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Book of Revelations

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Book of Revelations  Empty Sat Jan 13, 2018 11:59 am

Some would say he was stupid, but others, others who knew of ancient evil and dark magic would praise him. For years, Zanto saved up his money as he looked around the world for an Ancient Magic that most didn’t even think existed anymore. He trained hard with Lightning Magic in hopes that one day he would come across the magic he was looking for. Takeover Magic was known throughout the world, but there was a specific style of the magic that he was really looking for. Before life, demons roamed the earth. Creating mayhem and agony wherever they went. No one knows there names, but the few who do know of what they are capable of. Stories are told about the Seven Deadly Sins. Wrath, Lust, Envy, Gluttony, Sloth, Greed, and Pride. Those Seven Demons terrorized the world as Zanto knew it, but there had been one in particular that Zanto studied. For years, the Sin of Wrath was what he ate, slept, and bathe. Now he had gotten word of where the magic was located. A magic that allowed Zanto to take the powers of the demon Ba’al.

Baska was such a boring town, but the church that sat atop the hill held treasure so great that even the priest who was in the church had grew with greed in order to sell the item that he had found buried deep in the graveyard. A Book of Revelations that told the user how to dwell into the power of the demon, Ba’al.

A book that was one of a kind in the world and had yet to be open since the dawn of its creation. Only a mage that was experienced in Lightning Magic could even dream of obtaining power as such. Power that could be operated on an apocalyptic level if within the right hands. A smirk would appear on the face of Zanto as he made his way to the church, this was only the first step in order to accomplish his goal. He just hoped that the priest hadn’t done anything stupid that would further hinder the red head. If that would be the case, then he would have to set out to find another mysterious and lost magic.

Quickly, he had made his way to the doorsteps of the church as he would stare. The doors would open as if feeling his presence, but in reality it was only the priest who had been waiting on Zanto’s arrival. “Red Mage, I thought you would have never come. Follow me.” Said the priest as he motioned for Zanto to follow him. They would walk through corridors and hallways before they would come to a door that was painted black. Opening the door, both the priest and Zanto would walk in. The priest would go towards the wall and push it as if it could open. There would be a loud sound as the whole wall would shift. Showing a single book sitting on a pedestal and it was at that moment that a Zanto knew his goal was within hands reach.


Book of Revelations  Empty Sat Jan 13, 2018 12:15 pm

“Come, come, Red Mage!” Said the Priest as he urged for Zanto to come forward so that he could show him that the book of magic was indeed real. Zanto would walk closer as he would look at the book. It wasn’t a book if you wanted to be literal though. It was a grimoire, a book of magic that was so powerful even the gods had to hide it. Zanto would come to run his hand along the cover of the book. Feeling the static electricity coming from is causing his hairs to stand up on their edges. “How much again?” Asked Zanto, knowing full and well that the priest wouldn’t lower the price. “1,000,000 Jewels.” Said the priest. Zanto would simply pull the book bag he had strapped to his shoulders and would throw it to the priest. Grabbing the book off of the pedestal, Zanto would turn his back to the priest as he would say “Don’t worry, everything is there.” And as quickly as he came he would leave.

The book in hand, Zanto would hide it away within the confinement of his coat as he would begin making his way back to his hotel room. Then he would think about it, he didn’t know how powerful opening the book may be. From it being sealed for so long, if he opened it, it could probably explode destroy the whole town of Baska. Instead, he would turn left and head deeper into the woods before he would arrive in a secluded area. Coming to a tree stump, Zanto would come to take a knee in front of it as he would take the book out and lie it on the cut tree. The book would seem to radiate evil energy as Zanto had released it from his grip. The book had a single lock on it. It was a simple handprint, if Zanto was worthy, then the book would open for him to receive. Now, I know what you are thinking? Buying the book before he could even tell if he could open it? You see the priest was a greedy man and he wasn’t gonna take any chances for a million jewels. Zanto could always go back and kill the man and take his jewels back if it would ever come to that and he doubt it would.

He would place his left hand on the book, it would radiate electricity as the whole tree stomp would burst. Sending wood everywhere as the book would float in place in the air. Covering his face, Zanto would grab the book as it would stop floating. Opening it, the first page of the book would appear blank, before it would slow seem to write ink on it by itself. He would flip through the other pages and they had seemed to be empty. Turning back to the first lag, he would read it as it said “Become One With Lightning If You Dare Obtain Ba’al” Zanto would take that as a challenge as his goal was nearing completion.


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