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Foot Travel : Era to Dahlia

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#1Chisu Lau Manji 

Foot Travel : Era to Dahlia Empty on Sun Jan 28, 2018 8:10 pm

Chisu Lau Manji


It was a coffin, nailed shut. It had been delivered by a man employed by the caretaker to take it to Chisu. She had requested it have been moved out of Magnolia and taken to Era. It was strange, but Chisu had not wished to be anywhere near where the instance had taken place. Namé Les was dead. That man Baron did nothing to save her. He had been a waste of her time. She was not worthy of such an ill fated death. To die alone. To die saving a girl she didn't even know.

She was a hero in her eyes, just like on that fated day.

She sat in the back of the horse drawn carriage, taken out of the city limits to the place she had planned to go to all along. She placed her hand on the bloodied and rotten box. The stench of death filled her nostrils, and it filled her with anger.

There was only one person to blame for this, and Chisu wasn't them. She removed her hand and looked forward. She wanted to see the temple when she arrived, but that wasn't why she looked forward. There was things to come.

She was going to make a sacrifice to better all of the Manji and their followers. In the past months, they had grown in numbers and souls revealed themselves. Soon they would rise. But first, she had to make her payment to Phantom Lord. She would make sure they would rise and go the path they had desired. Bodak had been left with the directions, and so they would begin.

It was the one thing she was advised not to go through with, but with all of the new faces that would find their way to Phantom Lord, Shura wouldn't even notice she was gone. To him, it would be one long vacation...

Until the god walked the earth.


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