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Baska to Oak(foot travel)

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Baska to Oak(foot travel) Empty Mon Jan 15, 2018 10:35 am

180 needed

Syliph strolled down the dirt road, it wouldn't take long to get to oak. Syliph would have liked to stay in Baska longer, he'd surely return but as of right now he was dirt poor and needed some money, and oak was the closes place and it was writhing with dark mages. Syliph waved his hands he wasn't fond of doing much at the moment. Turnign to his side, hed spread his legs and make a v with his arms. Then with a turn he'd begin to lean over until he was doing a kartwheel. After awhile he was cartwheeling most of the way until he finally stopped becuase he felt absolutely sick to his stomach, which wasn't all that hard to do while cartwheeling. after taking a break he'd walk the rest of the way until he was in Oak, once there he'd walk donw the muddy streets and he'd begin to look for a job, there wasn't much else for him to do here anyway. taking a breath he began

Baska to Oak(foot travel) ULuOEQW
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