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Return to Baska Foot travel oak to Baska.

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Return to Baska   Foot travel oak to Baska.  Empty Fri Jan 26, 2018 12:42 pm

Sylioh stretches his arms out wide he was beyond ready to return tk Baska. Well more like leaving oak. He was only returning to Baska for a short time. Afterwards he’d go down to magnolia and join fairytail once he got out of grimoire heart. He’d never been in Marigold that long and this sounded like a fun adventure for him. Taking a deep breath he set out, hands in his pockets. The white leather book lay in his backpack. He had scribbled his name on it so people could always return it to him. The book seemed interesting and the library he stole it from probably was t that happy that he stole it, but who cares. He stepped down a few rocky paths towards Baska. It’s familiar rustic view began to slowly stretch out on the horizon. Instead of staying he decided to take a turn, right towards the railways so he could immediately get on the train and leave. It’s be a blessing to get out of Grimoire heart. He’d waited so long and he was getting so close. With a sprint he walked forward to the train car.

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Return to Baska   Foot travel oak to Baska.  ULuOEQW
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