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Time To Take It [Private]

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#1Aleksandr Sokolov 

Time To Take It [Private] Empty Thu Jan 18, 2018 11:05 pm

Aleksandr Sokolov
The Morning Scene

Aleksandr lay on his bed, trying not to wake up, wanting not to wake up. His scruffy beard rubbed against the bedsheet as he kept turning in his bed, trying to go to sleep, but failing miserably at it. "Ugh," he muttered under his voice and started to crawl out of bed when he suddenly felt something in his stomach. Something was struggling to get outside, and it gave him a stomachache. It took him about 2 seconds to realise that he needed to use the bathroom. Maybe it was the goddamned Indian food, damn it was spicy. He had decided to go a little out of his comfort zone concerning food when he went to that one restaurant. Had he liked the food? Maybe. But that didn't matter much right now, the only thing that mattered right now was that the food didn't do wonders for his stomach.

He surged up and started to rush towards the bathroom, grabbing his stomach and making some incoherent noises along the way. He closed the door behind him and then pulled down his pants and sat on the toilet seat.  He made more incoherent noises when it was still going on and then let out a sigh of relief after it. This shit was like none he had taken before. It was strenuous to push out like damn it took some work.  With some courage, he got up after he was wiped up and didn't flush. He had a sudden urge to look at the turd. He decided to try and steal a glance at it, even if it was right there, and he could look at it all he wanted. He was having conflicting thoughts, he didn't want to see it, and he did want to see it. So with extreme courage and bravery, he stole a glance at it. He turned his face the other way immediately after he looked at it and shouted: "Fuck, that's a huge crap. Damn, I took one hell of a dump today. Thank you, spicy food." but it was deeper than that...the turd reminded him of something, or somebody: Himself.

He had changed a lot over the course of the last year, he had become what he hated. He had become a turd of a person. He had done nothing notable and hadn't even tried to contact any person he knew, not even his brother. But maybe it was just time to accept what he had become. A shadow of his former self. Scratch that. He had become lower than that.  What people would call "character development" had taken place.  He didn't like it, but it had taken place, which meant that deep down, he had actually wanted it to happen. This was a reality he just couldn't cope with, without acknowledging that he had decayed. He flushed the toilet and washed his hands. He looked in the mirror to see the scruffy beard that was growing on his face. Oh, that was it. He never liked beards. He took out a razor from the cabinet and shaved it. Maybe the time had come to change what he had become. He then took a warm water shower, to help him relax which did exactly the opposite of what he had wanted.

"God. I need to get out there again." He said to himself as he stopped the shower, and walked out of the bathroom, his lower body wrapped up neatly in a towel. He changed into casual clothes, a black shirt, red hoodie, black pants and then put on white spectacles. He was out of this place, Magnolia. It was time to maybe do something in the world, for the world. Maybe doing his job would be a good start. He packed his bags and walked downstairs. He was finally checking out. He paid his bills and walked out of the place. Ah, fresh air of the morning. He liked this. He was gonna travel out of here, but getting something good to eat might be a good idea. With that thought, he started walking to the restaurant he knew was the closest. It served good food. Maybe he'll have a waffle or two, coffee.


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