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Fetch me This {quest|solo|Syliph}

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Fetch me This {quest|solo|Syliph} Empty on Fri Jan 19, 2018 8:02 pm

Syliph stood in front of the door, he didn't want to go out that much. He was truly enjoying reading his book. He did not want to go take care of any of that work. Taking a breath he sat back down on the ground and reopened the white book. He began read into other stories, one of the great demons, the seven deadly sins, otherwise knoan as rage, lust, gluttony, sloth, greed, jealousy, and pride. The demons resided by the names. Rage was Ba'al, Asmodeus was Lust, Mammon was Gluttony, Belphegor was sloth, Beezlebub was Greed, Leviathan was jealousy, and Lucifer was known as pride.

The demons were given the names by the church by their attributes. Some had other forms, Leviathan, the demon of Jealousy sometimes chose to go on as a giant sea serpen, or Leviathan, earning it one of its many names.

Syliph continued on wiht the book, it detailed their death, one by one the demons committed a flaw. And one by one they passed away. Reading father in he noticed an irregular story, it didn't focus on any god all that written was a some name written in silver ink. To Syliph, it sounded like Eserverin Hnnene. Hooked he began to read, it began with a woman screeching out in child labor. Whatever language she was screaming in was not a dialect Syliph fully understood. Reaching around for what he knew about roots and connections in laguages he was able to dicern what she was saying.

"The Child is Near!" She screamed. The Midwife nodded, affirming what the woman had just said. There was a man at the far end, he was tall and broad shouldered, he had no facial hair but his hair was spiky and brown. He stood in the corner, his face stern and unmoving. The woman in birth looked skinnier and shorter. Her hair was blonde and was tied in a messy braid that fell down off the side of the bed. Suddenly the cries of a child burst forth in the room, gaining a raised eye from the husband and sigh from the mother. "Zizero, its a boy!" the woman called. The husband nodded "good" was the only answer he got. The woman sighed and the midwife carried away the small baby for him to be cleaned. The woman turned to Zizero, "Zizero, I. Am. Your wife. So don't treat me like a stranger, I thought we got over this." Zizero Sighed at his wife's complaint. "Amarissa, I do love you, why can't you see that?" He asked
"Why? You treat me like a stranger in our own house. You just watched your first son be born and your only response was good!"

"I am sorry."

"Sorry won't cut it Zizero. You mihgt be the man of the house, but we both know I have the stronger magic."

"You wouldn't dare threaten me?" Zizero snarled

"I would threaten you Zizero. You might have grown up in this rich house and chosen me as your pity project, but we both agreed on this child, and so act like a father and act like a loyal husband. We'll give this child a family he desrves. One step out of line and I'll take him and leave."

Zizero glared at Amarissa, her face was stone cold. Growling he walked out of the room, he wasn't even there to here the name.

Eseverin grew up isolated from his father, who kept his word of a loving father, but he managed to keep his distance from Amarissa. Eseverin gained his mother's aptitude for magic and spent much of his time in the library performing rituals and looking to gain more strength. Eventually one day Zizero went agianst his word and Amarissa burnt the house to the ground with Zizero along with it. A stunned Eseverin learned his life was a lie and turned to the dark arts of time manipulation and reality shifting to return to the lie that he once lived...and loved. He eventually became that estranged neighbor that no one talked to. Eventually he discovered something great and disapeared, leaving nothing but a gaping hole in the ground where his house used to be. That day it said that random things started happening around Fiore, they were minute, but noticeable. One time a body showed up in a river, but the blood was green, and like acid. The body was deemed unholy and burned, but the flames when they burned, they were black.

That's where the story on Eservin Hnnene ended. Syliph raised an eyebrow but decided against reading into it and decided that it was time to go make some more money.

Syliph stood outside the quest board and chose an old one that looked like it was some kind of scavenger hunt. He'd find all the materials, some burnt wood, a weird chunk of metal and a plant. Afterwards he went to where he was supposed to go and met Serena nightless. She laughed in his face and said something about it being something to fill her time. But she acknowledged his capability and handed chucked some money at him and waited for him to leave. Syliph shrugged and left, he didn't feel like dealing with egotistical mafia bosses.

He arrived back at his Inn and peered at the white leather book, he looked away and decided it was time to go to sleep.

10% quest reduction

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