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Syliph stood on the edge of the woods. It was night time and the little light he had, was supplied by a small, blue, lacrima sphere. He read over the description of the mushroom that he was given. The mushrom was tall, skinny and gray, The only noticeable part about it was the supposed neon green dots that glowed in the dark. Sighing Syliph headed off into the woods.

It was dark and muddy, and at the moment something Syliph didn't really feel like walking through. He had made sure to keep his lacrima light off so he could see the glowing green dots better. With one mistep syliph tumbled down the side of the hill and onto a stream bank. Luckily he managed not to fall into the stream, but he also managed to evade breaking any of his very important bones. He only felt a little beat up. Pushing himself up he groaned loudly and decided to sit there quietly for a moment, suddenly another light filled the darkness and the white leather book fell out of Syliph's backpack. Flipping through the pages, he fell on one that was bursting with light. He began reading into it, there was a picture of the mushroom Syliph was looking for. Under the picture a ittalicized name was written, "Witch's Hex". The mushroom was the creation of a god known as Verio. Verio was a bitter god, full of resentment. He was betrayed by all of those close to him, the worst wound came from his witch wife, Fayra. She faked falling in love with him so she could steal his blood later on. When he found out he stole her magic and imbued it into a small mushroom seed. And from then on, the mushroom was deadly toxic and extremley rare. After many deaths were recorded by the government of Fiore, they banned possesion of the Witch's Hex. Verio eventuall died by the hands of another war god. Syliph closed the book and stood up when the stream water writhed violently, and a large serpent slithered out of the water. Raising an eyebrow Syliph prepared to cast a spell. When he stared closer at the snake's eyes, he noticed they were human. The snake hissed, "I am from the goddess Ophichus, she has sent me as a...helper. You may call me Akvendal." The snake said, bowing its head slightly. "I don't want iny help from Celia, tell her I said hi." Syliph said. He bit his tongue, he could have said harsher words. He had begun to get over their bitter exit, but the wound was still rather
sore. Akvendal shook his head, "I'm afraid she won't accept that excuse. I do believe that my sense of smell will help you lower the amount of mistakes you make. Though as a holy being, I only have so much mana to exist in this form outside of the Astral plain. I will only be able to confirm or deny if you have the mushroom three times. After the third time I will simply return back to Ophichus and return to being her personal pet, companion, and loyal guard." Akvendal said. Syliph groaned, "Fine you can follow me." The snak nodded and slithered around behind, sometimes next to him. Its body was pure white, along with it having human eyes the eyes were also color changing. They changed from gold, to silver, to purple, to red, then back to gold.

Syliph peered around a few rocks and just by his lock there was a mushroom situated between two rocks. It was tall, skinny and gray, and had glowing green dots. "Akvendal, is this the correct mushroom?" Syliph asked. The snake slithered over and its eyes glowed momentarily. "No, its not. This mushroom, Gargoyle's Wing, is commonly mistaken for witch's hex. IF you pull out your light, you'll notice the color is slightly blue, not gray. Syliph nodded and carried on with his search.

When Syliph chose to climg a cliff face, he asked if Akvendal needed any help getting up. The snake simply replied with a no, and slithered up the cliff face. Syliph was surprised by its magical and physical ability. Syliph climbed up with ease and continued on with the search.

The next place he managed to look was in a small grove of flowers. The flowers gave off their own bioluminecent pollen, which Akvendal noted was toxic. Syliph covered his face and peered down at a mushroom. It seemed to be Tall, gray and skinny. Syliph waved Akvendal over. The snake was immune to the toxins and slithered right over to Syliph. The snake's eyes glowed for another moment, and then it shook its head. "No, this is not Witch's hex. Notice how the ends of the of the mushroom frill up a bit. Witch's Hex is skinny and straight. Syliph nodded and continued to walk on. He was not a huge fan of wondering thorugh all this toxic stuff. The glowing pollen was pretty, but what is pretty is dangerous. There is no rose without a thorn his mother had used to say.

The last placec Syliph looked was a moss covered rock in the middle of a stream, covering his mouth he leaned down closer. Everything seemed to be right, it was gray, not blue-gray. Its ends were straight, not curving slowly outward. Syliph waved Akvendal who swam over and examined the mushroom. "Yes, this happens to be the correct mushroom, its been nice talking to you." Akvendal said. He burst into hundreds of golden specks and vanished. Syliph picked up the mushroom and dropped it in the bag.

Syliph returned to the shop and dropped the bag on the desk, he wanted to get paid and go home. The doctor inspected it and determine that it was the correct mushroom. He handed Syliph his money and Syliph nodded goodbye. With a deep breaeth he was ready to go home. He walked out the door and sprinted down the street torwards his inn. Slamming thorugh the door, he took in a smell of the room. Locking the door and taking a shower Syliph got nice and clean. Then he promptly fell asleep

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