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Long time ago T.K. (Social)

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#1Adelaide Sokolov 

Long time ago T.K. (Social) Empty Thu Jan 18, 2018 5:39 am

Adelaide Sokolov
Okay what she needed was to do some shopping, get everything she needed and.. she stopped in the middle of the street. She had forgotten her list, it was on the bed side table next to her side of the bed and.. oh god, perhaps she wouldn't be able to remember now. She was being thinking way too much about other things than she could and it was getting annoyed, she couldn't even focus on what shopping stuff she needed. She wanted a better sitting sweater, but she had stopped, turned to the window in front of which she was standing and she stared at the baby clothing. No.. there was no time and need for that.

But the baby bump was obvious and she gave up on hiding it and simply be proud of it, almost seven month's pregnant why would she hide it? Was it even possible. She held on to the bags that she was already holding and looked at Jupiter, almost pleading for him to turn human and help her carry ig but he didn't. She wasn't sure if she had offend him or anything by picking Kon because that was kind of obvious and he knew that. She didn't understand and for some reason he didn't talk to her. "You know I could use some tea or so." since she tried to stay away from coffee for a while. She walked over with the four bags in her hands towards the cafe at the corner to take a seat, she finally was able to rest and order her chai tea latte.

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#2Theo Kaguya 

Long time ago T.K. (Social) Empty Thu Jan 18, 2018 6:59 am

Theo Kaguya
T.K walked around the Town Square looking for something to do when he found someone selling fantasy books from his favorite author Kenith Sekai, after talking with the seller for a few minutes he gave him the book at a much cheaper pricer than what he originally had it has To think I would find one the lost books in a place like this, the excitement was just running off him as he started reading it. The young knight flipped through the pages while still moving out of others way by some miracle until he caught the smell of some rather goods. His body went on autopilot as it headed to the smell bumping into a good number of people "Sorry...Excuse me...Sorry again." the main two words that he muttered as he found himself walking through people. The smell was that of cakes and really sweet candies from the shop. T.K felt his body lifted off the ground and then hit the ground with somethings landing on him and his book "Oh I'm sorry I was caught in a good chapter!" the young knight said to the person as he moved his bag off his face and looked at the person "I'll be more than willing to pay for any damages and your food..." he dusted himself off before standing up.

#3Adelaide Sokolov 

Long time ago T.K. (Social) Empty Thu Jan 18, 2018 8:07 pm

Adelaide Sokolov
While Alice was waiting for her order to be ready she stared at the menu, perhaps eating was something that she should do as well, simply and alone because of the fact that she by far didn't eat enough. She frowned and heard a noise from outside. It was cold but the door must have just opened at the moment someone or well an accident had happened and the red head looked up. She didn't immediately understand what was going on as it looked like a mess of people. She simply left her stuff on the chair next to the one she had been sitting on and ordered Hecate to stay here.

With a puff of a magic Jupiter changed into his human look and walked with her out. There were a hand full of people standing in a small circle yelling and doing so, staring at one person who Alice couldn't see yet. "Any trouble?" she asked friendly while Jupiter showed his not so friendly side by crossing his arms in front of his chest and stare at them. That's when the people parted and Alice looked towards the boy that she hadn't been able to spot; T.K. "I think this has been all a clear misunderstand as you can see, he had his mind in a book. It could happen to the best of us. Any damages will be refunded I thought I heard saying but I see nothing has happened." She didn't take her eyes of T.K. for the moment, even though she wasn't a Rune Knight anymore, in name still because the Holy Knights were a secret organisation for now, she simply gave him a short smile, "Come, put that book away and have a drink with me." the pregnant young lady said, which made the four others around them so surprised that they didn't even say anything else as she walked off, with one look over her shoulder to see if T.K. followed.

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#4Theo Kaguya 

Long time ago T.K. (Social) Empty Thu Jan 18, 2018 10:00 pm

Theo Kaguya
The young knight had been surrounded by people that wanted to see a spectacle happen as the person who was sitting at the table helped him up and was more upset about their clothes getting a little dirty, Everyone seemed to part when a woman made her way over to him. The voice of the women sounded rather familiar but he couldn't really put his finger on it for some reason, it wasn't until she came into full few that he placed a face and name to the voice. The voice belonged to Alice someone that he wanted to talk to for some time now T.K wanted to hug her but had to wait. As he followed her he couldn't help but think about what to say about his resent exploits around Baska and such.

"Captian Alice! It's good to see you again!" the young knight hugged his comrade when he noticed her belly was bigger than normal he looked at it and questioned it for a moment "Ummm Captian what happened to your belly?" he asked pointing at her belly as it looked like she gained weight but just around her belly which was rather odd as he didn't think someone like Alice could get fat. Something just told him that something was off but it better if he just let it go I hope she doesn't ask about Isabella, he thought fiddling with his bag.

#5Adelaide Sokolov 

Long time ago T.K. (Social) Empty Sat Jan 20, 2018 5:37 am

Adelaide Sokolov
When Jupiter and Alice had managed to get the spectators moving, she gave a short smile at T.K. She would take a few steps away from the flabbergasted people and let him hug her, which felt super awkward for that moment but well she could handle it. The question however made her cheeks gain a blush, the thing was that she also wasn't the captain or well Lieutenant anymore but she didn't have the heart to tell him yet. "I'm seven months pregnant." she stated as a matter of fact when T.K. asked what happened with her belly. Seven months already, things surely seemed to go fast at some point. Actually it was rather funny the way T.K. asked as if he couldn't phantom a woman like her could get a baby. She didn't think he would think she wasn't capable but simply didn't think she would want to perhaps? She didn't want to make assumptions. "Let's go inside, we can have a chat." She took a few more steps forward to get back to the place where she had left Hecate to go and sit again. She would look over her shoulder if T.K. would come along and wait shortly so they could walk next to each other and already talk.

She would enter the café and head back to the table next to the window where a blue companion was sitting, she simply heard a small poof sound behind her knowing Jupiter changed back to his animal form and noticed some people staring at him baffled. She couldn't h elp but grin and sat down again, "It surely has been a while."

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#6Theo Kaguya 

Long time ago T.K. (Social) Empty Sat Jan 27, 2018 5:20 am

Theo Kaguya
The young knight turned red as Alice told him that she was with child, after all, he never could recall memories from when he was younger like most people after they grow up but for some reason it made him feel at peace. He followed Alice into the cafe and sat with her waiting to let her get comfortable before they started talking again, "Can I touch it? If it's okay with you I mean?" he asked slightly afraid of what would happen if he did, would he feel the infant kick/move around or would he just be placing his hand on a pregnant women's belly. T.K noticed that she had someone with her but then they changed into a yellow dog like creature "Captian Alice was that a spell you used to change that dog into a person?!" he excitement in his voice had reached max levels as it was something that just blew his little mind.

The talks with Alice nearly always seemed to give him insight on things that he never really thought about "So much has happened since the last time we talked, I've met so many kind people and I've been working on my fighting skills too." while talking he used his hands to help illustrate some of the events that happen in a rather funny yet childish way.

#7Adelaide Sokolov 

Long time ago T.K. (Social) Empty Sat Jan 27, 2018 6:36 pm

Adelaide Sokolov
Alice sat down and made herself a little more comfortable, her golden eyes looking shortly at Jupiter before turning back to T.K. wrapping her hands around the tea mug that was brought towards her, finally. The thing was though that she wanted coffe but not able to drink it. She was taken aback by the request T.K. asked her, he was after all the first that did so and she wasn't sure what to say, "Sure, but don't expect any kicks. I think she is asleep." She said with a soft smile, making sure that she would give T.K. the space if he really wanted to. Her eyes darted to Jupiter again as he turned back and the next question was asked and she couldn't help but giggle, "Jupiter is a Jolteon a feline like creature. He sneaky ate some herbs that made him able to talk like a human and turn into a human, so it's not a spell it is his own doing." She turned to look at T.K. before turning back to look at her companions for a second, Hecate finally laying down and Jupiter next to her to calm her down. She didn't like to be left alone, or so Alice assumed.

She looked happily at T.K. as he told her about his adventures, meeting kind people, working on his fighting skills and she couldn't say so herself, her last couple of months had only become bearable with Kon by her side. She couldn't help but chuckle a bit and smile at T.K., "Good. T.K. I'm sorry I wasn't there. I promised to help and support and I wasn't able to." with the month in hospital, the recovery she and Kon had needed on their relationship after Halloween and her pregnancy, it had all taken it's toll but here she was, feeling better again. Apart from her father and Lacie, everything was going fine.

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#8Theo Kaguya 

Long time ago T.K. (Social) Empty Mon Jan 29, 2018 11:22 pm

Theo Kaguya
"Whos the father? If you don't mind but I would like to meet him." The question felt like a normal follow up question to ask as he pulled his hand away from Alice's belly, a brief memory of his mother holding him in her arms as she hummed a beautiful song "Is ... looks really happy to be with you so that's good." T.K reached his hand out to pet ... assuming that it would let him. It was nice to talk to Alice about his adventures but at the same time, it felt like he was talking a close friend that had just moved back to town.

"It's okay, it was thanks to you that I was able to do everything that I did. Oh...um Have you seen Isabella at all? I've been looking for days now and nothing." his excitement filled the room but then quickly vanished as he clutched his book looking away from Alice with a worried look on his face. He thought to ask would yield a small clue to where his sister has been and hopefully point him in the right direction of her but if it didn't it was fine. Something told the young knight that he would be able something good happens to him today and maybe finding Alice was just one part of it.

#9Adelaide Sokolov 

Long time ago T.K. (Social) Empty Tue Jan 30, 2018 10:19 am

Adelaide Sokolov
Alice was a bit taken aback by T.K. she was about to answer him about who the father was, assuming he didn't know else had heard the name.. or was Kon already a Holy Knight by the time she took up the role as his upperclassman. She couldn't recall but the issue was that T.K. said it was really happy to be with her and she looked at her pregnant belly before she noticed he must meant Jupiter as he tried to pet him and although pulling a grumpy face, Jupiter let him and she could only laugh just as it seemed that Hecate was doing, as she heard her other companion purr. "Ah yeah the father is eh.. Konstantin. I don't know if you met him, he used to be a Rune Knight but gone his own way." Wow Alice best way to describe things that should stay a secret, wonderful. "We are getting married in March, I would like you to come, with Isabella of course." Which actually brought the stories to his adventures and to Isabella.

The question if she had seen her made her surprised again, "No I can't say I have I'm afraid. I've had some issues with the pregnancy so I've been in the hospital in and out," She frowned, a little worried about the two siblings, "You didn't have a fight now did you?" she asked, it would surely be bad if they did and Isabella was missing, she couldn't remember the knights telling her anything about it. Even if she left to join the Holy Knights, the idea of being their upperclassman still worked, heck they even asked her for new ones and she took up that role for Hatsuharu and Akira. Which made her realize how much she had been mean to Isabella and how Akira more had deserved that stern way of working.

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#10Theo Kaguya 

Long time ago T.K. (Social) Empty Sun Feb 04, 2018 8:51 pm

Theo Kaguya
T.K had to think if he had ever met him before but nothing rang a bell but the topic seemed to put Alice in the spotlight a bit for asking out the blue like that. The young knight nodded no as he couldn't really recall if he did or didn't meet him but he was sure that he must be really strong and kind just like Alice if they are getting married and about to have a child.

"I would love to go I've never seen a weeding in-person before but you have to go with a date." His father told him this when he was much younger it was a joke but he took it as fact and was never told him otherwise.

"No it's nothing like that we never fight or even argue for that matter, it's just we went to do thing separately and I haven't heard from her in months." the conversation truly made him think back on what their relationship as siblings, the thoughts of him holding her back from moving up in the ranks of the Rune Knights so much that he started to tear up just a little. Even though he was happy to see Alice again all negative thoughts brought down his joy of seeing her again, "Alice what should I do? stop looking, keep looking?" a fair question to ask given heis still so young.

#11Adelaide Sokolov 

Long time ago T.K. (Social) Empty Mon Feb 05, 2018 6:08 am

Adelaide Sokolov
"I haven't gone to a wedding before either, now I go to my own." she said with a soft giggle as she looked at T.K. "Your date can also be a friend, well why don't we say you take Isabella with you, that means a positive side to the future that you would have found her."

To which T.K. told her more about the missing of Isabella, they had gone on their different ways, she nodded and frowned a little when he asked her the question to go on or stop looking for Isabella, "Hmm. If you have gone separate ways to find strength and develop yourself, she might be caught up in a tough job, what I would suggest is to go on with what you plan to do, the training you told me, the jobs but you can always look for her from time to time. Have you asked the knights?" Because perhaps they had more information, she would be able to do that still, but she didn't want to take the search away from T.K. it was important for their bond that he wouldn't give up. If he had not she would usher him to go to the Knights right now and ask, and else ask again.

She would finish her own tea and leave soon after that. She surely hoped the siblings would reunite soon again.


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#12Theo Kaguya 

Long time ago T.K. (Social) Empty Sat Feb 10, 2018 2:28 am

Theo Kaguya
As Alice talked to him he could feel that her words had some truth to them as he never really thought of asking any of the other knights but he was too afraid of what he would find out if he did. It was something that's always in the back of your mind just hitting the walls trying to get you to make the realization on your own. As she talked more about his option something just kept ticking in his head like really good hints. The young knight cleared his eyes of tears and tried to put on a smile once again but it proved to be harder than he thought I gotta keep my spirits up no matter what he thought pinching his left check. "Your right I should, Isabella would get angry if I didn't show some improvements." He never really thought that his emotions would override his normal hope can never die attitude but with a few rubs and sniffs, T.K's hope was reforged a new. As Alie left him to continue his journey to get stronger and learn more about the world that he lives in, T.K made his way back to the inn he was staying at and looked at his places to look for Bella and tossed it in the trash.

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