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Fantastic Fabrics [Quest|Ariel]

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#1Ariel Myatzuki 

Fantastic Fabrics [Quest|Ariel] Empty Sat Jan 13, 2018 1:04 pm

Ariel Myatzuki
Ariel had been walking down the streets of Baska today, looking for something to do. She had absolutley nothing planned, and when she had nothing planned it was normally a sit around and chill day, which was almost all the time. She wanted to do something new today, something interesting enough to keep her entertained for the day without getting annoyed with it. She wandered around the streets looking at everything, analyzing all the things that she could see in a rather fast manner, determining if she was able to do something productive with it or not.

Of course there hadn't been anything in the whole town that she had found interesting, until she had ran into the rewuest board. Shee had always tried to avoid that thing, as the requests at her level were mostly dirty work for people she didn't even care about, but she had been running low on money and normally the jobs weren't the hardest in the world, so she convinced herself to take a request and get it over with as fast as she could. She ripped the flyer off the board that had appealed to her the most, and it had been bright pink and told her to go to a boutique that had been towards the center of town. She was too lazy to read the rest, so she just walked to the place without having a clue on what she was doing.

She had arrived at the place not too long after she had started walking, and she had tried to be as brief as possible whe confronting thw owner of the boutique, Fernando. She opened the door and was welcomed by him, and he had asked her what she needed. She hadn't said a word, but held up the flyer, which made his mood change instantly. He seemed a bit more excited, and she couldn't really understand why. That was until she had walked into his workplace. There were all the colors of the rainbow, and about one hundred different shades of each. She lifted up her glasses to see even more color than she had ever thought she would see un her life. He seemed to be used to it though, and as he tugged her arm along, she looked around the place, amazed with what she saw.

He had shown her a few examples of what he wanted, and it was very complex. He wanted her to go through the market place and find fabrics for him. There were many different colors and patterns, so she wasn't sure which one she needed to look for. The flea market was a place she was planning to look, and that was only because she wouldn't have to look through too much, as tere was mostly broken junk there that wasn't worth much value wise. She stepped out of the boutique and set on her way to go find these fabrics, keeping the examples that Fernando had shown her in mind.


Fantastic Fabrics [Quest|Ariel] R7kthk
#2Ariel Myatzuki 

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Ariel Myatzuki
She had been walking through the crowds around the merchants pretty effortlessly, as it seemed when she walked through people cleared the way. She was half happy and half weirded out, as that doesn't normally happen and she wasn't sure how to respond. She just walked like she normally would and tried to ignore it, as she didn't want anything bothering her as she looked around for the fabrics that she had come for in the first place.

She found a merchent who had been selling fabrics, and as she looked at the rolls of fabric, she saw that they had just been plain colors and patterns, so she moved onwards until she found it. There were many cute shops that she was tempted to look at, but she had to fight her instincts and keep looking for the fabrics. She didn't know such a simple job could be so hard for her, as she thought she could handle the job that she had gotten pretty well, but it seemed she was wrong. There were so many people and merchents that she didn't know what she was going to do, but she felt that there wasn't going to be anything there that she needed. She fought back her strong thought to leave and looked through the merchant's shops, one by one.

She had been looking for hours, but she still hadn't found anything, so she had just taken that small thought about going to the flea market a bigger thought, and she had left the shops and walked there instead. She wasn't sure why she had been putting so much thought into this small job, but it had been happening and she never thought it would be. These quests that she had avoided for so long might not be such a bad idea, as it has opened up a new side of her that dhe has never seen before.

She walked into the flea market and had already seen the stuff she was looking for, with a look of surprise on her face. She hadn't expected to find what she was looking for here, but yet there it was, clear as day in the place she had doubted. She had bought a lot of the fabrics that she felt matched the examples the closest and walked out of the flea market, trying to keep the fabrics as perfect as possible, as she didn't want to get money deducted from her pay because of something small like there being a small rip in the fabrics.

She had arrived there soon after and had handed him the fabrics, perfectly unharmed. She was proud of herself for completing the job, and she was happy it was finally over. If she had to stay out for another hour looking for those fabrics she would have died. Fernando had handed her the money and thanked her, and she nodded and walked out, ready to go take a nap for the rest of the day and wake up tomorrow, ready to do something new.


Fantastic Fabrics [Quest|Ariel] R7kthk

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