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I Will Never Come Back Here Again, Good Bye

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#1Chisu Lau Manji 

I Will Never Come Back Here Again, Good Bye  Empty on Sun Jan 28, 2018 1:36 am

Chisu Lau Manji


She arrived at day break. It seemed to take more time than she thought. The man had stopped their travel right before a large church. Was it Santos?

"Milday, this is the place I believe." he said to the raven haired woman.

"This is the place?" She question him. It was odd. "The only temple in Dahlia?" She looked at it and all of the sickly people that walked in and out of the doors. It was supposed to be abandoned for the most part. So what changed?

Chi lifted her cloak to cover her head and face. She hopped off the wagon and made her way to the back of the carriage. She could easily drag the coffin inside with the ropes and plank that it rested on. After all, it had wheels for a reason.

"Do you need help, miss-?"

"Manji. And no thanks."

"Miss Manji? That is a title I could enjoy." Nameless spoke out to the girl. She knew enough to know what was planned.

This was going to be the end of the road, the final stop. They would return only when the task was done. When the Manji would be safe, she would rise from the ashes.

She would be reborn.


I Will Never Come Back Here Again, Good Bye  Empty on Sun Jan 28, 2018 2:01 am



■ 216 WORDS ■ "Let me see her... I have to see her..."

She had been waiting. The bodies lay in the bottom of a pit that was dug under the temple. It was by their god's wishes to do so, and Caitlyn dared not question. There was something to happen today, and it was nothing she was prepared for.

"A strange lady. Hmmm"

"She's so pretty. Why does she wear a robe?"

"She drags a coffin?"

It was then, by those words, Caitlyn knew who it could be. She ran past the people, parting them. She would push past the door to find a figure offload a coffin from a carriage.

Black hair begun to flow, and as the coffin hit the ground, the man rode away. She was coming towards the temple. Was it her? Was it them?

Was this the end of their fate?

No, their story wasn't going to end anytime soon. A book might end, but a story can go on forever. It was only a question of who would be writing this new future, and who would remain from these old times?

These of course, were not on her mind. All Caitlyn focused on was what could possibly lay within that wooden box. She feared the worst, but if she was brought here, at least she could see her face, one last time.

#3Chisu Lau Manji 

I Will Never Come Back Here Again, Good Bye  Empty on Sun Jan 28, 2018 10:55 pm

Chisu Lau Manji


There was no time to waste. The pages were turning and they couldn't stop it. It would be a waste of their time to struggle and fight back. Chisu was going to pay the cost, just as Nameless did long ago, and continued to pay.

She would spot the woman, a face she could never forget. It was by her hand that they all were able to make safe refuge in this new world. Sure, Chisu's first moments were harsh, but it was better to have it rough, than not at all.

"Miss Caitlyn, we have no time to waste. I trust you have made preparations?" Chi asked, her blade on her hip and her hands pulling the coffin behind her, as if it was no great feat.

There was no telling how she would take this ritual. Chi didn't know if it would work either. It was their duty to try, if it failed, then it was at the cost of strengthening their god for the next attempt. Chisu's soul was strong and pure. If it did not happen soon, it would happen when the time was right, when all was safe.

She would follow the woman to wherever they needed to go.

These were the final moments. There was no going back.


I Will Never Come Back Here Again, Good Bye  Empty on Mon Jan 29, 2018 4:19 am



■ 215 WORDS ■ "Let me see her... I have to see her..."

It had been so long since she had seen Chisu. She was the heir, and here is where the story was going to end. So many lives were lost because of that cursed man, but he died before her eyes.

"Unfortunately, yes." she would answer. She had no idea she would come at a time like this. "Though, to our misfortune and luck, Sekiya lays at the base along with the man that claimed our lives. She took his soul just before her own faded away."

There was much to say, but here, for now, the less words between them, the easier this would become.

The two of them would find their way to the basement of the temple, supporting the weight of the box as they walked it down the steps. There, they would lay the coffin beside the pit and wait for everything to be in place before they would begin the end.

Here, Caitlyn would assume the title, even for a moment. She would have the most true blood until everything was set into place. It was going to her her rite to complete this task for her. For all of them. It was going to be the last hurdle in their lives. Then...

They would have a god to listen to.

#5Chisu Lau Manji 

I Will Never Come Back Here Again, Good Bye  Empty on Wed Jan 31, 2018 11:15 pm

Chisu Lau Manji


She would kneel before the box, the girl that saved the soul that ended the life that ended theirs. It was the perfect example of the greatest reward at the highest cost. But none of them bore sadness. None of them bore anger. It was their fate to live and die. There was nothing more honorable than to die for their cause. However that fact alone does not stop a woman from harboring a grudge against a man.

Chisu struck the box with the butt of her blade. The wood would crack and cave in, showing the boots of the woman. The smell was non existent, for she was coated in wax, just as other before her was. She would pull the boards to expose the body, only to show the jars and boxes of the requested objects extracted from her. Chisu would take these things and toss them into the pit, the glass shattering below. Swords would be summoned in that moment, surrounding her. Caitlyn only had to chose which was worth of their time.

She looked at the body. She could see the wound that claimed her life, as well as the marks from the man that attempted to dispose of her. Gashes, large wounds, burn marks. He was no skilled killer, only a leader of foolish strong men. Chisu nodded at the idea of raising her own army of the same like.

The Manji were different.

She would pick up her last relative and cast her into the hole that was dug before her. All that remained would be the box, and the one that breathed.

Chisu would turn away from the grave as she sat before it. Her feet would be crossed, her blade placed on her lap. It was ceremony to die by their blades. It was their custom to usurp themselves. When they hold no longer purpose, it is their cause to give them a warriors death. To live without a reason to die, is to be dead. To die for honor, is immortality.

Chi would wait for her final moments.

And this was the end.

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I Will Never Come Back Here Again, Good Bye  Empty on Fri Feb 02, 2018 1:55 am



■ 231 WORDS ■ "Let me see her... I have to see her..."

One cannot create without first destroying. You cannot make life without taking life. Everything came at a cost. Freedom came at the greatest cost. You could not free yourself, without first restricting others, or yourself. The world was full of odd contradictions.

Caitlyn knelt before the woman she served, and the embodiment of a god. She bowed in respect. The relic remained on Chi's back. Caitlyn would remove it from her, taking it from it's case to lay upon her skin. She would lift her hair and place it against her flesh. With the blood on her hands, she would slowly take up the sword that was resting in her lap. It was going to be quick. She would not suffer.

She would unsheathe the blade, tossing the scabbard into the hole behind her. She would take the blade and push it forward in one clean movement. It would be a single scar when it was done.

The sword would then find its way into the pit, as would the girl and the object pressed to her back. Caitlyn would shed a tear, for this moment she was the elder. She was now the heir, for this moment. For this moment, she was alone.

For now, bodies of all that was lost lay together.

And soon they would all be covered in dirt, made to forget... to all but the Manji

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