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What What What? [Sage|Hatsuharu]

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#1Sage † 

What What What? [Sage|Hatsuharu] Empty Sun Jan 28, 2018 4:59 am

Sage †
Birds were chirping as if there won't be any disaster, the balmy breeze that carried the warm heat of the sun blew across the town of Magnolia. Sage was leaning on a tree, waiting for Hatsuharu to come. They had made a deal to meet there to patrol the town of Magnolia, just to ensure that everything was okay. While waiting, Sage saw two couples walking together down the road, probably going to the famous Olly Cake Shop, the couple were holding hands and thinking about it, Sage doesn't have any love life, well he doesn't even have a lot of friends, to begin with.

Sage then looked back at himself and he remembered that he is just a 17-year-old mage trying to claw his way to the top. Sage wondered if there is a tournament that involves around mages all over the world fighting and getting glory and fame at the end of the tournament if such things exist, he surely would want to join it once he has mastered his magic. Sage looked left and right, waiting for the presence of Hatsuharu, looking for the scarlet-haired Hatsuharu won't be hard especially under the bright sun.

WC: 203


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Haru always kept his promises. So, when he told Sage that he would take him for a trial patrol before he decided to join Rune Knights, he meant it. He offered to accompany the young mage that evening for the same. Haru was a punctual man, but he was running late this time. He was in such a hurry that he didn’t even have the time to ask Akira if she wanted to join them. He exited his room, dashing out the hotel and towards Olly’s cake shop around where they decided to meet. Haru knew he wouldn’t be able to make it in time if he walked through the streets; so, he activated his Feather-Light spell and began jumping and gliding over the shorter houses to take a short cut.

Finally, he made it to the location, just in time, and saw that Sage was already there. He glided in front of him and landed gently, with his usual wide grin across his face. “Hey there! I’m glad you decided to come,” he said. Before the two could finish their niceties, Haru heard a commotion to the left. Some goon decided to rob the couple’s shopping bag and make a run for it. “Let’s go,” Haru said, and dashed towards the goon, stopping him in his tracks. “Not so fast!”

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Sage †
Sage was waiting and he saw Hatsuharu gliding towards Sage smiling, Sage actually grinned and said, "Awesome!", When Hatusharu finally landed and greeted Sage, and before Sage could say another word, Hatsuharu saw the couple that Sage saw earlier being robbed, and Tsuru acted immediately, "Already?!" Sage exclaimed and sighed. Hatsuharu did his job well not letting the goon has his way of escape, and before the goon does any tricks up his sleeve, Sage acted first, he waved his hand at the goon, the way Sage postured was so cool it was like being in an anime for him.

Roots and vines rapidly growing underneath the goon and entangled his whole body, the vines and roots moved like snakes tangling their prey to death, but for this occasion, the roots and vines don't tangle the goon to death, of course, knowing his own spell pretty well, Sage knew that his spell won't last for long as almost anybody could break it off so he said to Hatsuharu, "Finish him off Tsuru!", Sage positioned his hand pretty well, in case of something unlikely, Sage will grow another plant to trip the goon or something.


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Haru smirked as he saw vines hold the thief in place. He quickly snatched the shopping bag from him and the man growled at him. “Finish him? I don’t attack, remember? He is all yours,” Haru said to Sage and began running towards the couple. The shocked couple had finally registered what had happened and was very grateful to the Rune Knight. “Here! Don’t worry. I will take the thief into custody,” he said to the couple, who bowed to him and ran out of the scene.

Meanwhile, the thief would struggle but manage to break out of the bind. Enraged at Sage because he was the one who stopped him from escaping, he would charge towards him with a big round punch. There was no way Haru was going to let him land the punch. He quickly dashed back towards the two, put his palms together and created his Windshield between the punch and Sage. When the thief tries to make contact, he would meet with his shield instead, which would completely block the attack. “Get him for good, this time! We’ll arrest him after,” he said, nodding at Sage. Haru knew he could jump in and stop the thief from doing any harm if it came down to it, but he wanted Sage to do this himself. After all, this was a trial and he must experience what he would be doing every day if he decided to join the Rune Knights.

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Sage †
Hatsuharu did a great job stopping the goon from escaping, as predicted by Sage, the goon broke out of Sage's entanglement easily and Sage thought that he would escape after that but he didn't, his anger took hold of him completely because for Sage, charging at a mage with just a punch is something very not beneficial, Sage was about to shoot out a giant tree at the goon but with the help of his best mate, Hatsuaharu stopped the goon from landing his punch at Sage, "Thanks bud." Sage said, and for the final blow, Sage dashed in front of the goon and Sage snapped his finger, casting a bright flash that blinds the goon for awhile, the flash doesn't have a long range so only the goon was affected.

The goon screamed in shocked because the spell that Sage just cast is his favourite move, its element of surprise and the effectiveness of it during a fight is so good that Sage used it every time he knows that he is going to win. After blinding the goon, Sage spun mid-air and does a round-house kick at the goon on his stomach, even though Sage doesn't have much of a strength, he does have the knowledge of the human's anatomy and its weak points. The goon was hurled to a nearby tree crashing there blinded and fainted. Sage did it, he saved the couple's day by using his magic, he doesn't forget his teammate, he turned to Hatsuaharu and smiled, Sage raised his right-hand mid-air to high-five Hatsuharu and said "Great job mate! If this is what we do as a rune knight I'd love to join!"


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Haru nodded and smiled when he heard Sage thank him for the shield. He then patiently watched as Sage blinded the thief and kicked towards the tree. The healer was quite impressed with the way his new friend moved. “You too, Sage! That was great. I’m really glad you chose to join,” he said, and gave Sage the high-five. “How about we make this official? We can go to the closest station, hand this guy over to them and I’m sure there will be a joining form there you can fill out,” Haru said, walking towards the unconscious thief. He would then take a short rope and tie the thief’s hands behind him.

While he waited for Sage’s response, Haru patted the thief’s cheeks to get him back to consciousness. “Get up and walk quietly. You try something and the next kick will be to your teeth,” he said. Haru never attacked, but he was great at bluffing and intimidating the criminals. “Let’s go?” he asked Sage before moving on. If Sage agreed and followed, he would then help the thief to get up and push him along towards the closest Rune Knight bunker.

On his way, Haru would suggest something further to Sage. “So… I was thinking. If you like to travel too, how would you like to join me and Akira to form a full squad? We travel a lot. You can put in the request and they usually accept it unless there is an obvious problem,” he said.

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Sage †
Hatsuharu was going to take Sage to one of the rune knights offices to register Sage as an unofficial rune knight until he gets to the main city of the rune knights, the town of Era. Sage was quite excited because he quit the rune knights faction was because he felt lonely and doesn't feel like home, but now he is joining the rune knights because of Hatsuharu and Akira, even tho they just met for the past day, Sage already felt like he found a new warm home.

Hatsuharu asked Sage if he wanted to come, and with no regrets, "Of course!" Sage helped Hatsuharu with the criminal, which was quite easy because he was tied up and couldn't do anything but to follow what he and Hatsuharu told him to. While walking, Hatsuharu asked something that would probably change Sage's whole life. He asked if Sage wanted to form a team with him and Akira when Sage joined the rune knights. Sage was more than happy to hear this, he was delighted! "What? Are you serious? Of course, I would join you guys, I've never met someone I felt like a family before, except for my parents of course." Sage ended the sentence with a giggled as he inserted a joke that he gets in it, he also remembered his dear grandma, who he believes as the only one thing that he won't forget ever in his life.

When they arrived at the Rune Knight office, Sage followed whatever Hatsuharu does because it was a bit awkward getting back to the place where you actually worked before. When the time for Sage to join the rune knights unofficially comes, he would do every procedure correctly as he has done that before and also including his magic which is the Woodland Queen Magic.

After everything is settled, Sage would head out and say goodbye to Hatsuharu and said that he got something important. Sage wanted to continue his training because he could feel that something big will happen, and he must do something to stop this bad intuition from happening. Before parting from Hatsuharu Sage said, "I'll meet you in Era or Crocus I guess, see ya later!", Sage parted with a wave of his hand and turned into the direction of the forest, where he does all his training.



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Haru was glad he met Sage. He seemed enthusiastic and eager to help, especially after the recent fight against the thief. To add further to his happiness, the boy readily agreed to form a team with Akira and him. This was wonderful news to Haru. The two were limited to few things and could not be deployed to any major quest because of their limited fire-power. But, now, with Sage by his side, the three could do a lot more. Haru couldn’t wait to tell Akira the good news; but he wondered if she will consider it good. Come to think of it, maybe I should have asked her first. But he quickly brushed it off, knowing Akira will come around eventually. She warmed up to Haru… Kind of. He was sure the same will happen with Sage.

Once they reached the Rune Knight office, Haru left the thief with the respective officer and headed to the forms section. “Hello! My friend here would like to join our ranks. Would you please give me a joining form?” he asked the officer in-charge. The bald man was looked delighted and eagerly handed over the form to Haru. “Welcome, young man,” he said, smiling at Sage. Haru would then give the form to Sage, wait for him to finish filling it and then file it with the officer. “Don’t forget to travel to Era and get your official badge,” the officer said. Haru remembered even he is yet to do that. “Yeah… I’ll have to do that too,” he muttered.

When all the procedures were done, Sage took his leave, promising to meet in Era or Crocus. Haru waved goodbye to him as he left, with his typical wide grin. “See you, my friend. Have a good trip,” he said. Once Sage was out of the vicinity, Haru started his walk back to the hotel.


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