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Light's Out | Red: Scooping

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Light's Out | Red: Scooping Empty on Fri Jan 26, 2018 5:51 pm


Vance was awake, wide awake and he wasn't in the right state of mind. Malum was somehow still flooding his thoughts, he heard the voices, and he knew it was almost time for him to honor up on the contract because he'd obtained no skulls for the demonic god. Yumi wasn't kidding, he really was a stickler for results and evidence. Damn it. He knew he was going to fork up sooner or later. He began looking for someone in the guild-hall to drop his cash onto before answering his his call to hell. Stepping out of his room, he rubbed his blind eye. The one where he'd once had a millennium item stuck through, he knew the day was coming when that item disappeared without a trace.

Walking out into the hall he took a seat at one of the long rectangular tables. Positioning his face onto the hard oak wood, where he could collect his courage, and where he could await the lucky dog about to reap his small treasure trove. A gift for the individual, his ending, his miserable unfortunate life, would be their gift. Vance inhaled softly, calming the pulse in his body. He needed to relax.

He left his cash sitting there blindly and left for the church. When he got there, he stood outside. He wanted it over swift, and so he began to beat on the walls of the church. The noise would attract someone, from there, he'd assault them, ignoring his battle prowess, he could let them end his life. In doing so, his debt, his soul, would be replaced.


Light's Out | Red: Scooping Empty on Fri Jan 26, 2018 6:03 pm

Bobby looked about the streets of Oak with a frown on his face, what a drab little city this was. Disgusting, did the filth of these streets know no honor? No integrity? Obviously they would all need to learn a lesson in pain, integrity and true grit. He would take up the role of neighborhood watch, that's right. That was what he would do, be the neighboor hood watch and keep Oak safe! Make people clean up and get their acts together, spread his will across the land for all to see. As the acting self titled police officer he roamed the streets weapon in hand, shades on his face as he looked for any signs of life, soon he would find just that, a man beating against the wall of the church! How shameful!

"Stop in the name of the law!" his voice bellowed on as he drew his weapon, "I repeat stop in the name of the neighborhood watch or I will use force to make you behave." he snickered to himself as he entered blade held in both hands like a baseball bat, entering the dark. He took a slow step as he entered heart pounding... Please just stop in the name of the law, by god just stop.


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The voice echoed and that was all that Vance needed, his body vibrated, his muscles excelling to higher sizes. His face morphed and his eyes glowed, faster than you could say, 'Sam Hill' he was upon Bobby. Aiming to swing a fist strong enough to knock the boy meters into the air, but... Holding back. He left himself open. He needed to be cut down, his sanity wasn't allowing his primal instinct the instinct that tells you to live-- work. Perhaps it was the demon's allure allowing him to commit suicide in this odd way. Suicide by police officer was certainly a unique one. Rare true, but not unheard of.

"Kill or be killed!" The monster snarled, releasing a roar of emotion that rocked the battle field. He had entered his lycan mode, to increase the pressure and danger that Bobby would feel. Like many watchmen, security, and officers. They were trained and prone to kill if they felt endangered. This was the perfect moment. If Bobby failed to react to the swing, the attack would certainly sting, possibly kill, the target if it hit in the spot of it's positioned path. Under the jaw, where a shatter was to be expected along with a flight so high into the air, that falling might break bones too.

End me. That's all I want.


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Bobby couldn't react quick enough! He was already anxious thus when the man, beast, or whatever the hell he presented himself as charged he took one hard swing. He lunged forward with his sword in a straight charge as if he was charging with a lance rather than sword, the blade gleaming bright for just a moment as he let out a panicked roar of his own. His hands had tightened around the hilt of his blade so tightly he could feel his pulse throbbing, heart racing with fear. He had to survive, he didn't want to die, this would be his first test. There was a blur infront of him, he felt the swing fall through as he cried out. No doubt crossed his mind he had made a clean slash into the Lycan's chest.

The swing from before would most be avoided as Bobby lowered his center of gravity and curled his body. He was a human harpoon of sorts and his target was large, so large he could still feel himself shaking as he prayed his attack connected. There were hot tears in his eyes as he hoped it was already over. Gods be damned if he didn't get through him, he needed this more than anything.


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Vance smiled, pushing himself against the blade as it cut him deeply, he felt the pain course through him, and as it passed by him, the left hand grabbed the sword from the air, and pulled it back, piking himself against the sword. He walked hard, planting feet to the dirt as he wobbled into the fray of the shiny metallic weaponry. With that said and done, he cough blood, his form returning to human, his golden amber eyes diminishing after he closed them, it was faster than his arrival, the way he was defeated. He liked that. Erebus knew few defeats, Vance knew none. Until today... He chuckled. As a pentagram star appeared under his feet, he began to sink below the floor. To hell.

He kept eye contact with Bobby until the last breath was inhaled. "Finally over, it's done." The man sunk, and sunk, until his body was far beneath the gravel, and the stings of hellfire were evident. In this world a sacrifical knife phased into his palms. He continued to float, yet knew what to do. Almost possessed.

The entire gravity around him became light and so easy to float away into. Yet even still, he went downward, forced towards the stone that should shackle him to his death. Visions of a darker world became ever clearer to him, the soul, the strength that should fight the haunting chill of Malum's voice-- was gone. A knife would press firmly into the lycan's forehead, in which he was the bearer. He pushed.

Blood began to run down the wolf's face as he breathed heavy and his heart beat quickened. His instinct dancing a dangerous game with his pull towards the tortuous entity Yumi had put him under. This was the hardest battle ever fought for Vance. Hell-- even for Erebus, who, while trapped in the subconscious could still feel every bite and tremor that the blade shot through the backbone. Ugh, this was so morbid.

The pressure intensified. The pain increased.

A crack in the skull would occur, as the force of the lycan begged for the mental to give forth to the physical. Completing the ritual to the skull-throned entity willing his descent to the underworld. Crack. Another, and another. With each one-- Vance got a little louder with his pained noises. Sweat was stinging his gash, as both mixened. The Lycan prayed a silent goodbye to the small friends he'd made along the way, not that his death really vibed for any substance. Then he thought of Bianca. She was a pretty cool girl, he hoped she found happiness in her life. She seemed so lonely before they united. Only for him to run-- freeing her of the heartache she'd feel if she knew he was doing this right now. He hoped she wouldn't find out for a very long time. If at all.

The knife penetrated at that moment, shattering skull, and spilling brain matter as spurts decorated the walls and a portal opened. A hand larger than the bed itself gripped the body, ripping it forth. As the lifeless carcass entered the bubble-like entrance it came back to life. Now standing before what looked to be Malum.

Hanging there he stared the gigantic monolith in the eyes. Or eye sockets. Malum was beyond a human's fathomable ability. The dark god began to speak in a language Vance could not perceive. Not that he was listening, his mind had return to his body after the initial stab-- but his head was far worse than the strongest migraine mankind could ever conceive. Finally the roaring into stopped his dialogue, whatever it was. The voice enough to rumble earth, and Van had done his share of vibrating... Now the sad part could commence.

The being used it's spare hand to pull on his head, kind of like a barbie doll, til it was ripped off. The body was flung many miles outward. Opening his mouth, the breath was aimed onto the skull, still able to feel bad and see clearly. The breath melted his flesh off his face, revealing nothing but a white skull. Which was then pulled and placed on the chair of skulls, amongst billions. Where it could stay for all time.

- Erebus and his story was finally concluded -

- Scoop -

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