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Walking Through The Rain (Fairy Tail Members)

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Lightning danced around the sky, as rain fell on top of Zanto’s head. His usual shaggy hair had been straightened to the point that it was stuck to his back. He had ditched his glasses way back the train station. The usual reflection of light that hid his eyes were now away as anyone was now able to see the pain in his eyes from being wounded severely. He would wink after almost every step that he took. Clutching his chest with his right hand as the bandages had loosened causing blood to drip a little, but Dr. Gerard was a good doctor. The only way he could die right now was from an infected wound and he wasn’t going to get that.

In his sight, only a couple of meters away was the Guild Building of Fairy Tail. His journey had just been completed, now he only had to convince them to let him join the guild. As of now, he was a no name. Not a soul knew who he was in the world besides the people that he worked with or either fought. And nearly all of those people were half way on the other side of the continent.

His coat would protect the grimoire from getting wet, but he was sure that it had all types of spells that protected it from getting damaged, so he was slightly not aggravated by the rain that seemed to bring out the pain in him even more. It had took time, but he had made it to the Fairy Tail Guild bearing immense pain. The door was closed, so he would assume that everyone was either alseep due to the thunderstorm that had rolled in, or were just inside of the guild chilling.

Going towards the door, he would knock on it as hard as he could, in hopes that he would be able to get the immediate attention of anyone that was inside.


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Raina sat at the table closest to the guild entrance, drinking a cup of tea. She was dressed a little odd at least to other people's standards, adorned in a white leotard and gold ornaments on her arms and legs. Her long pink hair flowed down almost to the floor as she sipped her tea. A loud bang erupted through as if something heavy was beating on the door. She turned her head and looked confused. "What was that? Someone at the door?" She said as she stood up and walked towards the door.

Her hair fluttered behind her as she walked towards the door. She opened the door allowing the storm to rage in. She saw a man with soaked hair and painful eyes standing in front of her. The man's pain was pretty well recognized. "Oh my goddess! Are you okay?" She called out before laying her hands on the man and chanting something in a different language."Invocabo corde! Vita!" She cast as her body illuminated with twinkling rainbow lights. Her hands seem to unleash a pure light aura that seemed to be healing the man's wounds. "You will be okay, just stay with me. Let us get you inside, this storm cannot be helping."

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At this point Zanto feared that he wasn’t going to be able to make it. As he sat there, waiting, knocking on the door, he could feel his body getting colder and his vision leaving. He knew this feeling as it had been described to him before many times. This was death and if he didn’t get any help soon the Grim Reaper would come to take his soul away from the earth. Dr. Gerard had patched him up, but he hadn’t fully healed him and Zanto had left Baska Town before the doctor could even do that.

His wounds that had been tied tightly together by the lines of string were slowly coming apart. His hand that was gripping his chest would come to move, as it would be held in front of his eyes. Blood would drip on the rain soaked ground as his hand was covered with blood.

He was scared and exhausted. Afraid that he was going to die at any minute now and he wouldn’t be able to achieve his goal. Now, I know what you’re thinking. Zanto was just find and dandy only minutes before, but his erratic movement from the train station to the Fairy Tail Guild has taken quite a tole on his body. Soon, he would stop knocking, his hand coming to scratch against the door as a last resort. Praying to the gods above that someone would answer his calls.

Finally the door would open. Having been resting his body on the door, he would almost fall head first, but he would catch himself. A girl would begin talking from the looks of it, but he could barely comprehend what she was saying. Lights as bright as the sun would appear in his vision as he fell forward. In his mind he would think that death had finally taken him, but in truth he had only gone unconscious due to the pain. And with a Healer right in front of him, he was sure that he was going to survive.


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Raina felt the her magic disappear as her spell ended. She knew she was small, and weak but she could tell this man was about to pass out as he fell forward. She grabbed him as fast as she could and did her best to drag him through the door. She refused to let him fall. "I need some help in here, Please!" she called out as she did her best to keep the man leaned up on her. Other members of the guild rushed to her side and helped her lift him onto the nearby table and get him fixed up. "Stay awake, I do not know who you are, but you cannot die here. Wake up!" She called out shaking the man. She turned her head to one of the members and said, "Hurry get me some water, a cloth, and some pain medicine. Quickly!"

She was determined to find out why this guy came to their door, and who hurt him. The other guild member came back with the supplies and she began to patch his wounds up. First, she pulled her long hair up in a ponytail before she started working just to avoid having the hair in her face.

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Rishi Namatzu
Rishi Namatzu

Rishi had been watching the pink haired healer vary closely, but she didn't really want to get up from her warm place by the fire, knowing that some people in the guild were just a bit greedy and would take that spot for themselves, trying their hardest to stay there for as long as possible. She was planning to stay there snuggled up in her fluffy blanket for as long as possible.

That didn't end up lasting long though, as the woman had called out for a few things to help the guy who had sort of fallen into the guild hall, which she found rather odd but understanable, as the weather outside was like the world was mad at them and was taking out it's rage on everyone in it's own way. She sighed and ran to the infirmary wrapped in her blanket, grabbing the cloth, water, and pain medicine, bringing it back to her quickly to make sure that the passed out guy didn't end up dying. "Is he alive?" She asked the pink haired woman, worried about the state of this guy. She hated to see this guy suffering, even though she didn't know who he was. "We should bring him in... the storm is getting inside," she recommended, makig sure everyone else stayed warm and safe.

Tags: @Raina @Zanto
Word Count: 220
Notes: Let's all be friends, ne?

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The healing magic worked, it was just that Zanto had felt immense pain before it could actually heal him. That was what caused him to go unconscious like that, but that state would only last for about ten to thirty seconds. Soon he would regain his composure just as the pink haired girl pulled him inside of the guild away from the rain. Afraid that the man that she had just found knocking on Fairy Tail’s door bloody and wounded would die. He heard words like “Is he alive?”, “Bring me some water” Many words and phrases had gone around the guild, he just wasn’t able to comprehend all of them that were going around. He felt himself being dragged, his feet rubbing along the floor. He would bet any amount of money that his shoes had been scratched up from the process.

Soon, he would be lifted on the table. Yeah, he had been awake just then, but he was coming in and out of it. As soon as his body would hit the table, he would raise forward. His head almost colliding with the man who had helped him onto the table. On reflex his left hand went directly for the wound on his chest, but he no longer felt the weird feeling of it. It was as if the wound was gone, though he could still feel a slight pain that was coming in every few seconds.

His head would look all over the place. The pink haired girl in the white apparel was standing next to him. In the corner near the fire place sat a silver haired girl. Everyone in the room was different in one aspect or another and it made the place feel quite off.

He would give off a smirky laugh. As he knew this was just like how the Fairy Tail guild would be. Still holding his chest as if he was experiencing phantom pain, he would say “Thanks a lot for that. Where I got patched up last time the doctor wasn’t a mage, so he wasn’t able to perform any healing magic on me to repair the wound back to its original state.” His voice would come out as deep and wise. A voice that sounded cheerful and prideful on the outside, but deep inside hidden behind many veils and curtain their was sadness and anger inside. Sadness because he almost experienced death and anger because of the man who had afflicted the wound on him. However, this anger was not like any other. He was vengeful, he lust for the blonde of the blood man who had did this to him. Anger wasn’t the word to describe the emotions going through his head. No, it was Wrath...


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Raina finished pulling her hair up and replied to the girl asking about the guy's well being. "I am hopeful, but it seems like these wounds were not treated properly. What could of happened to him?" She said as she continued to work. Was she truly hopeful? These wounds could have been worse, but it seems like he had been on his feet for a while. She shook her head trying to get any negative thoughts out, knowing that she has to help him. What kind of healer would she be if she did not? The man suddenly sat up and spoke about his doctor not being a mage and so on, and Raina could not help but place her hand to her chest and sighing a little.

"Thank goodness, I was able to help. I was so worried." She turned her head to the silver haired girl and said, "thanks for your help. I do not think I could of done it without you." Raina smiled brightly at the girl before turning back to the man. "And you, why come to our doorstep? Was your guild attacked or something? Surely you needed us for something?" She continued as her eyes glistened a little with worry.

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Aniz was sitting on one of the corners of the Guild waiting for approving his new mission, watching them and overhearing their conversation but feared to ask what's going because of being shy, He always afraid to ask or talk to anyone in the guild. Aniz thinking " if he could ask anyone what's going in the guild, and who is that man?" because he don't know anyone in Magnolia until he tries to talk anyone. Then some of the guild members are watching him and then he goes out from the guild so no one can see him, but, after that he thought that where would he can go because he has only place for living is the guild right now and it was raining outside. Then he thinks of going inside and just sits in a corner of a guild and ignore every body in the guild. When he comes in back he goes in the corner and some of the guild members were talking about him and he was feeling uneasy.
He overhears what they talking about him, They says"Who is the weird guy sitting in the corner of the every time and don't talks to anyone of the guild members?" Aniz thinks if he could go and talk to them but then he denies himself and ignores everyone.

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Rishi Namatzu
Rishi Namatzu

Rishi had felt a wave of relief wash over her as the pink haired healer had told her that the guy was okay. Then she had asked the guy a question that had set off her curious alarm, causing a fire in her head. "Yeah that's true... what are you doing here? I mean it's not like anyone to be walking out in the rain like that," she said with lots of curiosity in her red sparkling eyes. She wanted to be able to know what he was going to say, as then she wouldn't have even had to ask the question in the first place. She didn't have that kind of ability though, so she would just have to wait for an answer instead.

She had seen a red haired mage go outside, and she was going to ask him to come back inside but she was trying to focus on the main person, so she paid little to no attention to him. She had given the man the blanket she was using and warmed it up a bit, as she didn't want the man to get sick or anything of the sort, as he seemed freezing. This didn't happen every day, and she had a feeling that she knew what was going to come next, though she wasn't completely sure.

Tags: @Raina @Zanto
Word Count: 222/200
Notes: Let's all be friends, ne?

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All of the questions would clearly annoy Zanto, but he was the one intruding. It was probably rare for a bloody man to walk onto Fairy Tail’s doorsteps in the middle of a thunderstorm. All eyes seemed to be on him as everyone would wait for him to answer the questions of the healer. A beautiful woman that had patched him back up nearly perfectly. If it had been anyone else, he would have been reluctant to even answer the questions. Looking at the woman as he glanced every now and then around the room. He would open his mouth saying “I have been searching for a guild to join. I’ve traveled far and wide trying to find a guild. Whether it was in the region where the Kingdom of Oak Town lay or down in the trenches where you could find Lamia Scale. No guild seemed to be of my interest but that of Fairy Tail.” Said Zanto as he would pause.

Surely, everyone would ask him more questions like why Fairy Tail, but he would answer them before they could come to get the words out of his mouth. “I know you all are thinking why Fairy Tail? But I’ve seen what this guild is capable of and I feel that this family of Mages can help me achieve something no one else will. I would be forever in your debt if you people allow me to join your guild.” Said Zanto as he still clenched his chest that wasn’t even in pain anymore.


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The man's words, they instilled warmth and joy in her heart. It was nice to hear that her guild was known well enough as a guild that event random adventurers yearn for the family that is established here. "I do not know if I am the best person to ask questions about the guild, I am have not been a member long myself, but I can speak of the love and affection I have heard of from my late parents. They were both members here and told me all about their crazy adventures and the friends they made here, so if you are looking for friends or a fresh start, Fairy Tail seems like an amazing place to ask for just that, and I cannot speak for everyone but I would not mind another friend here at Fairy Tail. I am Raina by the way. Raina Scylar, it is a pleasure. What is your name?" She said with her brightest smile and with a small tilt of her head sending those sparkling rose tinted strands of her in front of her face. This girl was clearly oblivious to how gorgeous she was, but yet somehow knew just how to comfort people.

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While, Aniz was coming back from his quest he saw's that unknown man and the guild were talking happily and friendly, but Aniz thinks "What happened when he was not there?" Then Aniz goes near one of the guild member sitting in the corner of the guild hall and asks him what happened here. After asking him he founds out that the unknown man was asking to join "FAIRY TAIL". Aniz was a bit confused after finding out and that until he remembers that the unknown man was injured badly, Aniz thinks,"If he want's to join the guild then he was a mage also but, how could he was that badly injured by the Bandit's near the area of the country."
But, then Aniz thinks that atleast he was okey and didn't died, then he thinks to talk to that man how was he that badly injured but didn't asked because of the guild members near him and talking to him, and he don't want any attention from the guild members. So he thinks that he could ask him later about his injuries and how he was injured. Then Aniz goes and sits in the corner of the guild hall waits until the guild members goes somewhere else for there work and he could talk to the man new in the guild.

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Rishi Namatzu
Rishi Namatzu

Rishi had been surprised that this man had wanted to join Fairy Tail, but she couldn't see why she would say no. "If this is truly what you want, may I stamp you?" She said pulling out her guild stamp. She had only stamped someone into a guild before once, and she had been really excited to do so again, that is, if she were allowed by the man to do so. This would be a first time for her, and knowing more Fairy Tail members was better for her, as she would be able to have more friends in her guild that she would know rather than pretend to know. She had smiled at the man, just to hide the fact that she had been pondering a few things that had happened before, and how she had only talked to the pink haired healer once before, also helping her join the guild. She was the more timid type, and she didn't like to talk as much as Rishi did. The woman was beautiful though, and that made up for her lack of speech, for the men at least. She had pushed her hair back on either side, eagerly awaiting an answer.

Tags: @Raina @Zanto @Aniz
Word Count: 202/200
Notes: Let's all be friends, ne?

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All small smile would come to appear on his face. Most who knew him would have suspected it to be a smirk. Looking at the silvered haired girl. A girl who had hair on which the likes he had never seen before, he would say “Sure, you can stamp me, but do it over my eye.” Said Zanto as his hands would come to maneuver to his face. The bandage that he wore over the left side of his head coming off. Those in the room would assume that someone was wrong with his face due to having the bandage on it, but in truth there was nothing wrong with it. He liked to play charades with most people and he got them really well by putting a fake bandage on.

He would come to close his eye, as he pointed over it. His time to join a guild was about to happen as he spoke. Zanto had ignored the others in the room as this was a moment that would change his life either for better or worse. The memories would rush into his head from his path. Memories of him killing man propel. Fairy Tail was a Light Guild, which meant that he had to change his ways.


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And for hours it seemed like everyone had grown quiet. A fully healed Zanto only looked around at the people in the room, as no longer all eyes were on him. It had seemed like everyone had forgot about him. Hell, even the girl that was suppose to give him his tattoo had gone silent. He would only sigh, shaking his head as he thought that he had found a place he would be able to call home for quite some time. Something in his body would begin to stir, as he felt the need to destroy everyone in the room for annoying him. However, Zanto was a civilized person, so he wouldn’t unleash the dormant power in his body that was doing its best in order to be released.

Simply standing, he would leave the building as he turned his back to everyone in the room and slowly raised his left hand to the air. Signaling his goodbye for who knows how long. Walking into the rain, Zanto would begin his march to Oak Town. A place that was filled with so much evil to the point that Zanto felt at peace there. Fairy Tail Guild wasn’t a home for him. He had made the wrong choice once again.

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After having a little nap on his place, Aniz wakes' up and sees' everything in the guild is back to normal in the Guild and the person who was badly injured and wants' to join the guild is also gone without joining the guild and Aniz thinks "What the Hell? I forget to ask his name and how was he injured?". After thinking so, Aniz say's to eru " Let's go outside Eru." Then Both of them goes outside the guild but Eru was half awake and half asleep. So Aniz Shouts' " WAKE UP ERU WAKE UP DON"T SLEEP AT TIMES LIKE THIS." outside the Guild hall so no one heard what Aniz said. Then Both of them head's towards to the area to forest so he can train themselfs' for sometime alone and no one come to disturb them and they are also trying to find that man to whom they met in the guild. So, Aniz and Eru both Trains very well and then After a little training Aniz and Eru both heads toward the guild hall and wishes' to met that unknown man once again who left the guild with out saying anything.
But, they were not able to find him.

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"I am not alone. I can hear them... I can hear everyone's voices... I can sense everyone's feelings... I am not alone... Everyone's feelings... They support me... They are what give me the will to stand and fight!!"

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