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Slay Gurl Pt. 2 [Quest: Chelflake]

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#1Chelvaric Walderkat 

Slay Gurl Pt. 2 [Quest: Chelflake] Empty Thu Jan 18, 2018 8:55 pm

Chelvaric Walderkat

The journey to Hargeon had been a quite one with not too many incidents. Since the assassin had attacked they hadn’t encountered any more problems so far. He wondered if this peace would last though as it could turn around any second now. They had to be on their best and highest alert as who knew when another assassin would show up. They could snipe there target after all too. So Chelvarics eyes and ears were wide open. But it seemed to be not needed as they had finally arrived at Hargeon, he looked at the harbor city laying peacefully at the coast of the sea. They were home finally. He looked at Snow and petted Elisa. “We're home babe, let's finish this job up so we can go check the guildhall out”, he said to her and walked around the cart to do some checkups.

When they arrived at the place where the fashion show would be they started to unpack everything they had loaded on the wagons in Baska. They had to prepare for the fashion show and everyone started to work hard on the stages and on the lighting. Chelvaric was helping them to set up the tents where they all would be sleeping. They didn’t want to leave there stages alone at night after all. Not after everything that had happened.


Slay Gurl Pt. 2 [Quest: Chelflake] HVEbuMl

#2Venus Rosé 

Slay Gurl Pt. 2 [Quest: Chelflake] Empty Fri Jan 19, 2018 4:18 am

Venus Rosé

The rest of the journey to Hargeon went safe and sound, despite how all the travellers were on alert including the two Pegasus mages. Upon the arrival, a familiar sight entered the scene; the town bustling with crowds, travellers and merchants filtering the Hargeon Streets and townsfolk roaming through the markets. ”It’s good to be back,” she began, to no one in particular and inhaled a long intake of breath. The clamour of fish market could be heard even at this distance, along with the sounds of waves crashing onto the shore and the harbour. Drago had flown away, to a place that she might not even know about, perhaps some kind of dragon nest, since Hargeon was way too crowded and packed to let him stay in the town, albeit, she was certain that Drago would come to her help whenever she needed him.

As much as she wished to take a rest from the long journey, Fernando refused to do so. It appeared that he was the only one who was thrilled about the entire event compared to the rest of them. How could someone be so energetic?, the thought crossed her mind although she quickly pushed them away and followed Fernando to where the fashion show was supposed to take place.

"Seeing how the assassin travelled all the way to kill me, I’m quite positive Jaune might be here as well.”

Despite how enthusiastic Fernando was as a person, his apprehension was still apparent on his face and Snowflake would nod, reassuring him that everything would be fine as long as the mages were with him. It was no doubt that she would make sure everything goes well and Fernando was protected throughout the entire event.


#3Chelvaric Walderkat 

Slay Gurl Pt. 2 [Quest: Chelflake] Empty Fri Jan 19, 2018 5:20 am

Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric was helping with the workers to make the stages faster. The faster they were done the better they could protect the place. He didn’t want to get caught in a fight when everyone was walking through each other and he didn’t have an overview on where Fernando was exactly and how they would protect him. They needed to plan for it soon as Fernando was right, his opponent would probably show up here to take him out. No way that he would stop now, he already went too far to back off now. It didn’t take long or the stages were set up inside the building where the fashion show would take place. Now that everyone was tired and started to move to the backstage area they could go over the security detail so that Fernando would be safe for the rest of the event. He walked over to Snowflake and started to talk to her.

We have to find Jaune and make sure he doesn’t interrupt the place. But how will we find him fast enough is something I don’t know”, he said to her and looked around the area. He hadn’t seen anyone suspicious so far and Elisa who was patrolling around the camp.


Slay Gurl Pt. 2 [Quest: Chelflake] HVEbuMl

#4Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

While the rest of the staff took the responsibility of prepping up the stage and getting the models ready, the two mages were in charge of patrolling the area. It wasn’t that much of a work but to be honest, she needed a bit of a rest after walking for hours without rest. Even she, herself, was feeling exhausted, she couldn’t imagine how the rest of the people felt. Snowflake yawned, in desperate need of a rest as her eyes glazed over the vicinity. Since the show was far from getting started, there were no people apart from Fernando’s workers, which should be easy for her to spot intruders. All she could see was staff running back and forth with clothes for models, stylists and artists setting the models with makeup and other accessories.

This was definitely going to be a busy day for them.

”That’s true. We can check the backstage together.”

As if she was some sort of security guard, Snowflake headed behind the stage and walked over the area to see if there was anyone doing anything suspicious. So far, nothing happened although it wasn’t as if she could be relieved at this moment after what happened previously on their way to Hargeon. She had to make sure all the preparations were set up perfectly and that everything goes smoothly according to the plan.


#5Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric walked around the stage the last time before he returned to Snow. It seemed she had the same idea as him and they went to the backstage to check it before they would continue patrolling the main stage area. Snow started on one side while he started from the other side. He was walking around and didn’t see anything special at first till he heard a soft moan coming from a couple of crates. He walked over slowly and grabbed a piece of rope that was laying on one of the boxes. He had to be careful as he didn’t know what it exactly was that was moaning in one of the boxes. He could just be hearing things too, of course, it had been a stressful and long day already.

When he was finally close to the box he slowly opened the top of it and out of it popped a guy breathing for air. It was jaune! It seemed he was smuggling himself in one of the crates to get inside the fashion show. Now that the man was still dazed he quickly tied him up and he walked away to get Snowflake.

When he finally found her he walked up to her and tapped on her shoulder. “Babe I found him. He’s tied up in the back lets both watch him so that he doesn’t escape or do anything bad”, he said to her and they walked back to the small room where he had tied up Jaune.


Slay Gurl Pt. 2 [Quest: Chelflake] HVEbuMl

#6Venus Rosé 

Slay Gurl Pt. 2 [Quest: Chelflake] Empty Mon Jan 22, 2018 9:50 pm

Venus Rosé

The couple parted ways as they searched the backstage from different sides; she looked over the area where the stylists kept their clothes and whatnot. When she didn’t find anything, she decided that she should go check on her lover to see if there was anything on his side. It was just then Chelvaric came running towards her and informed her that he had captured Jaune. Her eyes widened slightly and immediately rushed towards the place he had found him. There he saw a blonde tied up inside a crate, looking rather spaced. Apparently he had shipped himself off inside a crate, which was quite the idea, but not the smartest move considering how the man almost appeared to be passed out from the lack of oxygen.

”I’ll get Fernando, you wait here and watch him.”

Snowflake slid out of the room to retrieve Fernando and somehow, their client did not seem surprised by the fact that they had caught him—it was as if he was expecting it. Fernando came to check on him and gave his rival a long, hard stare before commanding the two, ”Just keep him locked here. With him captured, I don’t have to worry much about my show now.”


#7Chelvaric Walderkat 

Slay Gurl Pt. 2 [Quest: Chelflake] Empty Tue Jan 23, 2018 2:31 pm

Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric just had asked her to stay with him but it seemed that Snow had her own agenda and started to go and get Fernando. Chelvaric kept Jaune in his eye sight till Fernando and Snow where back. It was a quite boring job since the guy was knocked out and didn’t do much so far. When Fernando came back he gave a hard look at Jaune and he said they just had to keep him locked up during the fashion show.

Don’t worry that should be no problem”, he said to Fernando and he took a seat on a chair while he was keeping Jaune in his eye while he started to wake up. He seemed to be a bit confused and then started to curse that he was tied up. He said that they had to keep there distant as he would sue them for everything they had if they hurt even one hair on his head. He wondered who would listen to him since he like tried to kill someone. But it’s better if they didn’t risk anything so they kept him in check while Fernando was starting his fashion show. It seemed everything would go quite easy from here on out. They could even relax instead of being on edge that something would happen.


Slay Gurl Pt. 2 [Quest: Chelflake] HVEbuMl

#8Venus Rosé 

Slay Gurl Pt. 2 [Quest: Chelflake] Empty Tue Jan 23, 2018 8:26 pm

Venus Rosé

As they exited the room, the assassin made sure to lock the door so that Jaune couldn’t escape while they were away, despite how he was tied up as well. It wouldn’t hurt to be make sure of it, right? Now that Jaune was finally out of the way, Fernando was relieved that he could continue his fashion show without worrying about his enemy. He scuttled away back to check up on how the rest of his staff was doing and commanded the Pegasus mages to help him prepare the event. She wasn’t sure what else she was supposed to do and it wasn’t as if she excelled in any part of the designing process, apart from the fact that she enjoyed doing makeup and dressing up. Though her sense of fashion was not one to be underestimated of, perhaps she could lend her eye and recommend the stylists of what dresses look good on who.

Hours passed by, almost within a blink of eye considering how busy everyone was and Fernando clapped to attract all of their attention, the voice reverberating along the walls of the large building. Fernando thanked everyone for all of their efforts and announced that the show should begin in an hour, or even less. It only made her even more nervous, after hearing the crowd flooding into the hall, and it wasn’t even her own event.


#9Chelvaric Walderkat 

Slay Gurl Pt. 2 [Quest: Chelflake] Empty Tue Jan 23, 2018 9:23 pm

Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric followed Snow as it seemed that the fashion show was going to start in an hour. He locked up the door and let Jaune rot in the room. To bad for him he wouldn’t be able to follow the fashion show or participate in it anymore. So he definitely wouldn’t win which seemed to make him quite mad. He looked at the people preparing the last  parts of the show as other fashion designers were flooding into the room with there own models. When everyone was finally ready the visitors started to arrive and everyone was starting to sit down on the chairs placed around the stage. He pulled Snow to one of the chairs and they waited for the show to start.

Not much later the lights went off and the first models started to appear. The clothes they were wearing were quite weird to say the least. He was a guy so his fashion sense may not be existing but he didn’t really understand why anyone would wear these clothes as they looked impractical. But the girls in the audience were oohing and aawing to the models. He wondered if Snow had an interest in this kind of thing too.

they moved to the front seat to see the show better as it was a bit hard to do so from the back of the place. When they were showing the business suit part of the fashion show he couldn't believe his eyes as they used lots of furs in their designs and it kinda looked weird. He would never understand why people would like this kind of clothes at all as they looked so impractical and no use to be wearing it too work as well. Like the dress that had such a long gown that someone had to carry it behind her.


Slay Gurl Pt. 2 [Quest: Chelflake] HVEbuMl

#10Venus Rosé 

Slay Gurl Pt. 2 [Quest: Chelflake] Empty Sat Jan 27, 2018 9:57 pm

Venus Rosé

Seconds plodded by and soon enough, the entire stadium was filled with the audience; famous fashion designers worldwide and other important guests. Snowflake mainly remained in the backstage to make sure everything went perfectly fine, releasing the models on time and whatnot , and later moved to the audience section and seated in the first rows which was granted to her by Fernando himself. The dresses that Fernando were splendid—she could see, as well as all the work done by the rest of the staff.

By the end of the event, all the models had to return to the stage alongside Fernando and undoubtedly, his work was majorly rewarded with loud applauses and cheers. Thankfully, all of their efforts had all been worth it and the fashion show was finally a success—not to mention, Fernando even won a prize for having one of the best shows. She’d return to the backstage to have a chat with Fernando, mainly to congratulate him for his work. By the looks of everyone’s faces, they appeared satisfied with how everything had turned out, despite how exhausted they were from the journey as well as the work afterwards.

The moment Fernando saw the couple, he rewarded them with a big hug that was almost enough to squish her lungs out. The happiness on his face looked like as if he had forgotten that he was almost killed by Jaune, though Snowflake wished he had actually forgotten that moment—it’d have been a horrible memory for the poor designer. Before they departed the building, Fernando made sure to hand them a hefty amount of jewels with an extra tip for their hard work.


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