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To make a deal with the demon lord of perverts [Solo - Training]

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To make a deal with the demon lord of perverts [Solo - Training] Empty Fri Jan 26, 2018 10:00 pm


Esperia V. Eisenberg

How had it come to this? A question that Esperia wondered as she stood on the outskirts of the forest nearby Baska. With the kingdom of Fiore on the verge of being plunged into chaos after the murder of the final guild master of the guilds that fought against the rising tide of evil it was only natural that the culprit behind the event would prepare for the final piece of their puzzle. To be honest, she was not sure what to think at this point... Never had she imagined she would become involved in something like this, to think that she'd become part of a war...

"Most people don't desire to participate in a war my dear~"

A gentle whisper resounded in her mind, a voice as sweet as honey as she felt Asmodeus stir within her. It was odd, but recently the demon lord had become powerful enough to manifest before her eyes in the form of an ephemeral image that only she could see, but at least it made communication with the being a bit easier. Esperia had decided on this course of action for a particular reason: She had only told Fia she had some business to attend to before they would travel to the capital to aid in the defense of the city.

She didn't tell Alisa about her intentions, nor did she suggest for Liana to go into hiding. Of course, she wouldn't do that, in the end, she knew Liana would refuse to sit idle when she herself would get thrown into danger, and Alisa would likely tell her that at this point everyone was at risk, no matter where they were. Indeed, with the crown summoning everyone to the defense of the city it was to be expected that those she loved and cared for would get involved in this bloody conflict.

"Asmodeus... Do you think we'll be able to win?" The demon lord lifted a hand lightly to her chin, a light tap of her fingers following as she seemed to ponder about the question before humming softly.

"It's difficult to say my dear, Cecilia was a very powerful individual, whoever killed her is in possession of a tremendous power..."

So their enemy was someone amazing like that? Then how in the world did they have a chance to even succeed?!


She closed her eyes, a soft sigh escaping her lips as she rested her back against the nearby tree and considered her options. She wasn't a chosen one, she wasn't the protagonist who would win every fight, nor was she the hero this country needed. But nonetheless, there were people in this country that she loved and cared for! Her sister had fought and died to protect this peace! She had a reason, now she just needed... power.

"Asmodeus... To protect those I love I need to become stronger. I need to obtain the means to aid them."

The demon lord's gaze settled onto her own, a slight bend of her back making her lean forwards while she hummed softly. "You know that I got a soft spot for three things: cute girls, perverts and those who chase their desires with clear honesty. I'd be willing to lend a hand this time, in exchange for a favor~"

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To make a deal with the demon lord of perverts [Solo - Training] MHKs2Uu

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Esperia V. Eisenberg

A deal... Alisa had warned her about the potential risks associated with dealing with her 'benefactor', but at the same time she couldn't help but wonder if she truly had any choice in the matter at this point? If she didn't become stronger then there was the chance she would become a liability to those around here, and she refused to lose those that were so precious to her, not even at the hands of an overwhelming darkness that would soon threaten Fiore. A momentary pause lingered in the air as the girl felt her fingertips trail slowly up to the bullet pendant around her neck,her fingers soon coiling lightly around it, a gentle grip to remind her of the things she had to do, the things she wanted to do. She would not become Asmodeus' pawn, but she could at the very least see about the favor she had in mind.

"I want to know what you want first."

The girl's determined words made Lilith giggle softly as she took a step closer to the girl, a hand raised lightly in an attempt to pet the girl's head, even if the gesture was only symbolic and lacked any actual physical sensation. "You're wary~ That's understandable, but it's entirely unnecessary this time Esperia. Let me say it like this: helping you will help me in return, so it's beneficial for both of us."

What the demon lord said made sense, and yet she couldn't help but look at her with a hint of suspicion, a look that made the demon lord hum in amusement before turning her back at the girl, declaring with a hint of seriousness in her voice. "Right now, even if I grant you my aid your body is too undeveloped as my host to be able to grant you the power you need to obtain that which you desire."

So even with the Demon Lord of Lust possessing her, she would not stand a chance against such a powerful force? That truly was a frightening thing to imagine... But it appeared Lilith had more to say on the matter, for she soon resumed speaking with a more cheerful flavor to her tone. "Fortunately for you, there are some who would be willing to lend you a hand, benefactors like myself."

Wait, there were others? Surely she knew Fia and the others would be fighting also but that wouldn't--- "I'm not talking about them~"

A sudden image resurfaced within her mind, an image of Lilith seated upon her throne while a group of mysterious individuals stood at the bottom of the stairs, bowing their heads respectfully toward her.

"The Pleiades, my closest subordinates, among them is a man of particular talents... a powerful being known as 'Sebastian'."

Wait, an order of elite demons who served Asmodeus? That favor was starting to sound more dangerous by each passing word!

"I know his location, and can promise you both his loyalty and usefulness to our cause. There is just one minor problem..."

A problem? What could that possibly be?

"He is currently enjoying the hospitality of the Church of Illumin~"

Oh gods please no, did she seriously just suggest to free a DEMON from the freaking church's captivity? This was turning from dangerous straight into ridiculous...

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To make a deal with the demon lord of perverts [Solo - Training] MHKs2Uu

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Esperia V. Eisenberg

"How do you think the church will even react?! I know my sister was a Holy Knight and my family has close ties to the church, but by no means would it get us anywhere near your subordinate!" The girl's exclamation clearly showed how flustered she was, panicking at the thought of Asmodeus thinking of such an outrageous idea. "Well, usually I'd agree with you, but this time the circumstances are in our favor~"

The mischievous smile upon the demon's lips only confirmed Esperia's worries: the Demon Lord of lust had a plan, and she was fairly confident in the fact that her idea would work. "What do you mean? Do you truly think the church would be willing to negotiate with you? Aren't they more inclined to try to get us killed?"

The demon lord shook her head gently in response to that statement, there was no way that would happen, and she knew the reason quite well. "Killing you would be the most foolish choice they'd make in a century Esperia. If they kill you my vessel is gone, at best they'd succeed in making me return to the abyss, and yet without a mortal vessel to restrain me, I would become a much greater threat upon my return. No, we'd be able to approach the church of Illumin without that concern, but to answer your question..."

She turned her gaze sideways, a little gesture of her hand making Esperia look into the direction to spot a bunch of wild rabbits returning from a foraging trip, a tiny rabbit on the verge of retreating into its nest, a gentle display of nature's peace and tranquility. "For the church peace and stability is useful, in the end, their influence is at its strongest then, and considering such things it's only natural that they would seek to preserve it."

Wait, peace and stability? "But right now-" The demon lord nodded her head lightly as she finished Esperia's sentence. "The world is on the verge of being pulled into an era of chaos and strife, the church will not like that... and that's our bargaining chip."

She could start to figure out where Asmodeus was going with it, the clever manipulative approach that she was planning to use against the church, a bribery so to speak. "We'd offer them aid. While you might still be quite fragile, Sebastian is for all intents and purposes far stronger than most mortals, in fact, the only reason they could imprison him was likely because he had an ulterior motive for being caught. If we were to offer them the aid of a Demon Lord and the leader of the Pleiades in the defense of the kingdom, then surely they would consider it a reason to be open for negotiations."

It made sense, although it was weird to imagine a demon lord and her subordinate to fight for the 'good guys', it was likely one of the few options they had left at this point.---

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Esperia V. Eisenberg

"However, before we proceed with our little idea of meeting the church, I think it's equally important for us to get a bit more experience in how to wield my power, so I prepared a special exercise for you."

Wait, more training?! First Alisa was wanting to teach her martial arts, and now Asmodeus was going to educate her on magic? "But how can we even do that? Right now my power is still too lacking, the moment I say that phrase I get swallowed by your presence..."

The demon lord nodded her head gently, a light pointing gesture of her hand being made at the girl's chest before she explained with a grin. "That's why we will be training differently than most~ You know how they often say that martial arts masters practice in their thoughts, right?"

It was true, it was often said that martial arts masters honed their skills through both duels with others and by doing imaginary training. But how could she even do something like that? At most she would just been imagining things! "Well, all it requires is a bit of my magic and-"

Before Asmodeus' next words could be said Esperia found her visage growing darker, as if she had been pulled away from the forest and moments later the landscape changed into something else, something different.

No longer was she in the forest upon Baska's outskirts, or for that fact... she wasn't even Esperia anymore? Although it was her by all means of perspective, she suddenly found herself in possession of the Demon Lord of Lust's her own body!

"W-W-Wait, what in the world did you just do?!" Looking down at her form Esperia couldn't help but flail as she heard Asmodeus's mischievous giggle from inside her thoughts. "Relax Esperia, I simply dragged you into my little part of your subconcious, here we will be able to practice without any worries."

It was a curious experience for sure, but nonetheless after a moment she had calmed down enough to focus back on the ongoing situation. "So, the first thing you should know is that my magic is best classified as 'nature' magic~ With a simple gesture and a thought I can do things like manifest hardened flower petals to shield me from an incoming attack, or create a storm of sharpened rose petals to slice up an enemy, there are a lot of possibilities."

Nature magic... that was an intriguing thing to hear, considering her mother and grandmother had both possessed nature magic also in the past.

"First let's try something easy, shall we?"

A sudden flash of light came from further ahead, illuminating the area to reveal that she was inside the throne room where she had met Asmodeus for the first time, but unlike before there seemed to be a large wooden dummy standing several meters away from her.

"See that dummy? For the time being: Try to create a spell~ I'll guide you through the steps~"

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Esperia V. Eisenberg

"The first thing you need to know about this spell is that it's a very simple spell, so while it's easy to use, you can't really expect to use this against an experienced enemy."

That made sense, in the end, someone with experience could likely know how to deal with something like that. However, after a moment Asmodeus continued her explanation with a soft hum. "I call it 'Rose Sword', simply raise your hand and channel your mana through your hand~ try to focus on the idea of conjuring a stream of petals to strike at an enemy."

Slowly the girl raised a hand into the air toward the direction of the target dummy, a sudden gust of wind causing red petals to start swirling before her hand in a cloud before it suddenly burst forwards, the slashing stream of petals coiling around the target, rapidly slicing it into tiny shreds.

"Not bad~ However, let's try to improve it a bit further, in the end not many are stupid enough to stand still and wait for you to slash them up into oblivion~" A giggle followed from the demon lord while Esperia nodded her head lightly in response to the suggestion. It made sense for the demon lord to suggest for her to practice her aiming skills, especially in a battle. "First, let's see about working on your aim~ Just do the same motion, but use your hands to control the trajectory of the stream~"

The wooden target dummy was quick to reappear, making the girl push her hand forwards toward it, the same stream of petals appearing that flowed toward her target, but unlike the previous time the dummy suddenly jolted upright and hopped to the left, avoiding the stream entirely! "Now try to bend the stream of petals~" A sweeping gesture of her hand was all it took for the stream to start sweeping into a bend and slash straight into the back of the target dummy!

"Good~ It's not a bad first try~ Nonetheless try to ensure you can make your gestures swift enough."

A nod of agreement came from the girl as she tried to memorize the feeling she felt when she first conjured the stream, but it appeared that they were still far from done with training.

"However, as I mentioned before not all of my spells are purely offensive~ In fact, I possess some spells that could be used to do that which you desire: to protect those you care for~"

A defensive spell? Now that sounded like the type of magic that she was interested in! A moment passed before she decided to inquire a bit more about it. "How do I use that type of magic?" In the end to aid and support those she cared for was the reason she was trying to master this power in the first place! so it was only natural that she was trying to improve her defensive capacities also.

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For the next spell it appeared that they would focus onto a more defensive spell, something Esperia vastly prefered due to her nature of wanting to protect those she held dear. Although, she wasn't the type to hesitate with an attack, it didn't change the fact that she was someone who vastly preferred defensive magic! To protect rather than to hurt.

"Alright~ for the first spell you'll want to use the same principle as before, conjure a stream of rose petals, but instead of making them sharp, harden them intensely while you imagine them being akin to a shield."

A little nod of confirmation came from Esperia who raised a hand into the air, a light sweeping gesture following as the petals gathered once more to form a small barrier before her. "Now let's see how tough your defense is~"

At Asmodeus's command the dummy suddenly launched its wooden fist at her, the knuckle colliding against the petals before causing the wooden dummy to rebound slightly! "The important thing to know is that in general most defensive spells are twice as durable than an attack of the same caliber~ This spell is particular is called Petal Storm and due to its size and maneuverability is perfect for parrying attacks~"

A little nod of confirmation came from Esperia who soon inquired with a hint of curiosity in her voice. "But what if the enemy attacks from multiple directions?" The demon lord giggled softly at the question, in the end it was a very natural and clever thing to ask, especially since not all fights were one versus one in nature!

"Good question~ In cases like that we actually got another magical spell at our disposal. Try to tap the ground with your foot and imagine the petals of a flower~"

A nod of confirmation followed once more as Esperia closed her eyes and tapped the ground with her foot, causing a large pink petal to suddenly rise at both sides of her! "This type of attack helps shield you from not one, but two different directions or attacks, quite an useful ability to possess, right? Of course a pervert like you could also use it to do some lewd things to Fia outdoors~"

Wait what was she even thinking about?! Then again, the idea did sound quite appealing to her, to conjure those petals to hide the two of them from view while she... no no no! She had to remain focused on the training, especially since time was running out for them! "I guess it's time to focus on a more difficult spell then~ This one in particular is a bit more tricky, so I need you to pay attention Esperia."

A more complex spell? What was Asmodeus going to teach her this time? If she was to be honest, she was a little bit excited to learn more about the demon lord's abilities, even her combative ones sounded elegant and graceful in their own way!

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"This spell is actually one of my prefered choices for a real battle, I'll show you why in a moment. First try to call forth another swarm of petals~"

At Asmodeus' command Esperia was quick to make a snap of her fingers, the gesture causing the petals to start forming once more in the air before her. However, unlike previously the Eisenberg noticed that the petals started to blend together to form what appeared to be a large spear of sorts! "Try to take a hold of it~"

Wait, take a hold of a magical spell? Finding herself intruiged Esperia slowly raised a hand toward the spear, her fingers latching around the shaft of the weapon when to her surprise she found that despite its length the spear was surprisingly light to her! "Aside from being able to serve as a projectile, this can also be used as a final line of defense when you need to use melee combat~ so don't feel shy about stabbing things with it."

So this was a spell that basically allowed her to create a weapon out of thin air? To say that it was fascinating was quite an understatement! However, after a moment of consideration she decided to try something else, snapping her other hand's fingers when to her surprise she found that the first weapon didn't reform, but instead a second spear emerged at its side!

"Hehe~ Indeed, this spell can be used to create multiple projectiles if that' something you want." It made sense, of course it likely would be a bit consuming on her mana also... "I wouldn't worry about that, compared to most of your level, your mana reservoir is quite immense, I'd say that's likely a pretty impressive feat on its own!"

She wasn't really sure what to think of Asmodeus' compliment, but at least she was starting to get the hang of using her magic. Now if only she was able to transform into her without losing her consciousness... It always made her a bit nervous to have the demon lord take over her existence, even if she realized that sometimes it would be necessary if she wanted to protect those dear to her. She could only hope that the demon lord's goodwill wouldn't be ceasing to exist anytime soon...

"I guess that's enough training for now~ Time for you to return back to reality~" A mischievous giggle escaped the demon lord's lips as Esperia found herself steadily pulled back, and as if waking up from a dream she suddenly found herself back within the forest on the outskirts of Baska's church!

"Hmm..." But there was one thing that left Esperia quite curious, and that was the existence of the Pleiades. Who were they? Considering they were a demon lord's closest subordinates they must had been pretty powerful in their own right! and Asmodeus seemed to speak quite highly about the one called 'Sebas Tian'...

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"Asmodeus, could you tell me a bit more about the Pleiades?"

The question coaxed a curious look upon the demon lord's face, seemingly having not expected Esperia's interest in the subject, but her surprise quickly faded away for a pleasant smile as she replied with a little hum. "The Pleiades are an order, a small unit like a squad so to speak. They are a group of powerful demons that served me in the past."

So they were all demons? She had no doubt that getting them to help her would be a tricky feat in its own way already! "Not necessarily, Sebas Tian is quite peculiar for a demon~ He actually is a much calmer and refined gentleman compared to the traditional image you might think of a demon. I actually sometimes wonder i he is truly a demon considering the fact he is so well-mannered."

A giggle escaped Asmodeus' lips before she continued. "As you likely know already, among the seven Demon Lords I am physically likely the weakest, which is why I rely on the support of my Pleiades to obtain the strength to stand on par with the others. Aside from Sebas Tian who is also a powerful combatant all of the Pleiades got special abilities to enhance my powers, so when I get the chance to gather all of them I can be quite a daunting foe to face."

Of course, who wouldn't be worried about the idea of a demon lord and her crew of followers being turned into an enemy? "Do you think they would be willing to help us even if you're sealed inside me?"

Asmodeus turned silent for a moment, seemingly considering the question before she hummed softly. "That's why we are seeking out Sebas Tian first, he might be able to rally the other Pleiades for you, and is more inclined to approve of you as long as you show that our relation is positive~"

This was starting to sound more like a headache with every passing minute! A deep sigh followed before she shook her head, she had been determined to figure out a way to get stronger, and if this was a means to obtain the power to protect those dear to her, then she was willing to take that risk! "So when do you think we should seek out the church?"

In the end it likely wouldn't be long till Cronus would be under siege, so the faster they did this the better they could prepare for the ongoing conflict! "Soon~ You best try to talk to Fia and Liana, in the end you did want to travel with them, although I'm a bit curious how they will react to this plan."

No kidding, to call forth the aid of a powerful demon to help save the city? She wasn't sure if either of them would approve of the idea! In the end demons weren't exactly known as loyal beings!

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Of course, the urgency of the situation might end up complying Fia and Liana to agree with her decision, even if she was doing it to gain the means to protect those she loved, there was still a great risk involved, and yet at this point it might had been the only option available for her.

"So I guess we shall have to find them soon and prepare to go to Cronus..."

Of course, aside from this being a race against time, she was also not certain if she would be able to successfully convince the church to release their prisoner, even if Asmodeus herself was very confident that the circumstances would make them more willing to accept the idea, in the end surely the church could see that this was an option to protect the emperor?

"With that said and done there is one thing I should warn you about my dear~"

Asmodeus stopped beside her, her lips remaining formed in a soft smile as she continued to speak. "I understand you will want to aid the people of Cronus, and that you like most Blue Pegasus members will be fighting, but try to keep in mind your skills in combat are still raw, and your power undeveloped. Although having Sebas Tian at your side will help you a lot, it doesn't change the fact that the enemy is powerful and their numbers legion..."

It was an understandable concern, even if she was going to be careful she would likely get herself involved into some dangerous business, so Asmodeus likely didn't want her to take any risks by being too heroic. "I understand, I'll try to help as much as possible without taking too many risks."

Asmodeus smiled briefly as she disapeared once more, leaving Esperia to idly wonder about what to do next. She could either search for Liana to talk to her about the matter, or perhaps find Fia instead? Then again, she also had a lot to ask of Liana, for example the whole situation about her becoming an elf! Of course that story could wait for another time.

Meanwhile deep within Esperia's subconcious the obsidian haired demon sat upon her throne, a soft smile upon her lips.

"The pieces are all falling into place. First we will free Sebas Tian, then she will gather the Pleiades at her side. I just hope I didn't start moving too late~ It be sad if 'she' ascends after Fiore is thrown into an era of chaos and turmoil..."

Of course, a demon lord was always scheming and planning, and as the Demon Lord of lust Asmodeus was perhaps the most manipulative of the seven demon lords! However, it appeared Esperia was currently still quite oblivious to the intentions and plans of the demon lord of lust, even if she had her suspicions... but only time would tell what Asmodeus had in store for her, but there was still something, something happening elsewhere that would be a stepping stone in the events that were waiting to unfold.

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Meanwhile within a large dungeon somewhere within Fiore a large yellow crystal towered over a spacious room, a group of armored knights surrounding it from every direction. "I still don't understand why they make us stand guard here... I know he is a powerful demon, but he has been asleep for centuries! Surely he isn't a threat anymore at this point?"

One of the knights mused out loud, yet little did he know that the demon known as Sebas Tian was merely meditating, his eyes closed as he focused both the strength of his body and mind. He could sense her, in a far away land his mistress was slowly stirring from her slumber, what meant his goal had been accomplished. It would only be a matter of time before she would return at last, and yet the church seemed to believe that this petty prison could keep him contained. The fools, it was obvious that the only reason it did was because he allowed it, to make the church turn its attention toward their prisoner, rather than realizing that the moment of his mistress' revival was at hand!

The leader of the unit of knights guarding the crystal looked at the crystal, frowning as he mumbled softly. "Why do I got the feeling that a storm is coming?"

Because there was one! With Grimoire Heart on the verge of attacking Cronus it was understandable that Fiore as a whole was on the brink of being thrown into a era of chaos and turmoil, so it was to be expected that unrest would reign soon. But what would this do for the church? Would they rally to defend the city, or leave it in the care of the guilds that were recovering from the loss of their masters?

He was actually a bit curious to find out what was going on in the outside world, although Sebas Tian had heard the knights talking before, he was unaware of the approaching threat of Grimoire Heart, so all things considered it was clear that a big surprise awaited him outside the prison he was locked in!

Still, it appeared that the story of Sebas Tian's release woul be for another day, for this was the story of Esperia Von Eisenberg, a young lady who was willing to take some extreme risks to protect those dear to her! And right now it seemed she was on the brink of returning to Baska to prepare the next course of her actions: to gather her best friend and her lover and tell the two of them about her intentions. It wouldn't be easy, that much was clear, but at this point in time it appeared they were running out of options, so she would have to do whatever she could to make the two of them agree with the idea.

But for now her training was over, and it was time to start preparing the next phase of her plan to obtain the power to help save Cronus!


To make a deal with the demon lord of perverts [Solo - Training] MHKs2Uu

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