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Clean up crew {solo quests| syliph Kamae}

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Clean up crew {solo quests| syliph Kamae} Empty on Mon Jan 15, 2018 2:25 pm

Syliph sat in the back of the library that day. He was on the third floor, situated behind a shelf. He had discovered a secret room while examining the ins and outs of the library in pursuit of some kind of hidden knowledge, and to his success he found one. It was a small room, barely 4 meters from wall to wall. Bookshelves had been built into it to store room. And there were chests built into the floor for even more room. Syliph had spent time going through books to find something of actual value. He finally decided on a white book similar to the one he gave Kerii. The white leather was smooth, and in better condition than the book he gave Kerii. It was also thicker and had more on the gods. Opening it up he began to read certain sections, skipping to the zodiac he noticed that the book had somehow rewritten itself to state the existence of a 13th god in the zodiac. Reading on he found Nymphae, also known as the original Ophichus. The description of what she looked like stated that it changed like clockwork, every week, she'd become someone new. She represented the connections between nature. So what he must have experienced that day must have been a gift from her that she had given him. Continuing it on, it depicted one of her tales:

Nymphae came to a humble farmer known as Albermar. She was a beautiful maiden, her hair a scarlet red and her pale skin contrasted with her hair perfectly. Deceived by her looks, Albermar began to court Nymphae until they had a child. The child, later named Anemae, looked as if Nymphae had committed adultery. Angered by this, Albermar tried to beat Nymphae, only to be pushed back by her magic. Nymphae called him a fool and named this as a test, severing his connections as a farmer to the land, causing him to never be able to grown anything again. In anger Albermar tried to murder his daughter, Anemae, but was once again intercepted by Nymphae, who severed his connection to women as a consequence. From then on, every woman who set eyes on him would be repelled and look away. Isolated, Albermar lived a lonely, angry life as a hermit in the marshes of Dahlia. One day he was visited by a traveler who noticed the curses laid upon him and said he could cure him. Gladly accepting Albermar bought a potion from the man. Drinking the purple liquid, Albermar doubled over and died, his body was rejected by the land, leaving him to rot on stone, his body eventually becoming ash. The man robbed Albermar and left his corpse on the ground.
After centuries floating around as dust, Albermar discovered the secret to reforming. Reforming as a new person, he began to research, making himself more powerful, gaining knowledge as the days went on. By the end of the century Albermar had gained enough knowledge to be considered a god. Albermar renamed himself Ukuvuka Emlotha, or, to rise from the ashes. Albermar traveled the world and eventually becoming a god of magic and immortality. Gods of magic are not gods born from conventional ways, they were made not born. They are not true gods, only embodiments and powerful figureheads. Ukuvuku Emlotha swore to kill Nymphae, the goddess who tortured him for so long. Once he found her using his great power, he cursed her, making her unable to use her transformation powers at will, making them rampant, and ever changing. Enraged, Nymphae struck him down once more. Beating him to a pile of ashes and placing him in a jar so he could not reform. Some say Nymphae now wears him as jewlery, others say she let him go after centuries, others say he was separated into different bottles and transported around the world, a few say he sits in a secret chest she keeps hidden.

Closing the book Syliph was surprised by what Nymphae would do in spite of people. Wrapping it back up in cloth he stole it in the name of learning more. Walking out of the library he nodded at the man in charge.

Syliph would walk out and down the hall where he would find the building where he needed to do his job. Looking at the map he would confirm the location of the building. The building was deserted so Syliph didn't have to worry about any unwanted intruders. He'd continue searching, looking in cupboards and under beds until he was finally lucky enought to find it hidden underneath a few loose floor boards. Taking the cash he'd look around for something flammable.

He'd push some wooden tables into a pile, throw some chairs on it, add some curtains, and then an obscene amount of kerosene, and the recipe for flame would be all set. Lighting a match he'd throw it on the fire and continue on his way, watching the building burn. Slipping out the door, he'd blend into the crowd, being passed by a martello guard he'd slip the money into their hands and recieve his own reward in return. WHen that was over he'd walk back to the inn and continue on with his life, doing more reading on the stories of nymphae and whatever else she had happened to do, which happened to be a lot.

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