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Bandit Attacks [Quest|Sage]

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Bandit Attacks [Quest|Sage] Empty on Sun Jan 28, 2018 5:47 pm

Sage was standing there again, in front of the quest board, he felt like fighting some more people and save the people of Magnolia from bad things. He then saw something that caught his eye, a request from the Lord of Magnolia, Fernando De Syllas. Sage picked up the quest flyer and read the content, his eye moving from line to line, observing all the pictures on the flyer properly which was actually nothing of importance. The flyer explained that there had been some thieves stealing stuff all around Magnolia and they need a mage to stop them. Sage was happy to find the flyer first before any other mages, this is the only reason he'd go straight down the road to the quest board just so he could pick jobs that he likes and that suits him or course. Sage left the quest board area to the home of the Lord of Magnolia, Fernando De Syllas. While walking, Sage paid close attention to the signboards that lead him to Fernando's house. He also thought about Lord Fernando, he heard from people that he is also a mage and someone that can't be underestimated too, because he is a quite strong mage, dark guilds didn't dare to rampage in Magnolia after the downfall of the famous guild Fairy Tail. Sage arrived at the manor of Lord Fernando, the manor was shining in the colour of silver, its gate was carved in a beautiful pattern but isn't a match to Lamia Scale's guild hall carved pattern. Sage looked for an object that could be used to send a message to the people inside the manor, he then noticed a button at the end of the long gate. Sage walked to the button and pressed it, he believed that it is a ringing bell and the guards will notice him and gave him permission to enter. Instead of opening the gate, one of the guards appeared before Sage and asked Sage on why he came there, the guard looked like a nice person so Sage honestly answered, Sage, said that he came here to declare that he is going to take the quest Fernando posted. The guard nodded and told Sage that he will make sure Lord Fernando take note of this. Sage left with a thank and a smile, then all Sage needed to do was to wait until nightfall, where everybody is asleep. When it was nightfall, Sage escorted Magnolia to see whether any illegal activities are being held, as he was about to make a corner, he could hear rumbling sounds and was sure that it was the robbers who are there. When he turned the corner, he was sure that it was the robbers. They threatened Sage with knives and said that Sage was just a kid, Sage was actually mad and he stepped closer, being more intimidating with the cloak that hides his true face, Sage smirked, "You will regret this.".

WC: 500/2000


Bandit Attacks [Quest|Sage] Empty on Sun Jan 28, 2018 9:10 pm

When the bandits saw Sage and heard what Sage said, they laughed, because Sage has a voice that is almost like a girl's, making Sage less intimidating than ever. Sage walked closer, and closer, he wanted to cast his spell so that the thieves would get caught in the wilderness that Sage was about to create, plus the range of this spell isn't that long and that's the only reason Sage was approaching the thieves. When the thieves are in range, they laughed at Sage and told him to get home before things get very ugly, Sage was still in his calm manner, he raised his hand and grabbed the end of his robe, and he pulled it off to reveal himself, just like a circus, Sage announced his greatness, "Things are going to get ugly.", Sage waved his hand at the direction of the thieves, the ground started to rumble and a giant oak tree burst from the ground and high into the air, luckily the thieves aren't carried away by it, but instead, they are knocked back due to the burst of the giant oak tree, Sage waited for the thieves to react and almost all of the thieved doesn't look back and ran away, leaving their stuff behinds saving their own butt first before getting ass kicked by a mage. But then there was one thief that didn't run but at the same time he was standing from the ground, he got some bruises due to the impact, Sage readied his leg to react and attack once more, the thief was hunky and his face was actually revealed by himself, as his mask was ripened off due to the impact. His eyebrow was thick, and he has a scar on his left cheek, making him more intimidating, his hair was black-blue in colour and the expression in his face sent a message to Sage that he wasn't happy about the current situation. "How dare you, you, you incollent mage!", he wailed, Sage did not felt threatened at all, "Well how dare you dirty thieves steal other people things?", Sage replied, the spicy tongue is back again, it has been a long time since Sage said something so spicy that he felt powerful at that moment. The hunky thief got angrier, his head was read in colour as if he was going to explode, "Woah cool down brother." Sage exclaimed, making a joke. The hunk then came at Sage, charging his fist, well this isn't a boxing ring anymore, Sage has to use his spells to defeat his opponent. Sage clenches his fist and opens it, a light orb was there, Sage turned the light orb's maximum potential and the light was so bright it stopped the thief from charging, Sage wasn't affected as he uses his hand to cover the light orb from hitting his eyes. The thief closed his eyes because he couldn't stand the bright light.

WC: 503
T WC: 1003/2000

Name: Illuminate
Rank: D
Mana Cost: 25
Requirements: Woodland Queen Magic
Type: Supplementary
Element: Light
Range: 5 Meters
Cooldown: 1 Post
Duration: Sustain
Effect: Sage clench his fist and when he opens it an orb of light the size of a marble can be seen and the brightness of the orb can go as bright as 80 000 lumens which can make anything that sees the light will have a hard time seeing, the orb of light can grow up to the size of a disco ball.

Mana: 540/560 (20% mana reduction due to 33 INT)


Bandit Attacks [Quest|Sage] Empty on Sun Jan 28, 2018 11:07 pm

Sage sustained the light orb, just to blind the opponent in front of him, the thief seems like he couldn't stand it anymore, he charges at Sage blindly, this is where things got hard for Sage, he doesn't know accurately how to defeat the hunky thief because Sage was sure that he doesn't have enough to single blow the thief because he doesn't have the right amount of strength to take down the man with a high possibility that he has a high endurance. But when the thief was charging at Sage, Sage noticed something, that the thief was slow, well at least slower than Sage. Sage had the same idea when he was in the boxing ring. He will have to make the same movement and step so that thief would be tired and Sage could then easily defeat the thief. The thief charged at Sage while closing his eyes, the bright light orb still intact in Sage's hand facing it not to himself but to the hunky thief, it seems like he didn't know where to go, Sage was just moving around and around, he isn't even running and the hunky thief seemed like charging at an empty spot, Sage reminded himself that he also can't let the thief run away, so thinking properly, and doing some of his calculations Sage decided to retreat his spell so that the thief won't run away and get loose again. Sage hid his light orb inside his pocket so that all the light emitted by it won't affect anyone in the area. The thief noticed this and he opened his eyes and smirked, "Hahahaha, what? are you out of mana to use your dirty little trick?" the hunky thief was so full of himself which also reminded Sage that being so full of themselves is what Sage just did which made him grin a little. "What? What is so funny?!" the hunky thief shouted, not calm with the current situation. "No nothing, nothing," Sage said coughing a little bit after that to show that he was serious in such a funny way. Sage noticed what just happened there, he was delaying the thief by talking. Sage analyzed the situation as quickly as possible using all his energy to observe the scene but and at the same time, he was being cautious of the things around him. "So why did you want to steal things... umm, Mr.Thief?" Sage asked the hunky thief ending the question by triggering a shame on him to unleash his rage and reveal his identity, and by the looks of it, Sage trick worked. "Curse you imbecile read head! The name is Barlan Brasser!" and that was it, a Sage couldn't hold it in anymore, he covered his mouth and giggling could be heard from Sage, the street was silent, Barlan was paralyzed he was shocked by Sage's reaction, Sage laughed loudly that it scares the silence of the night away.

WC: 506
T WC: 1509/2000


Bandit Attacks [Quest|Sage] Empty on Mon Jan 29, 2018 2:30 am

Sage laugh was a pure one, he really does thinks that what was happening there was very funny. Sage could see that Barlan was charging at Sage, getting ready with some teardrops in his eyes because of his laugh, Sage positioned his leg so that he could execute his next plan. Barlan was close to Sage and he can use his secret technique next, Sage snap his finger, a bright flash suddenly surrounded everything around Sage, including Barlan. The flash was so fast that Barlan was so shocked. Barlan was blinded shockingly, the flash was ridiculously shocking and bright that Barlan went blind and couldn't see anything and was forced to close his eyes. Meanwhile, Sage was waiting for one of Lord Fernando guards to came and arrest the thieves but in this case, Barlan was the only thief that Sage could capture because the other ran away before Sage could see the faces behind their masks. Now that Barlan was blind, he can't do anything but to walk fearfully as he didn't know what is in front of him and where he is. Sage then could hear the sound of a caravan coming towards the place Sage was at. The sound of the wheel rolling through the cable stones of the street and the sound of horses feet running, its hooves colliding with the street creating sounds and it echoed, the neighing of the horses can also be heard, its pitch high and the energy coming from it seems like it was obeying its masters order. Sage kept an eye on Barlan while anticipating the incoming of the guards or maybe something worse, a whole gang of thefts. As that idea of the whole gang of thieves arriving at that area crossed Sage's mind, he grabbed the light orb in his pocket and readied it to blind the whole area and let Sage have his easy escape. The caravan arrived and Sage didn't know who was inside it yet when it comes to a halt someone stepped out of the caravan and it was one of Lord Fernando's alt. Sage exhaled as a sign of relief, he was kind of afraid that he will be ganked and possibly get murdered. Sage asked the guard for a rope so that he could tie down Barlan. The guard gave Sage a rope, Sage took them and walked over to the blinded Barlan and tied his hands and legs together with ease even tho Barlan acted so viciously, well he isn't a giant so at least it is still easy. The guard helped Sage to move Barlan inside the caravan back seat where prisoners are held. Sage said to Barlan his final word, "You better start a new life or not you'll die regretting your current life." Sage closed the caravan door and the guard gave Sage the quest reward which was money, Sage was happy to get some money so he could travel again.


WC: 501
T WC: 2010/2000

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