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Do you... [Yasuki]

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Baron sat on the back of an overturned cart as he watched the hustle and bustle of Baska pass him but. He wondered where most of the civilians were going. Some he imagined had mundane, boring jobs, others he thought to be people with no job whatsoever. Baska was such a shabby place! It was unlikely that anyone of interest would actually live in this Hubble of mediocrity and filth.

In his lips was an unlit cigarette, he didn't like to smoke but from time to time he had found himself taking a drag of a cancer stick if he was bored or nervous. Goes to blame Alisa for him smoking now, had she not cut him so badly he wouldn't be stressed. The wound was still bandaged and healing, but the very idea that such a woman exist and nearly took his life frightened him.

Baron did not wear a shirt, or well, the shirt he wore was the one that was badly torn by the Blue Pegasus' blade. He cut it at the chest to show off his midrif and bandages. He thought it looked snazzy, but his eyes weren't really those for fashion. He rubbed his wrapped stomach and chest, it was a good cut just up to his abdomen... Gods she almost took him out of the game..

"I NEED FOOD." he cried to himself as he laid on the cart, "Any food..."

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She made her way through the town as she was wandering through looking at anything really. Though she made sure to keep Nami, her vaporeon companion, close by her side every now and then patting on her side to ensure Nami was still there. The new visit that she just had with a fellow continued to strike her mind, she isn't quite used to meeting people as you would notice a lot of the time it'd just be the blue-haired elf and her water companion traveling alone. "I suppose I could get used to meeting people..." she thought, though accidentally said out loud hoping as if the people of the town were too busy traveling to wherever they were going to listen to her.

Feeling a slight breeze on the tip of her elf-like pointed ear she noticed just how much the breeze of the wind how messed her hair a bit. She'd take some time to have a seat on a nearby bench and quickly braid her silky, brilliantly blue long hair carefully around her head so that it seemed like her hair were in two parts but to ensure that her ears were now covered. Quickly she heard a shout, something that sounded like frustration in the direction that she was walking.

"Maybe we should just..... Turn around?" she would hesitantly say as she paused for a brief moment speak to Nami. Hoping that she wasn't seen, even though she was within eye sight of where the shout came from.


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Baron's eye soon caught an interesting figure, blue hair and all! What was it? Or who was it rather? More pointed ears maybe? He couldn't tell, his eyes weren't the best but judging by her appearance it may have been a fair assertion. He watched her for a moment, she spoke to what must have been her pet and he sat up to get a even better view. There were a few things he could do! He could speak to her for one! But how would he start? The last pointy ear he had spoken to was kind, but this one could have easily been evil.

He stood up from his seat and crossed his arms, "Ey you there! He called to the duo with a smile, "C'mere" he gestured for them to come to him, he was too lazy to make the simple walk and was still in light pain to top, surely they'd sympathize. He held his stomach and took a step towards them expecting them to make the rest of the journey to him. There was no need for hostility or caution he had a very simple question for her, so simple in fact that she'd probably find it silly! He wanted her food!

Why, just the thought of eating right now made him quite happy! Thus a large smile grew across his cheeks. It looked devious, but it was all in good will, "HURRY!" he called.

Do you... [Yasuki] MJmwSQc
"Hey Guest, wanna train with me? No worries, I'll start soft and get harder as we go."

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Hesitantly thinking she should just turn around she saw the man catch a glimpse at her. Black hair, with a shirt that looked to be torn, seeming to be a tall figure but then again she herself was above 6 foot. Slowly hoping not to be too obvious she gestured to Nami to turn around. The fin-tail blue companion followed the gesture and turned slowly and quietly.

'What was he doing... Did he need some kind of help?' all kinds of thing ran through her mind as she contemplated just being as if she made a wrong turn out of the restaurant and had to go back the other way. She thought carefully about what she would do. Knowing that not everyone explorers encounter are good, but there was still some hope in the world that this one...was? By the way the man was sitting, she could tell he was in some kind of pain - but why...?

"Yasuki... You'll be fine, you're changed now remember that. You're not that timid little girl you once was. More confidence, more agility. Just look at you, remember who you are now and who you once were. Already coming so far." spoke a voice almost as if it was the past her trying to give her a pep talk. Unsure if anyone else was able to hear the voice or not, though she hoped they were not, she cocked her head a few times to hear a gentle pop then would once again gesture to Nami to turn back around. At that time she heard the man call out and stand up.

"Uhm... Me?" she called back out with slight confusion, of course it was her though because she was the only one standing still.. With caution she took small steps towards the man but would still stop a little distance away hesitant to approach further to ensure her or Nami were not in any harm. "Why me?" she questioned once more as she came to a stop.


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She seemed hard of hearing, he crossed his arms. He didn't want to come off as the typical loud mouthed cat caller, but he had questions for her! His vision may have been distorted by all of the sun light he could have sworn there was something off about her but she seemed an average girl. He kept is arms crossed, his back straight and eyes narrowed, an air of intimidation radiating off of him as he looked at her with sharper visage. He had a stern question, a rude question, a new question, a question customized just for her and only her to hear, would she accept? it would have to be seen, but if she did it would benefit them both.

"Relax, I'm not tryin' to mug ya, or pick pocket ya, or attack ya, or cat call ya I just have a little query, a question you can answer~" he decided to close the distance between them himself with a genuine 'nice guy' smile. Just before he reached her he looked her up and down, "I don't seem scary do I? I like to think I'm too handsome to strike fear into people's hearts from the get go..." he slithered up just a few feet away, "I just wanted to know if you had food? Maybe a treat to share? If not it's ok."

Do you... [Yasuki] MJmwSQc
"Hey Guest, wanna train with me? No worries, I'll start soft and get harder as we go."

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Still hesitant about the man she stopped and crossed her arms. One thing she knew was if someone appeared to have closed their body off then they seem less interested. Though she didn't want to appear rude or anything, if the man did need help then she wanted to offer. But at the same time she knew to be weary, and knew that if it comes to taking care of herself or someone random that she met off of the street, she was going to put herself first. "What are you doing... Stopping a distance away still, you're chan-." she cut herself off before allowing her to finish, she didn't know where the voice was coming from but it sounded familiar. Like it was her in a different time, like the voice was trying to help her in coping from what she was to what she is now...an elf.

She straightened up her appearance and looked towards the man, trying to squint her eyes a little bit to appear less open and innocent. "You're not... Right, and how do I know that for certain?" she questioned. The man asked if she had food, or a treat of some kind. Looking around she remembered she had the leftover box of food from the restaurant, pancakes and bacon it was.

"I mean... I do happen to have a few leftovers from a restaurant that I came out of... How does pancakes and bacon sound?" the question came out as she held out her hand with a styrofoam box in hand. "I've had my fill, and honestly I forgot I had it. Take it if you want." she said nervously, keeping a close eye on the man.

"But while we're at it, whats your name? What brings you here... to Baska relaxing on a cart?" she had hoped the questions weren't too much, but if she was going to interact with a stranger she at least wanted to know his name...


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Baron rubbed his hands together, she seemed very inquisitive. "You're very cute, but uh... If you don't trust me we can uh, meet later on. I'll show you." he nodded, he ran away from her and hopped onto a yellow cloud, "My name's Baron, I think you're the most beautiful woman I've ever met, your lips are kissable, your skin is flawless and tantalizing and I think you might just be the most adorable lady I've ever laid my eyes on. Excuse me for sounding like a creep but I've seen no woman like you ever. and I want to get to know you better! But for now I gotta go! I just gotta go! I can't make a bigger fool of myself please forgive me!

He flew with fear in his heart his cloud judging him badly turning grey, "Like really, you're really pretty.. I wanna meet you again, get to know you maybe over coffee? You like coffee? At this point he and the cloud were circling over head and would eventually zip off. "Call meeeeee" he called behind himself as he was whisked away by the flying nimbus. "Yeah I'm pretty smooth nimbus, I am pretty smooth."

Do you... [Yasuki] MJmwSQc
"Hey Guest, wanna train with me? No worries, I'll start soft and get harder as we go."

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She's never seen anyone quite as...confident, as this one. He went on about how she was the most beautiful woman he's ever met, but all that could run through her mind was doubt and nervousness. 'I bet... He says this to all the woman he comes around, so I don't think I buy that.' she thought to herself very insecurely and questioning. He introduced himself as Baron, but seemed to be in a rush. "Uh, sure thing... I'm Yasuki, and this is Nami." she would say as she gestured down to the blue finned companion to her side.

The man was still talking, but she felt as if it was all some kind of play to get her to open up more about herself. Though she wanted to seem more reserved that in her past. Earlier she offered a box of leftovers and the man didn't seem to have taken it. "Guess, we'll meet again, perhaps for a longer visit next time." she mentioned as she saw him leaving on the cloud.

She straightened up her clothes and headed back towards the hotel that she came from to gather up her things before traveling once more. It seemed as if she was always traveling nowadays, never in one place for too long. "Guess that's our exit, Nami, quite a odd guy." she looked down towards her companion before her eyes would look towards the man on the cloud again before leaving.


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