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Fire and Earth [Houren, FLASHBACK]

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#26Houren Vanadis 

Fire and Earth [Houren, FLASHBACK] - Page 2 Empty Mon Jan 29, 2018 11:17 pm

Houren Vanadis
The Fire Dragon Slayer followed suit after Kazuki down the rest of his coffee, taking a bigger sip than usual before leaving the rest on the table; coffee was the sort of luxury you should enjoy in small gulps, but he did very much hate to leave too much coffee left in the cup after he was done. He had spent an adequate amount of time with the Earth mage already, and the simple chat he was anticipating while looking for a quest to do turned into an impromptu heart to heart discussion about all manner of things; he learned a lot today about Fairy Tail's newest recruit, and in an ironic twist of fate, he ended up divulging more about himself than he imagined he would to someone he had only met.

"You can't go wrong if you follow your heart," he stood, throwing a a couple of legal tender coins on the quarter, and exchanging a passing glance with the bartender; he had left enough for both his and Kazuki's drink. It wasn't much, but he could think of it was a welcoming token for a new guild member. "There's a certain type of person I'm looking for. Dragons Slayers, they're called. They're a pretty rare sight around these here parts, but there's definitely a handful of others in Fiore. If you find any on your travels, I'd appreciate if you could send them my way," he drifted back to the guild board, went to the end where all the more daring missions were located, grabbed one without looking and left for the day's adventure.



Fire and Earth [Houren, FLASHBACK] - Page 2 Empty Mon Jan 29, 2018 11:33 pm

Raising to his feet shortly after Houren did, he nodded slightly at his words. He supposed that was a fair statement, as if you followed you're heart at least you'd be happy where you ended up...even if it wasn't where you thought it would be. Feelings were funny like that, sometimes tugging you in directions your logical mind knew was a poor choice. And even more so was how easy it was for the two to duke it out, and emotion won more times than logic. He supposed it proved that humans were more emotional beings than logical ones. That made sense, considering most animals followed instinct alone.

He watched the man pay for the drinks and did a quick count of the coins--which took a second as he was still fresh with what coin counted for what amount. Doing the math quickly, he bowed his head in thanks to the man. He didn't have to, really, but it was his next words that made Kazuki break out into a near laugh.

"Dragon Slayers? Dragons don't exist, sounds like a pretty boring job, eh? What's next? God Slayers?" He gave an actual laugh now, waving to the man. "But sure, if I see anyone claiming to slay dragons I'll send them your way!" He watched the guy leave and merely shook his head before proceeding over to the board. He went to where he had taken a job from and narrowed his eyes. Talk about sand bagging! He nodded to himself and looked back to the doors before moving back towards the lower ranking quests.

One day.


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