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Feed! [Michelle]

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#1Jeremiah Ali 

Feed! [Michelle] Empty on Thu Jan 18, 2018 3:36 pm

Jeremiah Ali
Jeremiah frowned as he walked through the town of Oak. The sun was setting, which meant the activity would increase and quickly become crowded. It was coming close to the weekend and many people would want to spend their time outside of their homes tonight, but not Jeremiah. After completing a task where he was required hunt down an assassin in Oak he was tired. Sure it didn't take much for him to capture the man and kill him, but still work was work. This time around it seemed easier for him to end the assassins life. Of course Samehada could kill anyone easily but the hungry blade wasn't so easy to tame. In fact every time he touched the monstrous weapon is drained his mana. This was probably the price he would have to continue to pay for utilizing such a deadly weapon but he wondered if there was a way to counter it, after all he hadn't really used it in a magical fight.

For now, Samehada would rest on his back. Ever since he obtained the blade he hadn't seen a reason to use his magical abilities. Hell, he didn't want to even use his magical abilities anymore. To be quite honest, having another soul inside of him was a burden but it did seem rather easier to deal with these days. Bennu didn't speak as much anymore. It was as if the Phoenix could only speak when Jeremiah allowed him to by opening a mental door. That door was closed right now, Bennu didn't have a reason to speak.

Anyway, as the sun set Jeremiah found himself walking deeper and deeper into a crowded road. It made it hard for him to get to the guild, annoying him more than slightly.

#2Michelle Hunter 

Feed! [Michelle] Empty on Thu Jan 18, 2018 4:18 pm

Michelle Hunter
Michelle had had it with the silly feud between the two feuding criminal gangs in Oak town. Her orders were to help Martin Martello overthrow Vincenze Tessio. However, no matter how much she tried to raise the tension between them, they didn’t seem to engage in any decisive battles. It was always petty skirmishes and useless power displays. That evening, she decided to take things to the next level whether the two gangs wanted it or not.

The young assassin had learnt of a tavern that was frequented by many from the Tessio gang. She figured there wouldn’t be any better invitation for a full-scale war between the two gangs than a few broken bones at one of their favourite tavern. And so, she weaved her way through the dingy streets of Oak towards her destination.

Michelle was at the entrance of the alley where the tavern was located. She wasn’t foolish enough to march into a crowded bar and take all of them on at the same time. So, instead, she hid in the shadows and waited to pick her targets one by one as they entered or exited the building. Her first target was a puny, sloshed man, who had to come out to take a piss. Easy target. As the man approached the bush around the corner Michelle was hiding behind, she grabbed him by the collar, pushed him down on the ground and kicked him hard on the chest, knocking the wind out of the guy. In the man’s intoxicated state, that was more than enough for him to pass out instantly. Michelle flipped the guy over, took the spray paint she was carrying and sprayed the Martello gang’s crest on his back. Then, she carried him to the tavern’s entrance and dropped him right in front of the doors. Now, to wait for someone to come looking for him and then nab them too. She rushed back to the corner and hid again, waiting for her next target.

#3Jeremiah Ali 

Feed! [Michelle] Empty on Mon Jan 22, 2018 4:59 pm

Jeremiah Ali
There was no point in doing this, is what Jeremiah thought to himself before turning to take another route. He would walk than to be in an area with too many people. He was easily annoyed with everything these days. Sighing to himself, he attempted to exhale the slight frustration he was feeling with himself. Phantom Lord Guild was quickly becoming a home- not because he enjoyed the stay, but everyday seemed to be a different episode of a series about his life. He learned something new everyday, whether it was negative or positive. In a way, he was already on the right path to get stronger.

Samehada squirmed lightly on his back. It was weird that such a blade seemed to be so lively. Wielding it was hard and the fact that the young Phoenix couldn't irked him. That was a problem he would have to fix. The more the phantom walked, the quieter Oak seemed to become. He'd been walking past bars, and restaurants, realizing that he was on the "Lit" side as one would say. He had no business on this side, but watching the people walk in and out, talk and plot on how to utilize one another was interesting in all honesty.


Jeremiah began to approach a man sitting on the steps in front of a tavern. He was hurt...pretty damn badly too. Jeremiah didn't fret. Instead he examined the man lightly from a meter away, aware of an alleyway right beside the tavern but wasn't specifically looking for anything. It only took him two seconds to decide if he'd help the man. He had to remind himself often that he was a good person. Jeremiah slowly made his way towards the man, crouching when he approached the man to examine him. The alley was beside the bar, still in Jeremiah's peripheral. "Damn...
you're fucked."

#4Michelle Hunter 

Feed! [Michelle] Empty on Wed Jan 24, 2018 7:20 am

Michelle Hunter
Michelle waited and waited for more than ten minutes, but not a single person showed up. She could understand why no one from the inside came out looking for him; she figured they were all too drunk to even notice that one of them have gone missing for too long. But she hoped someone new will try entering the tavern at least. Nevertheless, she waited patiently, not letting her guard down. And all her patience came to fruition, or so she thought, when a tall dark-haired teen approached her bait.

The assassin pounced immediately from her hiding place and dashed towards her new target without thinking. Even though she could see the large sword resting on his back, it wasn’t until she had already moved towards him that her brain registered it and raised an alarm. She should have waited for some more time and analysed the situation; but it was already too late for any such thing. Without hesitation, she attempted to punch Jeremiah at the back of his head, hoping that would be enough to knock him out.

Poor Michelle was unaware of what she just landed herself into. Ever since she came to Oak town, she had done her best to avoid Phantom Lord members, trying to stay under their radar. But that night, there she was, attacking a powerful mage from the same guild, inviting big trouble. Surely, she was going to disappoint her master with both lack of judgement and power. Maybe, after that night, she would learn some restraint.

#5Jeremiah Ali 

Feed! [Michelle] Empty on Fri Jan 26, 2018 11:41 pm

Jeremiah Ali
There he was. Watching the man literally die. For the brief moment in which his eyes observed the blood drip from everyone on the strangers face, he could see a something move directly 3 meters from beside him via his peripheral. It came from the alleyway, but he was able to react quickly as the being revealed itself only moments before aiming to hit him on the back of his head. Quickly his right arm shot upwards in the nick of time, blocking what would have been a blow to his head from a chocolate covered woman? He hardly had time to stand as he remained crouched, but just as he blocked, he performed a sweep kick with his left leg, using his feet to swiftly turn his body and attempting to trip the being, causing her to fall backwards. His actions were done almost instinctively. In fact, he was barely hadn't had the opportunity to see her face. Looking directly in her face would have distracted him from moving so effectively. When all was done he would have been able to clear some space between him and the woman by clearing a good 2 meters with a light leap using the same leg he swept with to propel himself a little to the right of the woman.

Jeremiah didn't really know what was going on, but he really didn't care either. He had Samehada on his bag and the blade had been itching for trouble. Nonchalantly the man stood. "Do I know you?"

#6Michelle Hunter 

Feed! [Michelle] Empty on Sun Jan 28, 2018 11:03 am

Michelle Hunter
The purple-haired mage was rather surprised at how quickly the man reacted. He not only managed to block her punch with much ease, but also followed it up quickly with an attack. While the young assassin still had much to learn, she was not an amateur. His quick reflexes may have taken her by surprise, but she was a trained fighter too. Michelle saw his legs arc towards her and quickly jumped, avoiding the sweep kick in time. She then attempted to kick him with both her legs while she was in mid-air, hoping that would deal some damage and also put her a fair distance away from her target. However, the dark-haired sword-wielder was too quick for her. By the time she extended her legs to kick him, he had already leapt away from her.

Michelle’s eyes widened, and her logical brain had already flared an alert. She knew she might have bitten off more than she can chew with this fight she had picked. But her pride prevented her from accepting the fact. Instead, she decided to brush it off as a lucky move by her opponent. Once the kick failed, she rolled back quickly to regain her balance and took her fighting stance. Despite telling herself that her opponent was simply lucky, she couldn’t get herself to move as recklessly as before. She carefully analysed the distance between them; they were about three meters apart. She knew if she chose to use one of her offensive spells, he would simply leap out of range again. Besides, her wind attacks were most effective in close range, when the opponent is least expecting it. She did not like the huge sword the hung behind the man. That meant he had a much longer range than she did. The poor girl did not know that wasn’t the only advantage he had with Samehada.

Nevertheless, there was not much choice left for her. She wanted to end the fight quickly and not create a commotion. All she wanted was to knock down some of Vincenze’s goons and make it look like it was done by Martin and his crew. If she stayed here long, all that would be spoiled. So, she charged towards Jeremiah, after answering his question. “No, you don’t. But you should know. This is nothing personal. You were just at the wrong place at the wrong time,” she said.

Michelle would attempt to reach the melee range. If she managed to, she would then throw two very obvious punches straight towards the man’s face. She knew any good fighter could easily block or parry those; but that was her plan. She wanted him to think she was an amateur and let his guard down. After the first two punches, she would then take a quick side-step getting to Jeremiah’s left side and then try the side-kick with her left leg, right below his ribs, all the while keeping both her hands up for guard. In case she missed the kick, she would give him a smirk before quickly pointing her extended foot towards him to send a wind bullet straight at him, using her Pound spell. After the attack, she would put her foot back down and swiftly switch to her left lead, ready to defend if necessary.
Spell Used: Pound
Mana: 175/200
Endurance: 1 x S

#7Jeremiah Ali 

Feed! [Michelle] Empty on Mon Jan 29, 2018 9:17 am

Jeremiah Ali
So apparently Jeremiah didn't know the woman. She said he just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. She was delusional because the gag was that she herself happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. When the woman approached Jeremiah, she threw two obvious punches both which he was able to catch in the palm of his hand. Instantaneously, he leaped upward while holding her fists to bring her downward, attempting to connect his knee with her chin. Considering both punches happened one right after the other his opponent shouldn't have had the time to react to the Knee blow straight to her chin in time. If the Knee connected with her chin, it'd be enough to knock her back, perhaps to the floor? Still he didn't know enough enough about this woman to be sure she'd be able to put up a real fight. Jeremiah didn't speak. Samehada would get his turn soon enough but right now he had to find an opening. To be quite honest, Jeremiah wasn't strong enough to handle the blade with one hand, so he needed to make sure both of his hands were available. If the woman did stumble back, or fall or get get knocked back in anyway he would quickly draw his large blade with both hands and hold it in front of him.

#8Michelle Hunter 

Feed! [Michelle] Empty on Wed Jan 31, 2018 9:00 pm

Michelle Hunter
Even if Michelle could come up with the best strategy possible, it would be of no use against someone who was simply stronger and faster than she was. She learnt that lesson by foolishly charging at her opponent and failing miserably. Michelle hoped to deceive the man using her easy fake punches, but that backfired terribly. Her opponent simply caught her punching fists using his palm. The young lady had never been exposed to such unconventional counters; she didn’t even know it was possible. Her eyes widened and she quickly tried pulling back, but it was too late. She was caught and knew she was going to get kicked. Expecting another conventional strike, she clenched her abs, ready to take a kick to her gut. But the kick was not to her gut. She had underestimated her opponent’s flexibility too. The Phantom Lord member managed to get his knee up to her chin, and as it came from a complete blind spot, by the time she saw it coming, she could do nothing about it. She tried rolling her head back, but that was not enough. His knee struck the end of her chin and she was thrown back several meters. Her tense body flew an arc and she landed on her back. The momentum dragged her along further on the ground, scraping her back.

The kick had disoriented her and she had to shake her head several times before she stopped seeing three Jeremiahs. When she finally got back into her sense, adrenaline had kicked in. While she could still feel all the injuries, the rush of the battle had numbed them down. The assassin got back on to her feet; not as gracefully or quickly as she did before, but definitely as proudly. She wasn’t done yet. This was now more than just a petty fight she picked for her mission. It was now a test of her strength.

But as much as she wanted to fight, the young lady was running out of ideas; especially because, now her opponent had readied his ginormous weapon. This time, however, she decided to stay on the defensive. Couple more hits like that, and she knew she would be out for good. Michelle waited for her opponent to make the move and chose to defend until she found an opening.
Previous post's spells invalidated.
Mana: 200
Damage Taken: B
Damage Dealt: -
Endurance: A+B

#9Jeremiah Ali 

Feed! [Michelle] Empty on Fri Feb 02, 2018 7:50 pm

Jeremiah Ali
Boom. The moment the woman fell to the floor, she slid as well. Jeremiah was often unaware of his own strength, but it seemed he was stronger than a lot of people that was for sure. Once the woman slid, Samehada drained his mana. That was his queue to hurry up and use the hungry blade. Quickly he dashed forward both of his hands on the hilt of the blade. At this moment the woman would only just shake her head but that would be enough time to put an end to this. Just as the woman began to get up, Jeremiah swung his blade at her gut, hitting her horizontally. The blade would attempt to slice her gut, with the full force of Jeremiah's strength. He wasn't sure how much damage he'd do with Samehada, considering this was literally his first time using the blade to inflict damage, but he didn't truly care if this girl died. He didn't know her and after all, she picked a fight with him. Samehada was heavy,so he'd definitely have to use two hands in order to swing it. Soon he would train himself to hold the blade better, but for now he used the blade to hopefully end the fight. If things had gone as planned, then Jeremiah would simply leave after, but if not he'd have to continue destroying this woman and he had other matters to attend to.


Mana: 2,150,2250
STR: 39 + 10 (Brawn ring) + 35 (Samehada) = 84 DMG


#10Michelle Hunter 

Feed! [Michelle] Empty on Sat Feb 03, 2018 3:05 pm

Michelle Hunter
Michelle was not given any recovery time after the kick. The moment she landed and slid through the ground, her opponent had already made the next move. She shook her head, trying to clear her vision as she saw multiple afterimages of Jeremiah dash towards her with that monstrous blade. Before she could get back onto her feet, he had closed the gap between them. She saw that he was about to swing that weird weapon at her and she instinctively crawled backwards by pushing off the heels of her palms and feet. While that was not enough to completely avoid the attack, fortunately, it was enough to avert the potentially killing blow. The blade shred her skin and left a deep wound on her flesh. A couple more inches and she was sure the blade would have hooked her innards and pulled it out on its way. She screamed in pain as she was sent rolling towards the side.

The severely injured assassin came to a halt when she hit the wall next to the entrance of the tavern. Her scream had alerted everyone inside and she knew they were about to come out to check what was going on. As much as it ate at her pride, she had to admit defeat that day. Besides, if Vincenze’s men saw her, that will blow her cover and jeopardize the mission. She grit her teeth and grunted in pain; mustering the last bit of energy she had left, she held her left hand in front of her and made the sign to cast her Haze spell. Before the men inside the tavern could get out and take a good look at her, she had transformed into her ethereal wind form. This form obscured her features, and considering it was a dark night, the men barely even noticed her as she slipped through the grill next to her and entered the sewers. Through the sewer channel, she escaped the vicinity of the tavern and came out onto an empty street.

It took a lot of will power for the bleeding woman to drag herself to the nearest clinic. But she knew she had no option. If she so much as closed her eyes, she knew she would lay unconscious on the street and bleed to death. This was not how she imagined her life to end… Not in such a pointless fight. If at all she was going to give up her life, it would be for Benjamin when he demands it. Until then, she must survive. And survive she did…


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