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Pointy (Liana)

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It had been a long time since Christian had spent so much time outside, ever since he had such a long and severe illness during the early winter. Still, he felt a lot better now (or at least good enough to get out of bed) and he was ready to get back to where he loved, particularly anywhere outside of his room. Though he had to admit, his bed was comfy, there was something much better about being able to go whenever you wanted when you wanted.

The day in Baska was of average for this time of year. Just little bits of snow here and there, the weather fair and sunny but still cold thanks to the wind. As such, Christian wore a coat, not wanting to catch yet another illness while he was on a simple walk through town. He came here to do some grocery shopping, something he was excited to do as he hadn't stepped inside a store for months. Walking into the heated market of a rather large size, Christian began to walk around, looking at all the interesting things on sale. Christian admittedly was more wrapped up in this than he should have been, as it was likely he wasn't looking where he was going and would bump into someone rudely sooner or later.


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The Nature's Bonder
Ever since she has been in Baska, Liana's days were often filled with a clean sky and a bright sun. Though, this time, while it was obviously colder, seeing snow wasn't that much of a rarity. It surprised the girl, even if she was aware they had indeed reached the Winter season. And it isn't like she's not used to snow, as she was born and lived most of her life in North Fiore. She simply didn't expect to see it again.

As always, the young Sylvaine decides to walk outside and make her way to the market, attentive to any promotions that might be around the corner. Since she only lives with Esperia, there's no need to bring much food home, but in return, it only meant that at least one of the two girls had to go out and buy something to prevent starvation.

Once reaching the desired destination, most of her attention is brought over to the products that were being showcased, Liana attentive about anything that had a discount of sorts so she didn't really have to waste so much. Money is not so easy to obtain, after all. And due to that, the girl failed to pay much attention to her surroundings, only to suddenly bump into a stranger.

"... A-Ah...!"

She stumbled a little, though managed to keep standing, her eyes furrowing for a second and then opening as her head turns forth, that sapphire gaze of hers locked up on the male.

"I'm sorry!"

Sadly, she didn't even notice it was Christian, someone she had met before quite some time ago. Normally she wouldn't be one to forget about faces, though perhaps it was the way she was so perplexed by her mistake that she tried to rapidly get out of it, walking around the male after getting a good idea that her apology was enough.

Afterwards, she simply goes on about her life.

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Suddenly, out of nowhere, Christian got hit by a magical dart in the back of his neck. Unfortunately, it was meant for someone else. As the magical dart disappeared underneath Christian's skin, he'd experience something which would feel like a little mosquito bite. The consequences of this misplaced dart however would be terrible and most likely leave him traumatized at some point. Each time Christian would get hungry, feel sad, or get offended, he'd turn into a small frog for an hour. He would be able to get out of this transformation before the one hour time span ended if he got kissed before that, but as fate would have it that was not going to happen in a long time.

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