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To infinity and beyond. [Oak to Baska foot travel]

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To infinity and beyond. [Oak to Baska foot travel] Empty Sun Jan 14, 2018 3:25 pm

The sun had made its way over the horizon a few hours ago and the dark of night had fallen upon the town. Oak was a lively town at night. Except the night-time crowds were not exactly the kind of types that treated others with manners. The people that were out at this hour were the scum of the earth. The gangsters,drug addicted, slavers and more. Victor however grew up in Oak and knew how to make his way past them. Going down alleyways where normal people did not dare go. Places where not even the gangsters in town dared make their presence known. Victor moved through them swiftly and out onto the main street near the town walls. He slipped through the town gates and out onto the stoneclad road. It was not a clean road like how the roads were closer to the capital. Now... where would he go? He was aching for adventure but he wanted to find companions to adventure with. The town of magnolia was pretty famous for it's adventurers and mages. He decided upon going there if only to find a nice bar to sit down in. Putting one foot infront of the other he walked away from his hometown on his way to Baska where he would take the train to Magnolia.

222 words.

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