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A New Feline Friend [solo]

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#1Kazumi Kiseki 

A New Feline Friend [solo] Empty Sun Jan 28, 2018 9:35 am

Kazumi Kiseki
Just as she and her guild mates had reached the City of Magnolia, Kazumi had decided to get rid of this strange feeling she had been having. It was sort of like that feeling she had felt when they first got to Tenrou, the one that she followed to get Fairy Glitter. This one was still different though, it felt more alive. More like there was something watching her. At first she thought it was the Kerberos guys, since she had felt it since they showed up, but she was sure they had beaten them all, so no, it had to be something else...

Kazumi waited until her party left earshot. She knew where they were headed so she knew she could catch up later. She could navigate around Magnolia, after all. She just needed to meet them back at the guild hall. As soon as they were gone she spoke loudly to the trees. “Who’s there?! Come out, I don’t have Patience for this! Reveal yourself or leave me alone!” Any outcome was acceptable. Kazu just wanted this strange feeling to go away so she could sulk in true peace, rather than keep her mind thinking and maybe even paranoid.

It was then that she heard rustling in the bushes. The young Crystal Wizard readied herself, squatting down just a little bit in case she needed to make a quick dash. She did not know what she was up against, and she was absolutely feeling Cautious after everything that had happened recently. The bushes continued to shake until they parted to reveal a small white creature. She had big red eyes and white fur with black markings, as well as two bushy tales waving back and forth. She did not seem hostile, instead she seemed... familiar? Kazu recalled seeing something white once during the Kerberos fight when she got that buff and once again on the boat back to Hargeon. “Have... have you been following me?” What was she? A cat? A fox? She kinda looked like both. The creature purred, approaching Kazumi before starting to rub on her leg; a very cat like trait. Kazu stepped back. “Oh nonono. I’m not... Kazumi felt her eyes start to burn a bit as she thought about Kira. “I’m not ready to pick up a stray, not right now. I’m not sure how you followed me all the way from Tenrou but you should find your way back.” With that Kazumi walked away, but the animal continued to follow, this time more openly. “What part of No did you not get? Go away!” She continued to walk but the furball continued to follow closely. She did not seem to have any intention of leaving Kazumi’s side. “Don’t expect me to take care of you, cat fox thing, you’re on your own” the maker mage explained, hoping it would deter the creature but alas, it did not seem to change anything. As Kazumi walked back toward the guild hall and the cat followed, it was clear that She
Had a new companion whether she liked it or not.


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