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Experimental Hexes [Quest|Audrey]

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#1Audrey Namatzu 

Experimental Hexes [Quest|Audrey] Empty on Wed Jan 17, 2018 8:32 am

Audrey Namatzu

"Please don't bite!"

Audrey had been on another quest for yet again, Dr. Mabuz. She was honestly getting pretty sick of having to deal with this man, seeing as everything she had done so far for him had been straight up torture for her. He messed with her mind, and she had seen things that she never wanted to see. She was going to have to live with those things for the rest of her life now, and in the back of her mind she was going to have an image of herself dead, blood covering the grass due to the paws of her own companion that she loved so much. She hated him with all of her heart, but she was helping him again today anyways, as she had nothing better to do anyways and she needed money to feed herself and Snowy. She had been tasked with trying out hexes today on random people, which she was pretty happy about. She liked messing around with people, and this was the perfect way to start up again. She was handed only a piece of paper and was told to read the words aloud while imagining the person she wanted to cast the hex on. It had seemed pretty easy, so she had accepted and went on her way to the city streets, where most people tend to be.

As soon as she had gotten to the center of town, there were plenty of people that she had seen that were eligible for this task. She wasn't planning on messing with the kids, as the kids of this town hadn't done anything to anger her, and she was worried about how it would react when cast on them as opposed to the adults. She saw many adults though, so she wasn't sure what she was so worried about anyways, there was no way that she would harm anyone around the same age as her, even if they did do something to her. The paper had odd writing written on it, but strangely she was able to read it. She had guessed it had been a language her had talked a bit of when she had left the country she had come from, and she had just adapted some of the language. Maybe she had just known and it had nothing to do with Rishi, but either way, she knew how to read it which was going to help her quite a bit. She looked around for the average aged adult, which had taken her only a few minutes, finding someone who wasn't going to suspect she was doing anything, and was just an average person doing living their everyday life. She had looked at the man's face for a second, remembering his face and reading the words off the paper under her breath, "刺激" She had read off the paper and almost instantly she could see signs of discomfort, which made her happy. She had read the word right and it had worked just as she had wanted it to.


#2Audrey Namatzu 

Experimental Hexes [Quest|Audrey] Empty on Thu Jan 25, 2018 5:39 pm

Audrey Namatzu

"Please don't bite!"

There was one more hex that she had needed to test, and she had been really excited to test this one out, seeing as how the last one worked was pretty amazing. Just as she had finished saying the words from the first hex the words had faded from the paper right before her eyes. She had been amazed that it could do such a thing, and she had stared at it for a second in disbelief. She had never seen something like this happen before and she wasn't expecting something to happen once she had finished reading it other than it affecting the person.

Snowy had hopped out of her backpack to see what had happened, and her small paws had landed on the floor gracefully and there was a slight frost that had covered the floor where she had landed. Audrey had bent down to pet the soft white curls on her head, and once she had gotten back up she had seen her next target. It was a whom she had met before, a man that had kicked her out like a stray cat that was trying to take some of their food. She had laughed a bit before looking at the paper for a second, then looking back up at the man. She was excited to see how this one would work out, so she had looked at the man once more, trying to remember his face feature for feature before she read the word off the paper. She thought for a second, scratched her head, and then read "衰弱させる" off the paper.

Things only seemed to partially work, as she could only see a slight limp even though the hex was supposed to stop the person's legs from moving for an hour. She was a bit disappointed, but this is one thing she had expected, as she was out here testing the hexes, not using them for her personal gain because they worked already. She had looked down at the paper to see that it had been empty now, and as she looked at it, she started walking back to Dr.Mabuz's place, Snowy at her side. She didn't have much to think about as she had walked back to Dr.Mabuz's place, so she had just enjoyed the peace in her mind while it had lasted before her little mind was filled with worries and doubts about everything that she did.

She had arrived and waited at the door, and she didn't have to wait long, as it seemed he had been awaiting her arrival. He had welcomed her inside and she had told him the news, and he had seemed a bit off. She was a bit disappointed in herself even though she had known it wasn't her fault, it was just she didn't like seeing this guy disappointed, though she didn't like him. He had given her the money that she was owed and she had left, ready to go home and take a nap.


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