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A new connection (Solo)

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A new connection (Solo) Empty Sat Jan 13, 2018 8:19 pm

Folding his hands together Syliph looked down the hill, grass covered the hill. Making it look like a green waterfall. It was a sight to behold, there was just something about it. Taking a breath he placed his hand on the soggy dirt, using some of his mana he reached out into the nature world. It was like connecting to some drug, you couldn't get enough of it. It pulled you in, bringing a world of light and life into your view, everything was so bright. Syliph was having some kind out of out of body experience and it was tripping him out beyond belief and he didn't like it at all, honestly, Syliph had one too many trippy experiences. There was the multiple dreams with the zodiac gods and then there was the dream with Nymphae, but this one was more soothing, he was in control, which felt odd for once. He could move, and things would move for him.

Taking a step he moved through the green veins of light he searched through what happened to be around him. Placing his hand on one he was pulled through the light to a small clearing in a forest. A purple rose sat quietly in the middle, spear-like thorns protecting it. Its little briar patch left it invincible, there was nothing that could get to it. The rose was a invincible beauty, one of those marvels of nature. In his weird energy form he stepped forward, cupping the bloom of the rose, it was cool. Turning around a deer wondered into the field, smelling the delectable rose it stumbled form towards the briar patch. One of the vines curved upward, and began to choke the deer. Syliph stumbled backwards, floating upwards awkwardly. The deer died, and the rose dragged it closer, smothering it vines, absorbing all the nutrients, leaving a skeleton. Taken back Syliph focused on reentering the green veings. With a odd suctioning noise he fell back into the world, it was an odd sensation, causing him to swirl around for another few moments before steadying himself near another vein. Grasping it firmly, he pulled himself through in to a field. It overlooked a beautiful crystal clear lake that. A few fish disturbed the surface, but other than that you could see to the bottom.

Syliph began to float, he was like some kind of ghost, in an out of body experience. Placing his hand on the water, no ripples occurred, none of the fish moved. Ducking under the water he continued to float around in his little form until he had become tired of his form and pulled himself back into the veins. Eventually he found his way back to his own body, and he woke up. He was gripping the grass, staring up at the sky, there was something odd about what had just happened.

Sitting up Nymphae stood near him, her form different from the first time they met. Her skin was pale, and her hari perfectly jet black, like liquid. It flowed over her shoulders. Smiling she nodded at him and left, had this been some kind of gift? there was no way to tell. standing Syliph left.

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