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Gang Tension [Quest | Solo]

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#1Michelle Hunter 

Gang Tension [Quest | Solo] Empty on Thu Jan 18, 2018 9:44 am

Michelle Hunter
Michelle was tired of waiting for the right time to incite more fighting between the Martello and Tessio gangs. She was losing too much time in Oak town, when she could be next to her master doing better things than aiding this petty family feud. Besides, the longer she stayed here, the higher the chances of running into one of the Phantom Lord members, which she wanted to avoid at all costs. Michelle wasn’t sure if Benjamin wanted to befriend the dark guild or piss them off; so, she didn’t want to do either until she got specific orders. Time to take things into my own hands.

The young assassin approached the Martello mansion and because she had been seen too many times there already, the guards let her in without question. She was determined to rile the bald man up to make him do something rash and notch things up a bit. However, the second she entered the mansion, she realized no such thing was required. The man was already angry enough. Michelle smirked as she walked towards an enraged Martin, who was hell bent on showing Vincenze who was the boss. While Remy proposed caution, Michelle disagreed. “I agree with Mr. Martin here. We should hit them hard when we have the chance,” she would say, not showing the slightest of emotion. “See? She gets it. Get her to do it,” Martin said before getting up and leaving the room. Even though Remy was not too fond of the plan, he had no option but to let Michelle do it now.

The plan was simple; a little too childish for Michelle, in fact. She was supposed to spray paint the Martello gang’s crest. When she said she agreed with Mr. Martin in there, she really did not expect this to be their plan. Why am I doing this? That was a rhetorical question to herself; she knew she did not have much of an option here. And so, she began to plan her target buildings. If she was going to do this, the least she could do was target the properties that was going to cost the most for the Tessio gang.

Michelle decided to target the grocery store, restaurant, and bank. These were the three buildings that would be used by a variety of people, and the more people saw the Martello crest, the more forced Tessio would feel to react. As childish as this task might be, this could very well be the start of the gang war that Michelle had been waiting for.

It was early evening and it seemed the perfect time to target the restaurant. They are yet to open and when they do, it will have the most immediate and influential effect. Michelle headed to the restaurant and noticed that there was no one at the entrance, but of course the gate was locked. She saw smoke rise from the chimney. The employees must be in there already, getting ready to open it. First, she sprayed the Martello crest on the outside compound walls, and then jumped in. She hoped to finish this without attracting much attention.


#2Michelle Hunter 

Gang Tension [Quest | Solo] Empty on Thu Jan 18, 2018 9:46 am

Michelle Hunter
The outer walls weren't enough for Michelle. Not many people would notice that and even if they did, it wasn’t going to have much effect. The most effective location would be the building walls and interiors. The building walls was not of much difficulty; all the employees were busy preparing that they barely noticed Michelle spraying all around the building. The interiors, however, was a tricky one. For one, she had to hide around the back door, until someone came along. Once one of the employee came out to throw trash, Michelle took the opportunity to sneak in and reach the main restaurant hall without bumping into anyone. Since most of the employees were at the kitchen and storage, the reception and the dining hall was completely empty, ripe for vandalising. Michelle sprayed the Martello crest on every chair and table, and finally a huge one on the reception for a final touch. There was no way the guests were not going to notice it now. Once the job was done, Michelle got out through the front door, which could be opened from the inside, thankfully.

Having completed the task at the restaurant, Michelle headed for the bank. This was a little more complicated than the restaurant. Because it was almost sun down, the bank was closed and there was not a single person inside. However, the problem was getting inside. Banks have high security and Michelle was sure she was going to raise an alarm if she tried forcing her way in. So, the only option was to knock out the guard and steal his key, without showing her face to him. The entire process went much smoothly than she anticipated. With her Trick spell, she made the guard hear her footsteps from the opposite direction of where she really was, while she hid behind a corner. And once he went the wrong way to investigate, she dashed towards him and punched the air behind his head. She didn’t have to make contact with him for her to knock him out; thanks to her Pound spell, a wind bullet shot forward and hit the guard straight on his head. That was enough to make the guard faint and fall to the ground. Michelle checked his pockets and eventually got hold of the keys. Now, she had free access to the bank’s customer reception area, which was all she needed. Within the next ten minutes, the Martello crest was everywhere in the bank; both inside and outside.

The next location was the grocery store. This was the most difficult target among the three. The supermarket was very much open and extremely crowded. If she tried anything amidst that crowd, she would be leaving dozens and dozens of witnesses who could point their finger at her, and not to mention the chances of running into one of the Rune Knights and being apprehended. She couldn’t afford that. However, the supermarket was a good target and she wasn’t willing to change it. So, instead of going inside, Michelle climbed the external stairs and reached the terrace. She decided to spray paint the crest on the huge neon light atop the supermarket. It was a brilliant idea, considering no one would be able to recognize any of her features while she is that high, but would definitely be able to see the crest. As she began spraying the crest, people started taking notice and crowded at the entrance of the supermarket. Before someone could call an official however, she finished spraying and escaped the terrace. She had garnered enough attention for this to be the talking topic for the next whole week.

Heading to the Martello mansion, she notified the situation and received the reward. Now, it was time to wait for Vincenze’s move.


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