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Gang tension {Solo Quest|Syliph Kamae}

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Gang tension {Solo Quest|Syliph Kamae} Empty on Sat Jan 20, 2018 7:07 pm

Syliph sat in the restaurant sipping a fine wine. Swishing it around in the glass he watched the golden liquid swish around elegantly, he felt rich. Looking around he waited for Remy Martello to shwo up. Syliph had told the man that he happened to be back in tonw and was looking for some work to do. Remy had been oblivious to the fact that the tree murdered guards awhile back were of Syliph's doing. Taking a sip he looked up from hihs white wine to see Remy Martello sitting down across from him. Remy poured a bit of his own wine, its color was the same as blood. Remy took a sip of the strong smelling wine, "Alright Syliph, its nice to see you again. What are you here for?" He asked. "A job." Syliph said simply. Remy thought for a moment then pulled a piece of paper out of his coat. He handed it to Syliph, "If you're looking for something simple here you go. I just need you to go vandalize some of these stores, a bar, a magic shop, a fine restaurant, a grocery store, a jewelry store, a tattoo parlor, a bank, a casino, a horse race site, an apothecary, a pharmacy, and a safehouse. Choose three of them and paint this symbol on htem." Remy Martello handed Syliph a folded up template, "When you're done just visit the family home and I'll give you the reward. The quest shouldn't be hard, I just need to make a statement." Remy said. Smiling Syliph nodded and finished off the rest of his wine, "It'll be done, just don't expect much...artistry." Syliph said. Remy nodded his head to the template, "That's why I have that." he said. Nodding Syliph looked at the waiter and placed jewles down, but only enough for his meal, he wasn't a huge fan of Remy Martello. Syliph left trhough the side door and into an alley.

Syliph peered at the jewlery store in front of him. Inside sat many beautiful creations, there was a pair of ruby earrings outline in gold. There was an amethyst necklace with silver dragons connecting it to a chain. Peering inside Syliph peered through the window to see what he could do without bringing to much attention to himself. Inside were two clerks and one rival guard. Thinking of a plan Syliph walked back behind the store. Picking up a metal bar he carved some threatening words into the wall, only ones that would rile them up for a few minutes. Then afterwards he grabbed both ends of the metal spike and stabbed it through the hollow steel door. It made a odd crunching noise and Syliph could hear footsteps running back there. With quick thinking he spun around and ran back out front. Looking back in through the window he saw that no one was still there. Syliph pulled the template back out from his pocket and spread it out to its full size. Pressing it up he spray painted the Martello family crest on the front window of the jewelry store, right above its most eye-catching piece, people would have to look now. As he walked away he could here angered screams of the people inside. Syliph smiled.

Holding up the description he looked at the massive epty field of the horse race site. Since it wasn't active and all the money was stored inside no one was outside to guard anything. Syliph spray painted the symbol on a few chairs but then decided it'd be a fun experiment to try and spraypaint the big section of grass in the middle witht he martello crest. Holding up the Crest he walked over and tried to copy it, starting out with the top he worked his way down until he completed all the twists and turns and letters. After he was done he'd walk to the highest row of chairs and smile at the work he would have completed by copying the symbol onto the field. A door opened and Syliph bolted, no one saw him, which meant he was successful.

The very last building was a magic shop. While there werem't alot of people that came here, there were the very powerful that did. The red brick building only had a few windows that were at the very top, meaning they probably couldn't see him from the inside. The door was solid steel, so no puncturing it. Finding the biggest open space he spray painted the martello symbol on the red brick, then slammed on the door. He burst into a sprint and slid around a corner just in time to hear angered screams once more. Smiling Syliph had completed his job.

Syliph turned and left going back to the Martello family home to gian his reward, this had been one of his more fun jobs. While Kerii didn't like his tactics of making money, he couldn't live without it and neither could she. Taking a breath he looked back on Baska, he would return there one day, he had quite liked it. The sunshine, the rain, the views, everything about it was rather pleasent and there wasn't much to dislike. Syliph had even met people he liked there, and he had gotten time to catch up with one of his best friends, Kerii.

Stepping inside the gates of the martello family syliph took a deep breath, he didn't like the Martellos that much. But he got his money and left

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