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A Boarific adventure (Baron)

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Esperia V. Eisenberg

How had it come to this? A question the young Eisenberg idly asked herself as she remained seated on top of the giant branch of a large tree upon the Baskan hills. To be honest, if one was to take a look at the obsidian-haired damsel right now, then they would no doubt be thinking that the situation she was in was straight out of a comedy. Why exactly was this the case? Because standing at the bottom of the giant tree was a small pack of boars that were clearly eager to try to gorge her upon their horns!

It also didn't help that she didn't exactly have any means of combat at her disposal for dealing with those! In the end, a boar wasn't exactly an enemy most humans could wrestle with in terms of martial arts, and magic was not an option for her either, well it could be if she was willing to take the risk to let Asmodeus take the reigns, but that might have been just as dangerous as it would have been useful, so instead she did what any proper damsel in distress would do: Placing her hands at the side of her mouth she took a deep breath and shouted at the top of her lungs:



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Baron had been testing his new abilities fairly recently, he felt himself getting hungrier the blood of the wolf lurking inside of him causing his mind to wander freely. He was so hungry, so alone, he didn't have a clue what to do with himself. All he could think about at the moment was feeding, getting stronger and hunting. The hunt excited him the most, he had found himself frequenting the hills for quite a while now. He was down on all fours already running through the hills in search of his next meal. He started with small game, ever since that beast attacked him he began to have cravings after all. Field mice, rabbits, and even stray pets had been filling his blood lust, but now... Now he was on to bigger animals. He wouldn't dare harm another person but animals were fine meals on his list.

He had caught the disgusting scents of boars earlier, he could smell them from yards away their filthy musk made him salivate. The desire to hunt them down over came him and he was already in full on Lycan form snout sniffing the air rampantly as he ran on. He had found himself at the big tree even, well a big tree where the crowd of pigs had gathered. he scaled through the surrounding woods and pounced out with a howl landing on the first Boar he saw tearing it in two. "IT'S DINNER TIME!" he chuckled.


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The arrival of her savior was... unexpected, and the nature of his existence twice as much. Never would she have dared to imagine that she'd be saved by a Lycan, and yet here she was, watching the hungry predator tear into the boars with the same ferocity as a wild beast! While most would had been left nervous or unsettled by the display Esperia's gaze softened a little, perhaps because unknowingly to most the demon lord of lust was stirring inside her once more, a recurring event that been happening more frequently ever since she started to prepare for the upcoming conflict.

Nonetheless, the Lycan's strength was overwhelming, his clawed arms shredding the boar into half with such ease it might as well had just been a napkin! However, the remaining three boars were not as quick to forgive or be left in awe at the slaughter of their comrade! One of their let out an angry snort as he tried to ambush the man by rushing straight at his back, his tusks ready to try to maim the man. Of course, Esperia had noticed the ambush, so she was quick to shout a warning at the Lycan.

"Behind you!"


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He laughed in his bestial form as the crimson essence of the boars stained his claws. He placed with one of the corpses for a moment, tearing the already mailed flesh in two for a rather chunky, bulky steak. Not waiting to eat and ignoring the obvious danger he held it in his teeth and shook it wildly to tear a smaller piece off for consumption. There was a certain rush about killing and eating wild animals, he didn't need a gun and stalking them made for great fun! He looked back just in the nick of time as the rather angry board made a charge for its fallen comrade.

There was no mercy, Baron raised one of his claws and with bone splitting force struck the beast just as it entered his vicinity smacking it into the ground. He held the meat in his mouth and picked up the boar with little effort by its hind legs, throwing it at one of the others to leave one last standing. "Tell me miss, grrr, grrrrr," he had found himself struggling to speak, not just because of his mouth being full but it was a light struggle to not snarl every time, "Are you hungry too? Is this your meal?" he continued to growl every time he spoke, words trailing off every time.

"Why don't you join me? I don't smell weakness on you."


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A sheepish smile lingered upon Esperia's lips as the Lycan easily dealt with most of the wild beasts, yet when he addressed her she couldn't help but tilt her head slightly to the side, a hint of curiosity appearing upon her features. How curious, was it the Lycan's instincts that made him feel that she was quite a bit different from an ordinary damsel in distress? Perhaps some sort of sixth sense that made him sense a danger humans couldn't? It was a fascinating thing to ponder about, and after a moment she couldn't help but giggle softly while remarking with a soft hum. "Sometimes the most lethal predators are those whose claws and fangs can't be seen, isn't that right good sir?"

A mixture of playful mischief and graceful elegance had served as the nature of her response as she was descended from the tree, but it was during the time that she was conversing with the Lycan that the remaining boar decided to take the opportunity to avenge his breathen, rushing at the man's back, an approach Esperia had noticed just in time.


The word was all that was needed to trigger her magic, a sudden cocoon of shadowy energy shrouding her form while the Lycan would surely spot the fact a collection of rose petals were coiling around his back, the petals forcing the charge of the board to a grinding stop while at the same time two large bundles of pink petals started to wrap together into the outline of a spear, each one lunging straight down into each flank of the beast that collapsed onto the ground with a deafening cry of agony.

"To think she would be willing to use my magic to aid one of the kin responsible for the death of her family, either she is becoming reckless, or she must had been interested in your existence man of the wild~"

A soft smile lingered upon the obsidian-haired female's lips as she watched the rose petals slowly dissolve, leaving the slain boar on the ground behind the Lycan. "So~ I have to admit I'm rather interested myself~ Especially in something you said just now... You mentioned something about a scent?"


Magic Used: Petal Stream (12,5) and Manifestation of Lust (25) Mana left: 1462,5


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Baron listened attentively as she spoke to him, he looked her over, she didn't seem weak by any means. Call it a sixth sense or call it intuition, but he could tell there was more to her than she led on. Most, when afraid gave off a scent of such fear. Maybe it was Adrenalin or testosterone, but when he chased animals through the forest he had little trouble finding them because of the scent that came off of them, she lacked it. Maybe it was different for humans, but he was certain she was either fearless or hiding more. Perhaps she was a lycan too? Would explain her reaction to his current form.

He agreed with her sentiment of some creatures being able to hide their potential, though he didn't expect her to act so quickly. He saw or well, he thought he did see blurs of petals pass him by. He looked back and saw it, the boars were disposed of with ease. His jaw dropped, not because of the gruesome scene left behind but the pressure she exerted made his stomach tie in knots, any wild confidence he had before was slowly dissipating, but would return when she spoke to him.

"Ah yes, the scent." he collected himself and looked to her, "I suppose you can say I have a sharp sense of smell, normally when I hunt the beast I chase give off a certain scent, Adrenalin maybe or the sound of their thumping hearts making them easy to find, "But you... You have more to you, you didn't have that fear, you didn't have the pacing heart beat. Call it a hunch, but I knew you weren't going to be hurt by those dishes. But... You, did you transform? You said she uses your power?" he was interested, that was for certain, but still slightly cautious.


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"Fascinating, I didn't think a Lycan could use their heightened senses for something like that~" The demon lord hummed softly, clearly interested in the explanation that the man gave her. However, it appeared that just as she was interested in him and his abilities, so did he seem to be quite curious about her transformation, something that made her lips curve upwards into a grin. "A transformation is one way to describe it~ The girl you met earlier is my vessel, Esperia Eisenberg."

A playful spin of her body followed by a curtsy as she continued her introduction with a playful smile. "And my name is Asmodeus, the Demon Lord of Lust~ What would the name be of the ferocious gentleman who was so kind as to save us earlier?"

It was evident that despite her playful demeanor the demon lord clearly radiated with a presence of confidence and a power that was different from the raw violent strength that the man himself possessed, and confident she was, for she casually approached the Lycan and bend slightly forward to him, her gaze wandering up to his eyes while her hands gently pulled behind her back, a slight sway of her body following as she added with a little hum. "But yes, by using my power she basically transformed into me, although due to the nature of her existence the power we currently wield is lackluster compared to my true power~"


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Baron was still cautious, he didn't know what to say. She gave such a fine introduction, how was he to introduce himself to a god? He was nervous, or well, as nervous as his primal form would allow. He wouldn't bow at her feet but he would put an arm behind his back and another over his heart as he bowed proper. He kept his head low, his free hand flicked in the air as he tried his best to seem like a gent despite his ghastly appearance. He tried to keep his balance and soon looked up at her to see for signs of displeasure, last thing he'd want is to be slain by a goddess.

Vessel... That word perplexed him. He couldn't tell what to say, did he answer with his full name? "My name is Baron grrrr...." he held his mouth, "My..... Name... Is... Baron.... Grrr" he bowed again, "Forgive me your divineliness, I'm but a humble mortal. I don't deserve to look upon you and all of your power." he got on a knee, the power she showed was like nothing he had ever seen, in fact it made him want to get that strong but for now he'd keep things formal and delightful.


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A sheepish giggle escaped her lips while she shook a hand lightly before her, humming softly. "Don't worry my dear Baron, there is no need for such formality, although I do enjoy this type of attitude~" A momentary pause followed before she raised a hand to her chin, seemingly pondering for a moment. "Umm, but then again if the Church sees you act like this before an infamous demon lord, then you might be in for an entertaining response."

A hearty chuckle escaped her lips while she pondered for a moment. "Then again, even in their mortal existence, one thing to keep in mind is that even in their mortality they are more than capable of achieving legendary feats."

Honey-layered words that soon followed by a soft hum. "So my dear~ What brings a Lycan out to the hills of Baska? I would likely ask if you're part of a certain pack, but at the same time you seem more like a wanderer~"

She seemed quite interested in Baron's existence, much more than she would be for most mortals. Nonetheless, for now she simply waited to see what the man was doing here, but she certainly was curious.


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Baron wiped the sweat from his furry brow as he waited for her to rate his introduction. He was nervous, that was for certain, the fear in his heart making him panic when she opened her mouth to speak. She said demon lord? DEMON LORD, seriously? That was what she was? He thought her to be a goddess, ugh, perhaps his ears weren't as good as he thought them to be. Now he was even more fearful of her. He didn't know what to say or what to do. He cleared his throat after a moment of thinking and listening and chuckled when she spoke of the church.

"Can't say I'm too worried about their reaction, haven't been to church since I was but a babe," he shrugged, "At first I to the hills to find the werewolf who bit me and turned me, seeking an antidote for the curse, but then I ended up liking being a wolf, hunting is the best part of being one after all. He nodded, "I must asks and forgive my bluntness, what brings a fine pair of ladies like the two of you to the hills? If you don't mind me asking of course milady." he tried to stand straight up out of caution.


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"You know, the usual~ just a casual stroll along the hills leading us to accidentally anger a pack of angry boars."

A soft giggle escaped her lips as Asmodeus gestured as the mauled remains of the wild beasts before she continued speaking. "Albeit, we were actually trying to think about the future. You likely heard that there are some things going on in the capital? I fear that we will be dealing with a rather problematic threat, and my dear Esperia has been rather worried about the consequences this will have for those she care for."

It made sense, in the end, with everyone being summoned to the capital to defend the crown it was understandable that everyone in the country was in danger, and Esperia's loved ones were included in that. No, if she wanted to find a way to keep them safe, she needed more power, and for that she had been preparing a rather grand plan.

"Funny you mention that, Esperia actually comes from a religious family, so her situation is a little bit ironic." A sheepish grin lingered on her lips as she turned her gaze back at Baron. "How about you Baron? Will you answer the call to arms to defend Cronus?"


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Baron paused at her most recent question. Would he protect Cronus? That was peculiar, he was unsure of honestly. It wasn't all that out of the way to go protect crocus, but at what cost? He wouldn't have gotten much of anything out of it, no praise, no adulation, he'd be doing so to be a faceless hero and while it was action full of valor he wasn't too keen on risking his life. He was from Baska after all thus these Fioran affairs shouldn't have involved him anyway. "Hmm, well that is an interesting thing, I suppose I could answer the call since I live here."

He thought about those he cared about, "Then again, I've no one to care about or well, protect rather. I've been on my own for quite a while so I can't sympathize with your vessel in that regard." his mind lingered to a few of those he had met, but only a pair took his attention and even then he still wasn't certain if he'd fight for them instead of the region, "I suppose if the region really needed a lycan I'd answer the call, though this is the first I've heard of such a thing. Anything else you can tell me?"


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"I don't know much in particular either..."

A soft hum escaped her lips as she raised a hand to her chin, seemingly pondering for a moment. "The murder of the guild masters has left quite an impact upon Fiore, and should the ones responsible for it succeed in defeating the emperor then we might be in for some troubles." She smiled briefly as she gestured at the distant village. "Doesn't matter if it's Cronus, Baska or even Hargeon, the whole country will be thrown into an era of turmoil and chaos should they succeed. In the end, such a world would be quite a dangerous place, one where those she loves might be exposed to danger every waking moment, so even a young girl like Esperia is willing to take up arms~"

She paused for a moment, raising a hand to her chin while she hummed softly. "And one could say that when someone has a reason to fight, they are often at their strongest~"

However, if Baron had no reason to fight, it was understandable that he wouldn't care to protect the city. "Of course, I understand your perspective entirely, whether it's fame, wealth or a personal reason, one should always have a desire to pursue~ a human without desires is dead~"


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"That's true, those without desire or drive often end up dead and alone..." he nodded, she was certainly wise. Though he had other things he wanted to know about her. Perhaps for now he could just wait for explanation from another before he made his decision, "Some just fall flat on their face. Though I can't say great wealth would make me want to fight, I guess I'd say a woman would make me want to battle a bit." he chuckled to himself, "Right? I don't know I suppose I've never loved anyone enough to want to fight for them, if it effected my family in Bosco I'd do it, I'll probably go for the fun of it then ha ha."

Fighting for fun always worked, though he wanted to walk the journey of a pacifist he could do this one battle, just one more to get into a calm state of mind and get his taste for battle out of his system. He licked his lips, "Erm, I better revert a moment." he sighed as his form shrunk a bit, his muscles retracted and fur retreated revealing his human form, patting his chest and stomach as he smiled down at his original state, "Better right?" he chuckled.


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A soft laugh escaped her lips at his transformation back into his humanoid form, leading the demon lord to hum softly. "Indeed, desire and drive are essential for someone to grow~" However, his words about having never loved anyone made her think for a moment. There was no doubt that a lot of Eseria's actions and decisions were made with the thought of Fia in mind, to the point that she truly cared a lot for the lass, perhaps the most out of anyone in the world. "Hmm, there certainly could be a lot of fun to be found for a warrior on that battlefield~ Then again, your comment about the other 'reason' for a fight makes me agree quite easily~"

A chuckle followed as she explained further. "Considering my being I can quite approve of a man who holds lust as a reason for fighting~" A little nod followed as she gestured at the nearby boars. "So, I always wondered a little... do you actually eat them raw, or do you actually cook them? The latter sounds a lot more edible and delicious to me, but that's just personal preference~" A little smile lingered on her lips at the remark.


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Baron thought on a moment about that word, lust. It was a bit scary to think about it really, he couldn't think about it much, but lust was a hell of a drug. It made some men go mad, made both men and women commit heinous acts against others for the sake of doing so. How fearful. He couldn't get on it, not just yet, he thought about what she had said. Everything she said made him tremble, he didn't understand it. He felt no fear for man nor beast, he had killed plenty without so much as a batted eye, faced some beast that dwarfed the pigs but now... now he was fearful of a great evil.

He cleared his throat and smiled weakly, "Yes mam, uh, well in wolf worm I might sample some of the meat raw, but other times I like to season and cook their meat. I gotta tell you either way that hog meat is very sweet. Would you like to maybe try some? I can make us a quick meal out of what I have now, won't take long as long as I get to my camping site" his offer was to the Demon and the girl, he would have to be cautious either way.


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A meal cooked by a Lycan? Now that sounded like quite an original experience in its own right! How couldn't she be at least interested to hear more about this? Perhaps it was for that reason she nodded her head in approval. "Certainly, I would love to try your cuisine Baron~" The demon lord's mannerisms were pleasant and playful as always, yet one could never forget that in the end, she was a demon lord and so it was certain that every action of hers had a reason for being done. Perhaps she wanted to learn more about Baron, to obtain more knowledge, to possibly use as a means to get intel on the man? Or maybe she was simply trying to enjoy some company.

She waited for Baron to decide what prey he would take with him to his camp and seemed fine with following him back to his campsite, humming a melody along the way as she asked after a while. "I have to admit I never sampled hog meat before, would you say it tastes similar to chicken?" It seemed she was quite interested in discovering more about the dish that Baron was about to prepare.


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Baron paced over to the hogs and looked them all over, it seemed he had ruined two, thus he would leave them for the wild to take its share. He picked up one of them up and hefted it onto his shoulder. While it may not have looked it his human form was quite strong for its size. He held it on his shoulder with ease as he walked into the forest gesturing for her to follow. "Well, the hogs around here have a very interesting taste, I imagine fine chicken? Maybe even pheasant but with pork undertones, I'll whip you up a slice right quick." he smiled to himself and walked a bit further, his camping site was oddly close, which was partly why he had found her in the first place.

He dusted off an overturned log he had been using as a seat and gestured for her to sit, all the while he scrambled to his tent for a pot and seasonings. The fire, while dangers, was little more than slow burning coals now, therefore he would throw some kindling on to it to get a blaze going. "While that lights up, may I get your names?" he asked with a smile, turning to the flame to get it going once again.


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A slight tilt of her head was made at his comment, the description of the meat making her quite excited to sample it, but when he inquired about their names she couldn't help but giggle softly. "You already forgotten? I told you earlier~ The girl you met earlier is called Esperia, while I am Asmodeus~ Although if you want to use my actual name rather than my title, I am called Lilith~"

A soft smile lingered upon her lips as she looked at the burning kindling, feeling quite curious about the sight of the roasting food. "So~ Baron, you mentioned you were attacked by another Lycan before turning? You are rather fortunate you survived, the Lycan curse can kill you if you're unfortunate~"

A little nod came as she continued further. "To be honest, Esperia has a rather serious past with Lycan, considering they murdered her family and attacked her in Baska..."

A soft hum followed before she shook her head lightly as she took a seat at the log beside him. "Fortunately she isn't the type to judge you simply because you're a Lycan, not that she has room to be judgemental when she is the vessel for the demon lord of lust."


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His mind was slipping him, every time he spoke to her he felt himself slipping a bit when she did so much as looked at him. He didn't feel her to be evil, but there was a certain awe she had about her. He wanted desperately to impress her and he didn't even know her that well. "My apologies, when i switch between the forms I tend to have constant slips of the mind and tongue." he rubbed the back of his head in embarrassment. There were still nerves, he hated it but he had to do something to impress her. put the boar down and used a knife to cut it open, he'd cut off a fine steak for her and plop it in his pan.

He would put the pan over the blaze and let it simmer for a moment watching it simmer down and start to sizzle. He laughed at it, but tried his best to look away from it and to her, "Allow me to get the seasonings." after a moment he'd sprinkle a few things on it and the smell immediately took the air it was a sweet smell, roasted flesh and finer scents mixed in one. He enjoyed it, but he could only hope she once offended.


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"Oh? Your mind alters somewhat in between your forms?" A hand raised to her chin as she pondered about the statement. That was quite an interesting thing to learn about if she was honest. After a moment she continued speaking with a smile. "Esperia is somewhat similar, due to my power the moment she uses my spell it's kind of like she falls into a slumber, due to the fact that her soul isn't strong enough to resist my influence yet."

A gentle hum followed, yet soon she caught the rather delicious scent of the roasted meat, making her claps her hands together with a grin. "This scent is truly enough to make even the greatest demon feel hungry~" She could already feel herself starving, and when she saw the meat she couldn't help but feel curious about how it would taste.

"So my dear~ let's sample the meat shall we?" A soft smile lingered upon her lips as she waited to receive the meat, and upon receiving it she raised the meat to her lips, chewing lightly on it. "hmm..." a soft hum followed before she grinned at the man. "It's delicious! The meat is truly as delicious as you said it would~"


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He managed to get it good and simmered down now. He browned the meat and hand it to her on a fine plate complete with seasoning and knife and work. He waited for her reaction, "I thank you, I try my best and the pig did its share I suppose." he feigned a laugh, his heart racing with relief as he sat down on the ground. "I like to think I'm a decent cook grr..." he looked down at the boar and dragged it towards the fire, "I'll probably roast the whole thing soon for a nice little meal before I get going. I have alot of training to do and should be in tip top shape when things go down. I hope we meet again there, even if I'm busy bashing heads." he asked with a smile, this one was not forced but genuine as he looked her up and down. So beautiful, yet dangerous. If he could get to know her better outside of teh vessel he sure would but sadly, it wouldn't have been right to the girl to try such a thing, that and she was a demon, gods know what would happen if he tried something like that.

He looked back at the flame, "Let's hope things go well there."


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"Let's hope for the best~ and I'm sure we'll meet again on the battlefield. I doubt it will be easy to miss one like you there." She laughed heartily, the image of a giant lycan bashing people in Cronus somewhat amusing her. It would be likely that she would appear on the battlefield herself at some point. In the end, Esperia lacked the combative capacities to deal with them, so she would need to let her take over. Although she wasn't that worried about the girl's safety, especially with someone like Sebas Tian likely being able to keep her safe. Unless a big wit showed himself she doubted there was anyone among the invaders who would possess the means to challenge one like him. A gentle sigh followed from the demon lord as she chewed once more. "War never changes, no matter the civilization, race or age~ Then again, for most of us the chaos and strife that comes in its wake tends to be somewhat beneficial, but at the same time I personally prefer a different approach, violence while entertaining can also be quite barbaric." A soft hum followed as she shook her head for a moment, clearly amused.


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Baron bowed to the lady as she spoke about the food, "I thank you, I suppose i should head for Crocus, who knows what'll be waiting for me when I get there." he laughed, his tent and things were soon broken down swiftly and before one could blink he had everything packed quickly. He looked over at the woman one last time, "I thank you for telling me of this event, I had no idea it was coming and was rather out of the loop overall. May we meet again. He whistled for his companion, waiting for the puffy yellow cloud to grace his lap, but at the moment he couldn't get things going quick enough.

He would depart into the forest, still fearful of the woman of the woman but not overly scared. He licked his lips and walked on to the road, ready for what the world had infront of him it'd be a long road but he was ready, really ready. There was no stopping him now, he was having such a good time. Now it was time to go. Go to crocus, somewhere he had never been just yet but hey what was the harm in rolling out to a new place, nothing wrong with that just yet.

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