pulling off that advanced spell! Only to be brought back down to earth by an all too familiar sensation.

She shot Esperia a deadpan look as she girl groped her, her own face reddening as she tried to suppress herself from making any sounds she might let out from the... Stimulation... "Oi, oi, can't ya keep yer hands off of the girls fer two minutes?" Fia laughed a little flusteredly as she placed her arms around Esperia's waist. Though sating her lover's perversion could be annoying, Fia wouldn't have Esperia be any other way, so had no intention of scolding or forcefully stopping her.

"And the magic ain't got nothin' to do with my tits, ya perv!" Fia barked jokingly, watching as Esperia continued to knead the large breadrolls before her. A soft whisper from the black-haired trickster and her own sheepish grin had Fia suddenly sharing that almost bashful and heart-pounding expression. As perverted as her comment was, the genuine nature of it had a wave of affection flowing from Fia, as she pulled her girl friend even closer, hands trailing down her back to a certain goal below.

"Well I like ya just he way ya are too, Princess." She uttered seriously as a hand firmly cupped the girl's backside, a salacious grin forming on Fiammetta's face. Before she pressed her lips against Esperia's, holding a passionate kiss. They'd done their training and strategizing, and now, even in the face of the oncoming war, they were bathing in their boundless love for one another. Pulling back from the kiss, Fia's grin remained, as she offered some words that were sure to get Esperia's heart pounding.

"So... Whaddaya say we get to that unorthodox trainin'?"

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Esperia V. Eisenberg

"I think I already kept my hands under control for the last five minutes~" Esperia whispered while teasingly poking out her tongue at the little joking remark she made, yet she seemed quite eager to continue teasing the large bosom of her lover, the comment about Fia's breasts making her snicker softly. "Well~ It could be quite the way to explain how you're suddenly able to draw forth so much power to grow. Fia's pillows are magical!"

Esperia exclaimed with a sheepish grin as she felt Fia's hands trailing down her backside, the salacious grin on her lover's face being met with one of her own, and yet the words that followed were more than enough to make her heart skip several beats alongside their kiss as her cheeks to flush up into a crimson hue. "I'd say that I got some very interesting training in mind~" As she stated those words she lightly tried to press her lover back onto the grass, a mischievous grin upon her lips as she straddled her and leaned closer to her ear to whisper with a mixture of playful seductiveness. "How about we see just how flexible you can be~"

And with those words, she buried her face down into the pillow fortress of the girl she adored so much.

-Fade to black-

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