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Raging Bull [Quest: Esperia and Fia]

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Raging Bull [Quest: Esperia and Fia] Empty Sun Jan 28, 2018 12:23 am


Esperia V. Eisenberg

It had been a few days since they were told to prepare themselves for the trip to Crocus, a week from now the emperor would summon the guild mages and the rune knights to the capital to aid in the defense of the city, and it was at a time like this when Esperia found herself seeking out the company of the one who made her feel the most at ease, the one she felt more comfortable and secure around. Indeed, aside from having tried to make Fia stay the night as often as possible, she also found herself seeking the companionship of her lover even more than usual.

"hmm..." a little thoughtful expression lingered on her face as Esperia was seated on the edge of the bed, dressed in her usual attire when after a moment she finally turned to the feisty lass and inquired with a hint of curiosity in her tone. "Say Fia~ Are you nervous?"

She paused for a moment, seemingly waiting for an answer before she continued speaking, her tone softening a little. "To be honest, I am... To think they would recall all the guild mages to Crocus to take part in a war... But then again, if the crown falls then nowhere in Fiore will be safe..."


Raging Bull [Quest: Esperia and Fia] MHKs2Uu
#2Fiammetta Barone 

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Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

In her few encounters with fellow Rune Knight recruits in Baska, Fia had noticed a melancholic mood coming over the lot of them. A silent, yet almost gut-wrenching tension that built up as the day to defend Crocus approached. Indeed it was, that those far and wide would soon find themselves in a dangerous and life-threatening situation, that many had never even come close to facing before.

Even Fia didn't know what to make of this frightening new call-to-arms. Being in the Rune Knights had always been something she'd done out of duty to her family, but even then, she found herself on the verge of cracking as the day approached. Few things kept her sane, and a certain black-haired trickster was one of them.

As Fia lay back against the head of the bed, reading through letters from the orphanage and elsewhere, her lover suddenly spoke up, inquiring whether Fia was nervous.

"Yeah... A little." She admitted softly, baring her concerns to one of the only people she ever did. Esperia spoke some more, showing genuine concern, as Fia moved into to put a reassuring arm around her.

"Oi, Princess, we'll be fine, aight? It's scary shit, but we're facin' it together. Not jus' you and me, but all of us mages out there. Those Grims don' stand a chance, ya hear?" Her words were soft, and although Fia herself wasn't that certain about them, it felt nice to try and believe all that. The steam punk leaned back into the bed, looking at her letters again.

"Huh... Got one 'ere from Doc Gerard... Addressed to both of us?"

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Esperia V. Eisenberg

"Mhmm~ I'm sure we'll be fine~ Especially with you by my side." Esperia hummed softly in appreciation of Fia's attempt to reassure her. However, when she heard the Barone mention something about a letter she turned her gaze toward it with a clear hint of curiosity.

A letter from the doctor? Now that was a curious something to receive. In the end, she had not seen him ever since she got discharged from the hospital, partly due to the fact he seemed quite busy with an influx of patients.

"Don't keep me waiting~ Go ahead and open it~ I wonder what made him decide to write a letter. Hehe~ Maybe he's curious to see how things are going with us."

Shuffling closer to the bed she was rather quick to press her body sideways against Fia as she took a peek at the letter, wondering what the contents within contained. Whatever they might have been, just the fact that it belonged to Doctor Gerard was enough to stir her interest, not to mention she was already enjoying the sensation of snuggling up to Fia's side as she waited for her to start reading the letter.


Raging Bull [Quest: Esperia and Fia] MHKs2Uu
#4Fiammetta Barone 

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Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

"Heh, maybe. Nosy bastard probably checking up on us..." Fia mused with a reminiscent grin as she opened the letter. It had been, after all, Gerard's own matchmaking that had gotten her and Esperia together, so it wouldn't be out of the question for him to be checking in. Or, perhaps, he had more work to do, seeing as Fia and Esperia had helped him out in the past. As Esperia snuggled up to Fia and awaited reading, the steam punk shifted a bit closer herself, before getting into the contents.

"Dear Fia and Esperia...

"I apologize that I cannot speak to you in person, but this is of the utmost importance. I have uncovered troubling findings while investigating the new virus in Baska. Not only is it causing those infected to succumb to episodes of violent rage, it has also new begun spreading to animals as well, making them a danger to the town as a whole. But, this also might pose a hopeful opportunity. One pack of boars in particular, by a location specified in attached map, has succumbed to the virus, but if you were to sedate and deliver one of these boars to me, the studies conducted on it may just help us find a cure to this horrible virus. I aplogize again for asking so much of you, but do hope you see the good this can do...

"...Sincerely, Doctor Gerard..."

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Esperia V. Eisenberg

A hand was raised to the obsidian-haired trickster's cheek as she pondered about the contents of the letter. She had heard whispers here and there about a case of unexplained incidents where the victims displayed uncharacteristic bouts of anger and rage, but now that they received this letter the contents of it were more than enough to explain the nature of those incidents: a mysterious virus was plaguing the people of Baska, and if the letter was right it was not only people but even animals suffering from its effects.

"Hmm, that sounds pretty serious..." Of course she was inclined to look into the matter, but to do so would require for her to talk to Fia about it first, so she turned her gaze up toward the young woman and inquired with a hint of curiosity. "What do you think Fia? Should we go and investigate this matter? Then again, wrestling with a boar might be a good training for you for when we get summoned to Crocus!"

A sheepish giggle followed when she leaned up to Fia's ear and continued with a more mischievous smile lingering upon her lips and a sweet sensual voice following alongside it. "Of course, we can always 'wrestle' each other after we helped the good doctor~"

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Raging Bull [Quest: Esperia and Fia] MHKs2Uu
#6Fiammetta Barone 

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Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

Fia carefully pulled the map out right after she'd finished reading the letter, not even taking much time to think on what it meant. Doc was in trouble and needed help, and Fia had been really hoping for a chance to do him some final favors before they left Baska. Helping save the town from some virus seemed like the perfect parting gift.

The delinquent nodded as Esperia spoke of how serious it was, fully understanding just what this could mean. A virus like this could tear apart the whole damn town if they let it. Fortunately, Esperia took a bit of the edge of the serious matter with her mentions of wrestling prompting a grin from the Barone lass. "Heh, bring it on, I say! Need all the practice we can get, after all, and it ain't bad, bein' able to say I tussled with boar and won!" Fia declared with her usual fiery pride. That fire would soon turn to steam at Esperia's seductive comment into Fia's ear, which had the hotheaded girl feeling warmed up for whole different reasons.

"Heh, don' mind the sound of that... Though I'm thinkin' the boar won' be as easy to pin." Fia returned the tease as she stood up from the bed, throwing her jacket on and cracking her knuckles in preparation for their boar hunt!

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Esperia V. Eisenberg

"Hehe~ I bet you'll have your hands full dealing with me~ Especially if I make you squirm with all my snuggling~" Esperia hummed with a smile while she thought a bit further about the request. Considering the virus made the victims rather violent it was likely the boars would be even more wild and vicious than normally, so it was understandable that she wanted to take as many precautions as possible. Perhaps it was time for her to try something? Closing her eyes she tried to focus her thoughts on the existence of a particular being, when suddenly she spoke aloud. "Sebastian?"

As if the name was all that was needed a sudden puff of black smoke came a few steps before her, a tall figure emerging from amidst the darkness. "A pleasant morning to you Master, Lady Fia, I, your humble servant Sebastian-" The butler made a light bow, his arm resting before his chest as he continued speaking. "Am at your service, what can I do for you today?"

The appearance of the butler caused Esperia to hum softly, seemingly pleased by the fact her attempt to call him had worked. "There is a certain place that I and Fia plan to investigate, could you please attend to me during the journey?"

The butler nodded his head slightly in response to the request. "Your wish is my command, feel free to lead the way Lady Fia."

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Raging Bull [Quest: Esperia and Fia] MHKs2Uu
#8Fiammetta Barone 

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Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

Fia continued to grin salaciously at her lover as Esperia practically teased her with those little comments. She'd been enjoying and savoring those moments between them more and more as the fated battle against Grimoire Heart approached. Sometimes, it felt like Esperia's whispers were the only thing keeping her from losing her damn mind.

As Fia was making the final preparations before leaving, donning her newly-minted ass-kicking gear, Esperia was making preparations of her own, as an utterance under her breath suddenly summoned forth the pair's chaperone. Fia groaned quietly at his appearance, still not quite used to the idea of being attended by a personal butler.

"Heya, Seb." Fia greeted casually as the man bowed, making her yet more uncomfortable. Growing like she did, it didn't quite feel right having something like a butler around. Even if that butler was an extraordinarily powerful demonic servant of the demon lord of lust.

As Fia donned her outfit and guantlets - a new gift courtesy of Claramond - Esperia detailed their plans to the demon butler, who then turned to Fiammetta herself to guide the way.

"Yeah, yeah. Just try not scare 'em off, aight?" Fia said as she tightened her second gauntlet, before heading out for the door. "Here we go... Time to tussle with some tusks!" She declared before heading off to the location that Gerard had given them.

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Esperia V. Eisenberg

"I will make certain to keep your advice in mind." Sebastian answered with a calm smile as he helped the young Eisenberg put on her cloak, and only a few moments later the duo was already well on their way to the outskirts of Baska. The location in particular was a small lake near the hills surrounding Baska, a trip that didn't take that long, and honestly it was refreshing to be able to walk at Fia's side, happily clinging to her arm while the butler followed slightly behind the two of them, close to Esperia's other side.

As the two of them arrived at the edge of the lake it appeared the pack of boars they were told about were indeed present, two of them drinking from the water in the lake, while at the same time two more were busy trying to sharpen their tusks against the bark of a tree. And a fifth one was.... charging straight at them?!

Her eyes widening slightly in surprise at the reckless charge of the beast, Sebastian was quick to step between herself and the savage creature, addressing Fia with the usual calm politeness in his tone. "Lady Fia, will you be dealing with this beast, or shall I have the honor of rendering it unconscious? Whatever the case might be, we better decide quickly since it seems our guest isn't that eager to wait."

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Raging Bull [Quest: Esperia and Fia] MHKs2Uu
#10Fiammetta Barone 

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Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

After making the short and rather relaxing trip to their 'hunting grounds', the trio would soon find themselves by a small lake on the hills that lined Baska's outskirts. A fairly nice location, were it not for the angry boars that still populated it. After walking there with Esperia at her arm, Fia would soon find herself attempting to sneakily spy the boars with the other two, watching as they seemed to be using the lake as a watering hole of sorts.

Hazel eyes watched carefully, trying not to make a sound as they spied on the boars. Fia glanced at those drinking, eyes darted over to the ones sharpening the tusks, before finally, her gaze set one that was... Well, it was charging straight at them.

After a brief moment of shock, Fia was standing up beside Sebastian, fists raised and at the ready. "This one's mine Seb! Watch the other fuckers!" Fia proclaimed as she suddenly darted forward toward the charging boar! Her armored hands clamped down on it's tusks as it approached, Fia getting into a brief wrestling match with beast before its charge finally stopped. Slipping a hand from he grapple, she gave a quick jab of her gauntlet between the boar's eyes, before raising both hands and slamming them down together in a vicious overhead strike!

The girl's own strength combined with the weight of steel behind her hands had the other boar dizzily steeping away a few moments, before collapsing on its side. The only problem... Now the other boars were eyeing them up too!

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Esperia V. Eisenberg

Esperia couldn't help but clap her hands together in excitement as Fia wrestled with the large boar, the display of physical strength clearly overwhelming the poor beast. However, it appeared that as she dealt with the large boar the remaining beasts overheard the scuffle and turned their attention toward the duo!

"Oh-Oh... I don't think they want to play..." Esperia mused softly, and indeed... a moment after she said that the boars charged straight toward the trio! One of them was rushing in a beeline toward Fia, leaving her with one more foe to deal with, while Esperia herself found two large boars rushing into her direction.

Fortunately for her, but unfortunately for them, a powerful servant of a demon lord stood between them, and Sebastian seemed to be the embodiment of calm refinement as he adjusted his gloves slightly. "It appears they are a bit agitated at our presence. Unfortunately for them, I can not allow them to lay a hand on my master."

The first two boars that charged caused Sebastian to adapt into a martial arts stance when suddenly he punched the ground violently, sending a wave of intense crushing darkness toward the charging foes, who found themselves helplessly knocked up into the air and back into the lake, but at the same time the third boar of the 4 had decided that with Sebastian too great of a threat, he could better focus on Esperia herself, a foolish decision because the moment he neared her and Esperia's gaze settled onto the boar, Sebastian reappeared at her side in a puff of darkness, a lunging fist making the poor beast reel to the side and collapse onto the ground with a heavy thud!

It appeared only Fia's enemy was left to deal with, and then they would be properly done and could take back the boar to the good doctor!

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Raging Bull [Quest: Esperia and Fia] MHKs2Uu
#12Fiammetta Barone 

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Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

As the first boar collapsed unconscious from the heavy blows to it's head, Fia couldn't help strike a victory pose, flexing her arms to show off the strength she'd used to subdue the beast. "Ya see that, Princess?" She'd call out triumphantly, though, it seemed Esperia was a little preoccupied with something else - the remaining boars charging right at them!

As two went towards Sebastian, Fia had her own new foe to deal with. Adopting a wrestler's stance, she'd take the boar head-on once again, using her tough gi to take the impact of its charge as she grappled its body, heaving the boar up and throwing it to the side with what strength she could muster. It slammed into a tree, and before it could make another move, Fia's arm began releasing vapor, growing twice as large before she delivered a brutal haymaker to the remaining beast!

With all that said and done, Fia wandered over to the first boar, heaving it up over her shoulders by its legs and nodding to Esperia and Sebastian to indicate their mission was, in fact, complete.

After that, it was the simple task of delivering the boar back to Gerard, who offered his usual "Thank you" as Fia set it down an operating table before accepting the reward he'd prepared for her and Esperia. He didn't offer any inquiries about how the two were going, clearly very preoccupied with his work, as he begun examining the unconscious boar immediately, while Esperia and Fia left, having enjoyed the day's distraction, and certainly the promised 'wrestling' that would follow.

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