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Rum Diary [Quest | Phoebe]

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#1Victor Garrett 

Rum Diary [Quest | Phoebe] Empty Mon Jan 22, 2018 1:51 am

Victor Garrett
Just as the duo turned away, after collecting their reward for ensuring that the ship that was probably carrying smuggled goods, left the shore without being searched... Another ship docked into Hargeon. Now this was not out of the ordinary, Hargeon had a busy dock, except the interest this new ship sparked. Several men waited for it, cleared the way to unload the goods the cargo ship carried, what was interesting to note, was the greedy look in the smuggler's eyes, the one who had just paid them off so stealthily. Victor sighed, maybe aiding him another time, ought to loosen his tongue. The blonde was torn though, he did end up choosing the mission over the dinner.

Idly his fingers slipped the knot of the pouch they were given to survey the money inside, hoping the jewels could make it worth Phoebe's while and compensate... What he found along with the reward, was a note. Mother's should eat bananas to give birth to healthy babies. Bring the baby to the father.. It was an odd little note... It had to be code for something. 'Hang on, Phoebe, I think I have a way to collect a little more money from this smuggler.' he said, holding onto her wrist, while scratching his chin thoughtfully.


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#2Phoebe Rainsworth 

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Phoebe Rainsworth
It was nice to earn a lot of money, she should have taken a different purse with her because after doing three jobs already, it was getting so full, she looked in the little bag and tried to count it without showing the content to anyone, it was about the same amount as the other two had been. Interesting way, she had actually not done anything, scream at the top of her lungs and the like but well the kiss had surely made up for that. She was about to walk away, mostly because that was the plan, have dinner, let her feet rest and the like. But that's when things again changed. While Phoebe didn't care about the docks and neither did Persephone because ugh, the water was Poseidon's dominion and she wanted to be out of here. Phoebe herself was still trying to tell Persephone off for kissing Victor but all the Goddess said was that Phoebe had originally not cared, so she couldn't complain.

While she had taken a few steps away from Victor, she heard him call out her name, feeling his fingers around her wrist as she turned to look at him, her lilac eyes what bigger thanks to the surprise of this. "Oh well, is it around?" She didn't want to complain about her feet; again it was her own idea of wearing the heels but.. guys wouldn't understand that.


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#3Victor Garrett 

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Victor Garrett

'Yes, I think it is... very close' he muttered, still trying to figure out what the man meant by this silly little riddle. His eyes scanned the men that carried heavy crates from the ship back to the docks. Most of them hoisted the boxes up onto their backs, then, bowed under the weight, they'd shuffle down the plank that extended from the ship and place the goods on the wooden platform extending into the sea. That's when he saw it... And suddenly the words fell into place.

'There it is...' he muttered. There was something rather botched up about the yellow splotch on a particular crate, but if he narrowed his eyes and cocked his head, he noticed the black line smeared around, shaped like a curve of a smiley face, in a very odd way, it could pass of as a banana. So those words were more literal than he thought. If what he'd assumed to be the healthy banana, was indeed that, it meant that the crate... was the mother. The man carrying it set it down and now Victor needed time and a way to get there and collect the baby.

'Phoebe...' he said, turning his head towards her, but his eyes were still on the crate. 'I need to get something from that crate over there.' he said, using his chin to direct her attention towards his target, because any hand gestures would make it too obvious. 'But I can't have anyone notice me... I'm going to need you to surprise me again.' he said, finally looking at her and winking. He could think of a few ways to create a diversion, but nothing would work better than a pretty girl... especially with her, charms.


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#4Phoebe Rainsworth 

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Phoebe Rainsworth
Phoebe didn't want to sigh but it seemed that the whole ordeal wasn't clear yet and she didn't know what to say about it and looked at Victor with this questioned look and the rest of her face was quite neutral, which wasn't always good; Phoebe her neutral face looked annoyed. You had to know her before that. She didn't understand a single thing about it, there had been no one around to send them a message, like last time there was some nodding and nudging but now, noth.. wait there could be a message in the bag. Hers was empty from notes apart from jewels but perhaps not Victor's. She turned to look where Victor was looking as he said where it was. She simply raised her eyebrow and let it happen for now.

She looked a little around him when he finally continued to talk, calling her name again. She couldn't help but smile a little when he said he needed her to surprise him. She shortly thought but Persephone already got a quick idea, the goddess seemed to be much better at that. The idea that the Goddess had was going to cost her, her heels or well hopefully it would go fine. "See you in a bit than." So she left his side, putting the jewels from before in her purse and try this very embarrassing idea; almost trip. But someone caught her and helped her up, "Sorry I felt a bit dizzy." she said with a faint acting voice, her eyes bright green again. The guy, one of the people that helped unload the cargo, offered her to sit on one of the crates, it was far away from the one with the yellow sign and she would sit down, on purpose she did it a bit clumsy, letting her skirt go up quite high by the way she moved, which made some people stop working and look at her, she took the hair tie at that sight and shook her it out of her hair and shake her long black hair around her face. A perfect distraction right?


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#5Victor Garrett 

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Victor Garrett

Victor snorted softly, Phoebe sure knew how to put up an act, could have fooled him. It did in fact, there was just a small wave of concern that rose as she walked away from him and tripped, Garrett almost felt the need to dash and catch her, but he surpressed it in time. No, that one is no damsel in distress. Perhaps his ego wanted to run in for a save, just to even out the dues, he did owe her for the last time, but then, he reminded himself that he only needed to be rescued, because her last tactic required him to take the fall. A smirk played on his lips either way, he'd fall into some measured trouble willingly, to pull her into a few more of those kisses... He shook his head, he had a mission to complete. Despite having much control over his thoughts and desires, there were always those few moments, that tested the blonde boy.

Sure enough, one of the dock workers had caught her, and that made his job a little easier. But not by much, a few of them stopped to attempt aiding her, just like last time. so predictable he thought, but then she walked further away, still aided by that man.. and then some more, rallying up people behind her as they all wondered what happened. As she settled down on a crate, Victor realized now was his chance, he sneaked towards the banana crate, his demeanor got confident and casual as a man walked by, he had to look like he knew what he was doing. That's when she did something to garner more attention and more workers flocked towards her... He'd have to find out later what she did to become such a magnet. He threw opened the crate and sifted through a few layers of bananas before finally getting his hands on the smaller crate inside. 'And now I have the baby...' he muttered, shutting the crate up.


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#6Phoebe Rainsworth 

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Phoebe Rainsworth
She tried to keep a straight face but Persephone liked the attention too much, monkeys were easy and so she decided that humans were not even that far evolved from them, perhaps monkeys were even smarter, knowing when to stay away from a powerful being such as Persephone herself and Phoebe, well she wasn't that bad either. But instead they were all focused on one thing, the soft white skin of her upper leg and the curves that Phoebe had, she picked a good hostess, that was nice. She didn't know exactly what to say or do anymore, her green eyes looking at the men around her. She noticed one blonde though, walking behind, out of her sight but surely later she spotted him again. "I feel a lot better now, thank you all for your attention and care." she said with a sugar sweet voice, standing up again.

Even as a goddess she felt the pain in her feet thanks to the red heels but she ignored it as Phoebe would do as well and not even change the expression on her face. She waltzed through the group of men, adjusting her skirt just when she was outside, perhaps Victor would see. Which made Phoebe annoyed because what did they care, but all Persephone said was that it was a game and that it was good fun. But monkeys didn't sound nice in Phoebe her ears, which the Goddess quickly shushed again, she simply told her that as a higher being it was so difficult and that there was obviously a difference between men and women and again within those categories. Giving Phoebe a compliment so she would shush. "That's all you needed?" The Goddess asked surprised when she finally caught up with Victor, she stared at the rum bottles, blergh. Phoebe her taste for alcohol was already ridiculous but now the both of them. It was sad, but the Goddess kept her mouth shut, only to keep this game up for now.


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#7Victor Garrett 

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Victor Garrett
As she sashayed her way back to him, he noticed the way she adjusted her skirt, his eyebrows notched in response, but he didn't grace the situation with words... yet. He hoped she hadn't put on too much of a show, he wasn't really the possessive sort, but just a little extra could mean the difference between a clean exit and being followed by some greedy boys. 'Just enough.' he said flashing a smile as their paths merged. He carried the cargo, huffing softly... The task was too menial for him, yet he couldn't trust it with anyone else and there was no way he could hand it to Phoebe... 'Fancy as this rum may be, I thought people here would have a more refined taste...' he remarked, as he got a whiff of the alcohol.

The men working at the docks behind them, began clearing out as the sun swooped lower and lower, a vibrant red painting the sky. Victor inhaled the fresh ocean breeze, as he neared the smuggler. 'There you are.' he whispered in a low guttural tone, setting the box down behind the man again. 'Thank you, you and that girl over there have been of much assistant... and entertainment.' he responded finally, eyeing Phoebe like all men did. Victor rolled his eyes and cleared his throat. 'Can you tell me what I need to know yet?' the man grunted softly and buried his hand into a satchel to relieve to bags of coins. 'I could redirect you to a better source...' he said chuckling. 'Take one of those bottles to a man named Balthazar, you might have to work a little for him too, but he'll give you all you need.' the smuggler finished. Victor turned to Phoebe 'Despite all your help, dragging you along for my dirty work, is no way to treat a lady, let me make it up to you with that dinner I'd promised before.'


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#8Phoebe Rainsworth 

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Phoebe Rainsworth
Persephone had noticed his eyes look at her, but she wans't sure what he was thinking and Phoebe in her mind was only making things worse. "I don't have to warn you for pencil skirts but they are impossible." She gave a small smile when they were reunited, so much for knowing him actually and yet having done a good amount of jobs before. She looked at the crate now that she was a little closer and simply nodded about the idea of the rum, she wouldn't show her dislike for it immediately. Phoebe simply was interested but didn't took back the reign of the body so Persephone remained around. She followed the path Victor took towards the man they had met before, who had not said a word. But this time he seemed to have not lost his tongue and actually say things.

All Persephone did was stare at the man and not say anything at all. She eyed him with a cold stare as he looked at her the way the men at the docks had done, actually she wanted to say that she wasn't for sale because that was like how he looked but shutting her mouth was the smartest. Her green eyes turned to Victor, since he had asked about something he needed to know and she frowned but simply taking the jewels for herself. She only turned her attention back to Victor when he invited her again for dinner, "And again that sounds nice." so she would follow.


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