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The Red Reunion [private|Syliph]

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#1Audrey Namatzu 

The Red Reunion [private|Syliph] Empty on Sun Jan 21, 2018 11:02 am

Audrey Namatzu

"Please don't bite!"

Audrey had been walking through the streets of Oak today, looking for someone to talk to. She hasn't talked to anyone in a while, and she needed to get a bit more social, though she didn't want to. She just felt like she needed to otherwise she was going to go crazy talking to herself all the time, and that wasn't good for her at all. She wasn't looking for just anyone to talk to though, she had been looking for someone in the same guild as her. She hadn't really met anyone that was in her guild yet, and it would be nice to meet at least one person that she was supposed to know. She had sat down and Snowy had jumped up out of her backpack and onto her lap once she had sat down, her cold paws making Audrey shiver a bit as she skimmed the crowd for anyone who looked out of the ordinary.

It was a bit harder than she had expected to find the person she was looking for, seeing as she found a few phantoms but no Grimoire Heart members. She was planning to just give up on talking so she had just sat back and relaxed and maybe her answer would run right into her.



The Red Reunion [private|Syliph] Empty on Sun Jan 21, 2018 2:48 pm

Syliph walked down the cold street path, hugging his arms to keep warm. It had been rather chilly out today, and he wasn't doing any jobs, so he was out in the cold with no where to run to. Taking in a deep breath He rubbed his hands together in the freezing cold. Looking around he noticed nothing out of the ordinary. All the people sulked along, a few looking over their shoulders every once in awhile to see that they weren't being followed.

WHhile Syliph also peered over the back of his shoulder occasionally, he was confident in his abilities and that'd he'd be able to fend off any oncoming attacker. deciding on taking a break he sat down on a bench not to far away from where he stood.

Syliph crossed his arms and peered at the people who walked by him. Was he weary? no. Was he careful? yes. He only noticed a few phantom's flaunting their marks. That was one thing he did like about grimoire heart, they were more secretive, in the shadows. Syliph took a breath, once he was done in oak, where would he go, maybe back to Hargeon, he didn't know.

#3Audrey Namatzu 

The Red Reunion [private|Syliph] Empty on Fri Jan 26, 2018 10:02 am

Audrey Namatzu

"Please don't bite!"

Audrey had a man sit next to her on the bench, and she was starting to feel like this was a hopeless attempt of talking to someone she was supposed to know. She looked to the man and said, "Do you have the time to chat for a bit, I really haven't talked to anyone in a while," she said with the slightest smile. She was trying to make a good impression on someone, though she really didn't want to talk to anyone too much. She wanted to be known as some kind of pain bringer, or something of the sort. She had a big life planned that she was going to try to live out, but now that she could see how hard it was to do some of the simplest things, she wasn't too sure if she was going to be able to accomplish her goals that were originally planned. She had pet Snowy's soft fur, and she had made a small noise of appreciation. Snowy seemed to be the only person (or at least Audrey considered her a person) that she was actually able to talk to every now and again. She seemed to be the only one to listen to her, and that was one thing that made her happy, that someone actually did want to listen to her, even though she wasn't always the most interesting storyteller. "Hey do you happen to know anyone around here who is in Grimoire Heart?" she had asked the man in a quiet tone.



The Red Reunion [private|Syliph] Empty on Fri Jan 26, 2018 12:37 pm

The girl next to him struck up a conversation, she was smaller and most definitely younger than him. But something about his face made a person think before they crossed her. Her next question seemed a little out of place. How she knew grimoire heart was a little out of place, unlesss she was one. But then again openly revealing her status was a big no no in the guild. But, he was also a member. ”uhh, yes I do know some grimoire heart members. But how did someone your age figure out their existence.” he said.

When he began to think he recalled all the terrible events of what had happened in Lamia scale and phantom lord. Their guildmasters has been killed and left outside to rot. Their members had found their lifeless bodies outside their guild halls. Sylioh stretches and stood up, he knew he was leaving and staying a guild like that wasn’t his choice. And if this young woman was looking to join the guild he wouldn’t let that happen. Smiling he waved goodbye, giving the excuse of a quest he was working on.

Sylioh would walk away, completely oblivious to the fact that he just met a member of Grimoire heart.


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